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Everything I made this year, trying to scale back on dishes.  In past I've made 17 dishes.  Let's count how many I did this time:

Broccoli Casserole (did organic and fresh broccoli and gluten free natural mushroom soup)

Spinach Balls (this is fancy stuffing, made into balls, and gluten free this year)

Butternut Squash Custard (this is done by heart, peel and boil squash for 20 min, then I add 2 eggs to thicken, some cream, nutmeg, cinnamon, allspice, cloves, ginger, sugar (or not) and bake)

Mashed Potatoes and Vegetarian Gravy (nutritional yeast)

Pumpkin Pie (made two types, one without sugar-but using sweetened condensed milk & one with brown sugar and 1/2 cup milk that turned into more of a custard than a pie)

Pumpkin Custard (this was made using fresh organic pumpkin by puree'ing a week before T-Day, too bad they were sold out the weekend before Thanksgiving, so I couldn't make the pies with them & it was made as a gluten free alternative)

Pumpkin Truffles (add parafin to the vanilla coating, and pour  "fudge" into a shallow dish in the FREEZER for 3 hours)

Frozen Cranberry Squares (This recipe worked as written, I recommend using pineapple chunks not shredded)

Artichoke Heart Spinach Dip (artichoke hearts, frozen spinach, mayo, salt, pepper, and Tabasco *very important even if you don't like spice, add for flavor)

Deviled Eggs (super important that the eggs be bought a week beforehand so they peel well)

Fried Apples (now I say "fried" but I've been baking these since summer, so this time I put in a cast iron pan with water and sugar and cinnamon with the lid on for 10 min, then just waited 'til soft, and I sliced the apples thin, instead of chunks)

Pillsbury Bleu Cheese Pinwheels ( I like these and no one else eats them, I think people are scared of bleu cheese... pussies.  Anyway, crescent rolls and fill with 3 cheese and slice and bake)

Banana Cream Pie (for this I made using heavy cream and hand whipping since BoB thought they were too sweet before....very little sugar was put in this, only what was in the vanilla pudding mix)
Brownies (just for BoB because he's a vegetarian but doesn't like vegetables)

Okay, so 14.  My goal was to get it under 10....but 4 were made just while we were cooking and we didn't bring to the dinner, so we didn't eat the dinner before it was brought.

(to relate to Human Design, MY 6 and 36 Emotional Solar Plexus is both my Personality Sun/Earth and Personality North/South Nodes in the 2nd and 5th lines.  I have hunger sluts)

Friday, November 15, 2013

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Gate 6 Emotional Solar Plexus


This is the most complex gate of the Solar Plexus and the most difficult in terms of finding the awareness within the wave. Not only is it a powerful motor with the energy for producing life itself but it also contains the awareness possibilities of all three Streams of Emotional awareness; Feeling, Emoting, and Sensitivity.

Where the 50th gate is the awareness of our Personal Defense Reflex, Conflict is our evolved Genetic Defense Reflex. There is no survival for Humanity unless it continues to reproduce. From the perspective of our genes, this is our only purpose, to maintain and continue the genetic pool.  Gate 6 is where the energy originates for the emotions of the Emotional Solar Plexus Center  (this is reflected on the other side of the Defense Tribal Circuit in Gate 50, where Gate 50 is where the awareness originates for the Splenic Center).

In our biology, the 6th gate is associated with our PH balance. It is PH that keeps our outside/outside and our inside/inside. It establishes the boundary of the body. Throughout most of our history, this has been a mechanical process.

The possibility of awareness in this gate could transform the nature of all of Humanities intimacy. Who is in and who is out, who can penetrate or be penetrated is the work of this gate. However, as an energy, and this is its general state, it always confines intimacy to a hope and pain cycle.

6 The peacemaker 27° 18' 45" - 28° 15' 00"
5 Arbitration 26° 22' 30" - 27° 18' 45"
4 Triumph 25° 26' 15" - 26° 22' 30"
3 Allegiance 24° 30' 00" - 25° 26' 15"
2 The guerilla 23° 33' 45" - 24° 30' 00"
1 Retreat 22° 37' 30" - 23° 33' 45"



The Lines: 

6. The peacemaker 

The discipline and integrity of a superior force to unilaterally cease conflict to permit surrender and survival of its foe.

The highest form of reason is that life is sacred. The emotional power to end conflict tempered by feelings and sensitivity to others.

The peacemaker whose actions are just but whose terms are unacceptable. The emotional power to end conflict but only after one's conditions have been satisfied.

5. Arbitration

The faith derived from analytical diligence and emotional control that permits a higher authority to judge a conflict.

Harmony furthered through the avoidance of direct conflict. Sensitivity to conflict can lead to the avoidance of intimacy.

Where a party to arbitration sees itself as the best possible judge and will only accept judgement if it is the victor. Insensitivity to the concerns of others in a conflict.

4. Triumph

Confident or Not, Brotherhood/Sisterhood, Kindness/Meanness
A position on natural and unchallengeable power.

The charity and wisdom that must come with victory and the movement towards new horizons.. The power of emotions to dominate a relationship.

The conqueror and purger. The lack of emotional control that is destructive in relationships.

3. Allegiance

Bonds Made/Broken, Allegiance/Rejection
The ability to secure support and create strength out of a weak position. When connected to the harmonic Gate 59, mating that results in conception.

The destruction of old forms through union; either mundane, as above, sexual union, or exalted as universalization. The depth of feelings that can enrich union and intimacy.

The rejection of allegiance as submission to established order. Sensitivity to controls which may eventually reject intimacy.

2. The guerilla 

The ability to maximize an inferior position through timely contact and withdrawal.

Aesthetic sensitivity and mental detail can find the weakest point. The sensitivity to find the weakest point in a conflict and to exploit it emotionally.

The kamikaze, striking but moot. A lack of sensitivity that blunders into conflicts.


Weakness/Strength, Pursuer/Pursued
The realization that wasting one's resources against overwhelming odds is not courage but folly.

The power of regeneration that can embrace retreat as a phase and not a failure. The emotional stability to accept conflict.

The inferiority complex, where retreat is experienced as personal weakness. Emotional instability in times of conflict.

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

"We have a false prophecy about the nature of love. We assume that we generate love in the world by loving each other. This is a funny thing because this has nothing to do with what this love is all about. It has nothing to do with loving your guru, friend or your dog. It has to be with being one with the creative process, accepting surrender for what it is to be you and seeing in that surrender your own beauty. 
Only when you find surrender in your own beauty do you put love in the aura of the world. There is no other way, no matter how sweet and nice you are and how much love you have within yourself and how much love you want to put out in the world. It is not going to change the aura of our planet. 
What changes the aura of our planet is human beings living their nature. That is the crux of what our work is, so that human beings can just live out their nature without the morality, without the conditioning; to see clearly what it is just to be themselves. That creates love in the world ......... ."

*Ra Uru Hu ......... from 'The Line Companion'

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Rave ABC's 2013: Week 1

The Wild Mind Writing exercise turned out to be something to which I really did respond.  The theme was "The Red and The Black."  That was helpful, being given a topic, a jumping off point.

I find myself really excited by taking this course, it's put me in a very good mood.  I'm excited for work, even though that's not really connected to the class; it's just a general sense of invigoration I'm feeling.  Wish this course was more than once a week.

And they say 2/4's don't like to study.  ; )

What I have learned about myself in the past few years is that while I do learn well on my own, taking classes online (such as pole dancing classes), I find my knowledge and progression takes a dramatic upswing through aura-to-aura contact.  4th line beings are supposed to be supported in this way.  One day, it'll be great to go to Sedona or Hawaii.  Is there an HD group in L.A.?  I seem to remember something like that from a year or so ago.

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Monday, September 23, 2013

Rave ABC's With Darshana Mathews

Just starting the Human Design course Rave ABC’s with Darshana Mathews.  It’s a small intimate class, which I feel very good about.  The LYD course I took was Huge, I think because Genoa Bliven was teaching, the head of HD America. 

Even just from this first class, Darshana has explained how to do the Wild Mind Writing in a way I really respond to.  I never did do it when I took LYD in 2011.  I believe I'll start it today.

It's an exercise to get in touch with one's own energy.  You get a blank page or notebook, set a timer to about 10-15 minutes and write, usually picking a starting point to respond to like: The Red and The Black, or Sacral, or Logic, etc.

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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

It's my 35th Natal Day!!!

Today's my birthday and I've been agonizing about whether or not to post my real age on my cam site....and I've decided I will.  I'll represent horny hot 35 year old women, why not?  Most of my money comes from mom-son role play anyway....

He's my solar return chart thanks to Cinzia Mastrosimone:

I'm not too clear on how to read solar return charts in Human Design.  I plan to start the Rave ABC's course next Monday the 23rd.

Sunday, September 8, 2013

My Connection Chart With My Husband

Thought I'd add my connection chart between myself and my husband:

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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Channel of Mating & Channel of the Storyteller

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4th Line Design, Unconsciously Social

Here's a little refresher on the 4th line:

This is where we move into the upper trigram of the 6 lined hexagram.  This is where the mechanics begin to shift.  The upper trigram is transpersonal, rather than personal, and it's more of an outer directed process.  There is an essential need to share with others.

Line 4 is the Opportunist, it's external, it's friendly.  Like the 1st line, it's the foundation of the second floor of the "house" metaphor of the hexagram.  The foundation here is concerned with human resources, having a social network, and transpersonal relationships.  The 4th line can be very influential in it's network, here lies it's opportunities.  The image of "brotherhood" or "sisterhood"  is the theme.  The binary here is kindness/meanness.  The sphere of influence is connected to those who have already established friendship, rather than strangers (that's more 5th line territory).  

I'm a 2/4 and currently I have so very few friends in my own area.  It seems all my friends live online.  I only have my husband and my mother in the area I live in...and it's been this way since I moved here in 2007...  It's so difficult to make friends in Virginia Beach; when I lived in California the people there were so friendly, it was so easy to establish a group of friends.  I'm still in touch with those people, but only online.  

I've recently joined an all female stripper/pole dancing gym, which I love!  I can kinda feel that I'll make a friend friend there, I can feel it starting.  BUT, I have to relax and just let things happen.  I've been so lonely for so long and I can kinda feel my open root wanting to rush into things, but for now, it's only a movie I that, I mean, I'm not rushing or instigating conversations, but I notice the old conditioning flowing up.  These days I'm so used to the S and A of mine (Wait to Respond and Emotional Authority), that I can really respect that the world will come to me with some patience.  

And I say I'm lonely, but I can see how my loneliness is a very 2/4 type of loneliness.  I'm a Hermit, and I do need lots of alone time.  And I'm a 4th line, which can be prone to burnout, so there, too, I take time for myself; add to that the procrastinating defined Emotional Solar Plexus, and I'm hard to get.  I'm the kind of friend that you really have to reach out to me to get me to go out.  It'll take me 3 months to return a phone call.  But after years and years and years of no network, no aura to aura network....ughhh...really between's taking it's toll.  So, I'm very happy to have joined a gym, very happy it's all women, since I'm married....can't wait to make a friend in this area.  Someone enthusiastic about poling, or at least dancing all sleazy!

I'm reading through Lynda Bunnell's "The Definitive Book of Human Design" and see the as an unconscious 4th line it's important for me to be "called" into the right network in order to be nourished & for my influence to be contagious, in the right way.  4th lines are spreaders in every way, of ideas and disease.  And as I'm a 2/4, I move between being a depleter/nourisher.

I've gotten into the wrong network before, just got into a situation completely incorrectly.  When I was offered all these invitations by a projector and took him up on it, even though I was super nervous, even though I just jumped right into it without giving myself any time.  Ended up not being able to pay rent and others paid for me; even though eventually I paid people back, the whole situation was tiresome and kinda ugly.  So, I'm very careful now of really giving myself time, checking in to see how nervous I am of situations (Emotional Authority).  I feel that situation got ugly, because normally I'm the generous one (2/4's are know for being very generous), paying for others, tipping big, etc.  

I just have to wait for my new network.  Patience is a virtue.  I'd love to be able to afford to go to something like the HD Immersion in Arizona this September.  I guess some other year...

"The 4th line is about the human resources of the material plane; people are the biggest decisions and investments they make in their life." Ra Uru Hu.

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7 Centered Strategies

A discussion popped up on Facebook about whether or not to keep "working" on a relationship. Now, I'm married and I've had relationships in the past...but I've never felt the "work" part in relationships. I'm in or I'm out. But I've seen enough talk shows to get what people are saying.

Then Leela Swan Herbert had this to say: "Something to consider, perhaps, or not's not about 'working' on the is about discovering one's own self, becoming who we are designed to be...and if someone can support that process, honor it, witness it, be available to discuss the experience of it - then there is the possibility of relating. Relationships are a 7 centered construct, a contractual, strategic bond designed as a specific conditioning field with a particular goal (creating and raising children, business partners, survival strategies...) really isn't a question if someone knows if they want to work on the relationship or not - are you/they engaged in their process of experimenting with their design, with living who you are?" Leela

Working on things as a 7 centered strategy in a 9 centered world is an outmoded concept, what an idea?! I'm one of many objects in motion in this multiverse, there are people and events in my happy to be aware of STRATEGY & AUTHORITY and keep getting opportunities to use this method of decision making.....that slowly morphs into seeing how "I" have no choice, I'm simply skating along, swimming along, effortlessly. SIGN UP IS FREE, SIGN UP THROUGH ME!

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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

39: The Gate of the Provocateur

My unconscious 39 in my undefined Root is undergoing a long 3 year transit by Neptune in the 55 (Solar Plexus).  As the transit started I actually got a job where I provoke people.....sexually.

"...So these people demand sexual attention. These are people that will tease you in a number of ways. This is the way in which they provoke you. What they are trying to do is to turn you on. They are not trying to turn you on the way the flirt does. They turn you on physically; they are trying to get you physically aroused, sexually aroused. 

Whether they are conscious of that or not. And the way in which they do that, in which they tease you, mostly has to do with what they say. This is all about, in the end, being able to articulate. It is teasing with words. But not just teasing with words. These are people that can provoke you by showing you their body and not allow you access to it....and the 39 tries to provoke that spirit, tries to lock the 55 in.  That's what it needs to do. So it arouses it. 

Now look, that whole process of arousal is to create the necessary stimulation, the necessary vibration. This is all acoustic. The lights down low the music on. This whole stream is about breathing. This whole stream is about hearing. The stimulation has to be there. The arousal has to be there. This is not the marriage bond. It is not about the necessity to transform that arousal into active sexuality. It doesn't have to be. It can be unrequited love. It does not have to be consummated. 

Remember, the moment that you fall in love through a romantic stream the biggest risk you take is actually physically making love. Because if it doesn't work it is over. So this is all about creating the necessary stimulation to maintain the attention. The longer this process goes on, the more arousal will take place. The more romance begins to bloom.... " Ra Uruhu
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''As we understand from Human Design, deconditioning takes place through making Authority based decisions about what we encounter through our openness.'' Genoa Bliven

Our own Authority can either be center based or not (as in the case of Reflectors or certain types of Projectors).  

This is as simple a breakdown as possible to understand what it means to ''decondition.''  There's no rejection of the ''not-self.''  We all have all 9 centers, 64 gates, & all the channels.....they may or may not be defined.  Where we are not defined is where we meet the other.  

Experiment with how it feels to use Strategy and Authority and the Deconditioning process has begun.

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Monday, March 25, 2013

Human Design: Sexual Streams

I'm making my way through the Sexuality Manual and wanted to leave some notes here, mixed with the Chetan Parkyn article from a few years back (I'd leave a link but I've been through 3 computers since then and have lost bookmarks).  Come hang out with me a talk about SEX anytime: Sign up is Free, Sign up through that link!

Sex is emotional and emotions are sex. Sex runs through a Motor, not an Awareness center.  The Splenic center, an Awareness center, has the mirror image of the sexual streams, through the Splenic runs the Caring streams, runs what can sustain a sexual relationship.  First, here's the Sexual Streams.

3 Streams of Sex: the Marriage/Tribal Stream, the Romance/Individual Stream
& the Excitement/Collective Stream

We all have 64 gates and 9 centers, the lack of definition is where we are open.  We all have a sexual side.  Some of us have definition, some of us are open sexually.  The less amount of activations of sex, through these streams, the more intrigue/curiosity with sex.  We want what we are not, the more we can tend to ''hold on.''  The areas where we have definition, we're consistent.

Marriage/Tribal Stream

Each stream has it's own sense, touching, hearing, seeing.  The tribal stream of marriage is all about the Touch.  Words mean very little in a stream with no connection to the throat.  From the Root at Gate 19 to the Emo SP at Gate 49 & Gate 37, leading up to the Ego at Gate 40.

Food and Sex are very intertwined.  In the Tribal/Marriage realm, it's about who has the food, not so much the eating it.  Who has the food/sex, where's it getting distributed, all those contracts and bargains.

Gate 19 - Gate 49 Channel of Sensitivity
Gate 19 is the flirt, Gate 49 has the resources.  Here we see the channel of the Bride and Groom, the flirtation  before marriage, the setting up of the marriage, the preliminaries.

Gate 37 - Gate 40 Channel of Marriage
Gate 37 is the gate of Friendship, gate of the mouth.  Gate 40 is the gate of aloneness, the gate of the stomach.  This is the marriage contract itself.

Tribal sexuality can become very creative.  It's very sensual.  Ra brings up an important point here that sex can become very oral, and reach beyond penis-in-vagina sex, because most of the world has a issue of fecundity.  In order to prevent pregnancy, there's a lot of sexuality that can be found in this stream that goes beyond procreation.

Romance/Individual Stream

This is the Romance/Individual Stream.  From the Root at Gate 39 to the Emo Solar Plexus at Gate 55 & Gate 22 through to the Throat at Gate 12.

This stream loves words, there's a connection to the throat.  What happens here is the pulse mechanism, it's individual, the creativity is either On or Off.  The feeling here is based on ''I''.  As in, ''I feel good or bad because I'm being        . (picky sexually, strange sexually, limited sexually, etc.)  And the words mean more than the actions.  This is a stream where Romantic Love is highlighted.  Sex is Love, not a commodity like the Tribal Love/Sex and not just another Collective exciting experience.  Consummation is best pushed aside in favor of love songs, poetry, etc.

Excitement/Collective Stream

This is the collective sex, all about ''sharing'' with the collective.  This is visual, so that the sex can be remembered, and shared.  Starting at the Root at Gate 41connecting up to the Emotional Solar Plexus at Gate 30 & Gate 36 to the Throat at Gate 35.

And insatiable drive to keep moving forward.  Sex here is very exciting with the focus on the experience itself rather than the person or people involved. 

Blame can be found in the collective stream.  Where we see the ''I'' being highlighted in the Individual stream, the ''You'' is highlighted in the Collective.  ''I feel this way because you    

Chetan Parkyn HDS Article 4 :

''The marriage and property sex stream runs from the root center, through the emotional center to the ego/willpower center. It moves energetically through the realms of loving, honoring, marrying and obeying. It is based in a contract of who fulfills what and who belongs to whom in a relationship. It is very tactile, as in holding and touching and is also community oriented, in that everyone knows who "belongs" to whom (and in certain cultures, what they had to pay to get them!).

The Romance and disillusionment sex stream runs from the root center through the emotional center to the throat, where it speaks out in "sweet nothings" and poetry. Consummation of romance is the trial because the chase is more engaging than the culmination. This stream is acoustically oriented, based in sounds and sighs, therefore our love songs promise a perfection which is perhaps just unobtainable.

The excitement and disappointment sex stream draws us through experiences one after the other. This is the stream of the Kama Sutra where every fantastic possibility must be explored. The need for fulfillment of desire may be felt as impersonal, where the experience itself is more important than the other person involved in the experience. Desire can even burn out in a state of boredom when all conceivable eventualities have been explored. With advancing age and maturity, the need to constantly fulfill changing experiences diminishes.

Accepting our sexual nature

In each of these sacral connections and sexual streams it can be seen that we are drawn along through the possibilities of pleasures and the possibilities of dissatisfaction. We are slaves to our biology when sexual energy runs us, making our choices for us. However, when we are clear about our own relationship to our own sexuality, we feel an inner sense of satisfaction and balance.

Sexual compatibility begins with recognizing our own personal unique sexual makeup and then allowing for a merging with the energies of our partner. Sexual energy plays through many forms. It is the life force which moves within us and life is our nature and our delight.''

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3rd Line

I've been listening to some Ra lectures and taking notes.  (I only have one 3rd line in my profile, Gate 50.3, The Cauldron or The Guardian, in the Splenic center.)  Listening to Ra, I have a newer understanding of the adaptability of the 3rd line.

The 3rd line gives the illusion of being the completion of the first 2 lines; the same way the 6th lines does.  The 3rd line doesn't know there's something on the other side (lower trigram), the way the upper three lines do.  BUT, it's designed to adapt if something shows up--the Bonds Made and Broken theme of the 3rd line.  Another keynote of the 3rd line, Allegiance/Rejection, also shows how adaptable this line can be (the baby version of the 6th line). 

It's a personal line, rather than transpersonal, but it has the adaptability to deal with so much.  There's an instability here that's fascinating.

'Trial and Error

The 3rd line is the culmination of the lower trigram. It's a very receptive line that is here to adapt. This is the line of trial and error. People with the 3rd line learn by learning what doesn't work. They may have to try something 50 times – making 49 mistakes along the way - before they find what works. If you want to know what doesn't work, just ask a third line who's figured something out! This is where real discovery takes place.

The 3rd line can have a tremendous perseverance. It can also happen that 3rd line people become deeply pessimistic. It's as though when the world changes and they have to adapt to something new they say "Oh no, here we go again – nothing I try is going to work." It's important they understand that this is their gift of adaptation and they simply need to persevere. That doesn't mean, by the way, to simply keep trying the same thing that doesn't work. The 3rd line is not transpersonal. It knows that others are out there but it only knows that because in the course of its adaptive trial and error process it is always bumping into them.'

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

First Day of Spring/Judgment

We've moved into the first day of Aries 2013, can you feel the shift?  I changed my url to reflect my new name, Shannon Rae Cliche, and I lost my followers.  Sorry about that guys, didn't know that would be a consequence. 
This was my card of the day and it really does reflect the first day of spring.  We see new life around us now.  A shift from the personal to the transpersonal; heavenly forces entering the earthly domain.  In this image, from the Aquarian deck, we see flowers at the trumpeters feet, fragant & lovely, the start of spring.

This is the start of not only new awareness, but also atonement, redemption, freedom, and vitality.  The spirit arising from what was decaying. 

I'm trying to breath new life into this blog, come back after the break I had for a year.  I'm also at the beginning of a new career.  A radical juxtaposition of sexuality and tarot.  900 phone sex - 900 line psychic hybrid.  : )

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

One Card for the Highest Tipper

On a day ruled by the 9 of Cups we'll see sexual wishes coming true.  There's sexual goodwill, satisfaction and happiness with eroticism.  Victory of passion over reluctant sex partners.  Look forward to sexual delights and having game.

Reversed we'll see some mistakes in your flow, in your game, in your sexual technique.  False pride, too great a sense of sexual prowess.  You still get what you were after, but not the way you first thought.

--excerpted ''The Sexual Key to the Tarot'' by Theodor Laurence
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Monday, March 18, 2013

Mercury's Gone Direct 2013

Finally, been a great few weeks though!  I got my Driving Permit finally, after 11 years of not driving.  And I bought a bike yesterday, so this is the time to start moving forward, hell yeah! 

The card of the day is the Lovers
Men and women of the Lovers' nature do not believe in or adhere to traditional, hand-me-down, sexual taboos.  These natures love openly without shame.  They will actively share in any sex act without reservation because they do not recognize sin.   This is the sexual expression of paradise--which is a state of mind.

The Lovers'-nature intuitively knows the Secret Laus of Providence, which, in essence, is: ''God Created sexual union, the ultimate results of which are justifiably mystical, symbolic, and presently beyond human understanding.''  In nature, the closest thing to the ideal mystical trance is the point of orgasm.

In a spread we'll see unadulterated love; attraction; beauty; trials overcome; sexual union, sometimes marriage.  Here is the desire for virginal love, that is, strong fluid love with uninhibited sexual expression.  Love conquers all.  Perfect love casteth out all fear.

Reversed we'll see temptation.  May indicate infidelity, look for other cards to corroborate this.  Someone wants the best of everything and causes everyone to feel unstable.  Fighting, disagreement, separation, divorce.

--excerpted from ''The Sexual Key To The Tarot'' by Theodor Laurence

Saturday, March 16, 2013

2nd Line

Quoted from Hal Bahr at Soul Journey Design:

The 2nd line is in deep reverie and relationship with the divine this is why it doesn't appreciate getting interrupted. The 2nd line indicates a time where one is only just finding out there are other people around so here is another reason for shyness. The newness of it all. The 2nd line doesn't touch the ground and doesn't touch the base of the top trigram so it is protected and isolated a bit which leads it to being very innocent, natural, and perhaps not well in touch with what is happening around it or noticing when it is being observed. It is very much involved in its own internal quest of discovery.

In that quest it is trying to figure out what relationship is. It is the 3rd line which begins to move with this through the experimentation process. Referring to what you've put in your question i would say that it is not productive to lump this with narrow definition like "they don't know what they are doing." In fact the 2nd line is always in the process of discovery and if one is discovering something it can be quite annoying to be interrupted or asked to explain yourself. Things are still in an early stage of growth and may not benefit by being explained away before they have matured a bit. 2nd lines need to play and can become stuck and unhappy if they don't play enough.

I have never seen 2nd lines as anything "humbug" and I wonder where you picked up such a biased and loaded explanation. Innocence, appreciation for, and simply noticing what the other brings you and most of all PLAYFULNESS are more 2nd line things. Humbug or a kind of bitterness can creep in over time if the person with these channels does not honor their own. 

Hal Bahr also teaches Human Design through weekly conference calls. 

'Keynote: The natural

Where the theme of the 1st line is receptivity and takes things in, the theme of the 2nd line is creativity, so, it takes nothing in. The 2nd line is the 'Natural' – it is just doing its thing. The 2nd line is quite happy in its own company and really doesn't want to be interrupted by the other. The 2nd line is a projection line – but more like a movie projector than the Projector "Type".

2nd lines project themselves as a creative force so when other people see them they think they are seeing this creative force. They don't actually see the person. The 2nd line is shy and its internal dynamic is along the lines of "Leave me alone, I'm just doing - but I don't know how". It is this quality that makes them reluctant to be called out by the other, because they have no idea whether or not they may appear either amazing or ludicrous. This is the line of the Hermit.'

My natal gates 12 & 39 are being hit hard by the program thru the 22 & 55. So not 'in the mood' to work. The few moments I do work at being a professional tease (39.4 in resonance to my 12.4 Individual stream of Romance) I make the money, but shit....I log out the second I'm not feeling it. Don't want to ruin my 'brand' lol.  I don't have any INDIVIDUAL channels defined except through transit, and man, the sensation of the pulse mechanism does really have an affect on my creativity.

Monday, January 28, 2013

10 OF SWORDS: Sexual Key

Uh, yeah, pretty exhausted looking. Trying and trying and killing yourself with the trying. 

Genital pain, disease, hypersensitivity, nymphomania/satyriasis, insatiableness; desires unquenched; depressing solitude.  Unsatisfying masturbation.  Tears, misery of unrequited passion.

Reversed:  Orgasmic profit; sexual authority; sexual successes; favor in the eyes of desired sex mates; but none of these are permanent.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

9 of SWORDS: Sexual Key

This is typically an unhappy, tense, worrisome card.  If we can maintain our Strategy and Authority, and not succumb to making decisions from this worrisome mind-state, we'll find our equilibrium.

In a sexual reading we'll see sad news, like the death of a lover/or a cheating lover/or a lover calls with news of an STI.  Castration, celibacy, pregnancy (when not desired), miscarriage, disgrace, orgasmic delays, disappointing phalli, coital failure.

Reversed (like above) we'll see a reasonable fear of sexually transmitted disease/infections.  Doubt about a partner's genitals.  Sexual shame due to diseased sexual organs (cysts, warts, etc.).  Confined genitals, medically speaking.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

2 of Wands: Sexual Key

Erotic fantasies realized!  This is a great card for sexuality, any time we see upright phallic symbols we'll realize our dreams of orgasm and having our desires sated.  This is more of a lusty card than a love/marriage card.  Specifically, a passionate woman will be asked to copulate with a wealthy man; or a man with a big cock will come into the querent's life.

Reversed: Sex acts devoid of excitement; passion cooled; having to go back to the drawing board sexually; also, the Dionysian spirit denied, causing unhappiness despite frequent copulations.

from Theodor Laurence's "The Sexual Key to the Tarot"

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Right Angle Cross of Eden 2/4

Ooh, now I'm re-watching this and I can think of a more succinct way of answering these questions.  I may take this down and make a new one.  Until then here's a picture of a bike I'm considering buying this summer.