Monday, September 23, 2013

Rave ABC's With Darshana Mathews

Just starting the Human Design course Rave ABC’s with Darshana Mathews.  It’s a small intimate class, which I feel very good about.  The LYD course I took was Huge, I think because Genoa Bliven was teaching, the head of HD America. 

Even just from this first class, Darshana has explained how to do the Wild Mind Writing in a way I really respond to.  I never did do it when I took LYD in 2011.  I believe I'll start it today.

It's an exercise to get in touch with one's own energy.  You get a blank page or notebook, set a timer to about 10-15 minutes and write, usually picking a starting point to respond to like: The Red and The Black, or Sacral, or Logic, etc.

(If you'd like to hang out, I'm available from 7 am - 12 pm EST at Cliche.Cammodels.Com Sign up is free, Sign up through that link)

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