Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Rave ABC's 2013: Week 1

The Wild Mind Writing exercise turned out to be something to which I really did respond.  The theme was "The Red and The Black."  That was helpful, being given a topic, a jumping off point.

I find myself really excited by taking this course, it's put me in a very good mood.  I'm excited for work, even though that's not really connected to the class; it's just a general sense of invigoration I'm feeling.  Wish this course was more than once a week.

And they say 2/4's don't like to study.  ; )

What I have learned about myself in the past few years is that while I do learn well on my own, taking classes online (such as pole dancing classes), I find my knowledge and progression takes a dramatic upswing through aura-to-aura contact.  4th line beings are supposed to be supported in this way.  One day, it'll be great to go to Sedona or Hawaii.  Is there an HD group in L.A.?  I seem to remember something like that from a year or so ago.

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