Thursday, January 24, 2013

9 of SWORDS: Sexual Key

This is typically an unhappy, tense, worrisome card.  If we can maintain our Strategy and Authority, and not succumb to making decisions from this worrisome mind-state, we'll find our equilibrium.

In a sexual reading we'll see sad news, like the death of a lover/or a cheating lover/or a lover calls with news of an STI.  Castration, celibacy, pregnancy (when not desired), miscarriage, disgrace, orgasmic delays, disappointing phalli, coital failure.

Reversed (like above) we'll see a reasonable fear of sexually transmitted disease/infections.  Doubt about a partner's genitals.  Sexual shame due to diseased sexual organs (cysts, warts, etc.).  Confined genitals, medically speaking.

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