Thursday, December 30, 2010

XXI The World Rx

Page of Swords

IX Hermit

What am I doing today? Stubbornly refusing to go anywhere? It's still BoB's Christmas/New Years vacation and we've been hanging out inside because of the snow and the fact that it's still Mercury Rx (and about to turn direct and into it's shadow period) keeps putting off any plans we start to put together...

Is the Page of Swords an outside source of bad news? Or what? I would loooove it if BoB decided to take off for a day and night without me...then I could go out and have dinner by myself with a good book...and maybe hook up with Meghan and go hang out all dressed up somewhere...but *sigh* that's probably not going to happen...I'm just fantasizing with the Hermit showing up...

Monday, December 27, 2010

Sexuality Spread

1. The way I perceive my own appearance
2. That's how I think I appear to the opposite sex
3. That's how I really appear
4. Advice for making a better impression
5. My relation to sexuality

6. The way I enjoy it
7. My off-limits
8. My special fetish
9. My unfulfilled wish
10. Advice how to fulfill this wish

11. My inhibitions
12. Reason for them
13. Advice how to deal with them
14. Advice how my partner may help me

I've just discovered this spread over at and decided to try it out. I usually don't go for huge spreads like this, but it seemed fun. Time to whip out my favorite tarot book, ''The Sexual Key To The Tarot'' by Theodor Laurence.

The way I perceive my own appearance is loving and possibly in relation to how my partner thinks of me. How I think I appear to the opposite sex is represented by the 3 of Wands, I guess I look helpful? Or shit, needy? Like I want help? Like I'm frustrated?

How I really appear is shown by II High Priestess, like I am very deep. Very deep and mysterious. A ''dream girl.'' Geographically symbolized, sexual gratification is ''up,'' sexual frustration is ''down.'' The crown that she wears with the horns on either side pointing upward (phallic symbols) indicates her mental awareness of the needs of male phalli. It is this penile awareness which makes her the ''perfect woman,'' she who is cognizant of all the sexual facts of life, ''a girl after one's own heart.'' She exists in all women once they recognize their true sexual role in a man's life.

On her breast is a large solar cross...This emblem symbolizes the sanctification of the ''heart,'' from whence comes her uninhibited sexual expression and free spirit in her sexuality with men of her choice; where ''sin'' does not exist. In love she will utilize her sexual knowledge, ardent passion, and her vagina consecutively or simultaneously with ''all her heart,'' and the man in her life will know complete and gratifying sexual ecstasy.

In her hands, inscribed with the word ''TORA,'' is a scroll partly covered by her robe...That the scroll is partly concealed implies that her sexuality is only partly objectified. The complete woman is not evident simply because she induces sexual pleasure. The scroll (phallus), half hidden, signifies that a man who is true to her, who has won her ''heart,'' will find in her, via the path of her objectified free and open sexuality, deeper and unforeseen delights.
As for the word ''Tora,'' this and and the word ''penis'' each vibrate, numerologically, to 9, the mystical number denoting completeness, fulfillment.

She is seated between two pillars, one dark and one light...the symbolization is threefold. One, like the half hidden scroll, the dark and light pillars (phalli) represent the secret and the obvious respectively, the two aspects of her total sexuality. Two, as symbols of erected, sexually-charged phalli, the two pillars signify her acceptance of man and his penis without discrimination, yet another indication of her free spirit in sexual matters. Three, the bloomed, flowering heads of the pillar-phalli are portents. They symbolize her promise of eruptive and violent orgasms for men with whom she cohabits.

Her dress is flowing and gauzy..these represent continuity of sexual expression.

Her garment is blue...signifying radiant emanation of mind, spirit, and body, each of which or all of which insure sexual fulfillment.

She represents to the Querent the perfect woman all hetero men dream about and long for, the woman who can satisfy their sexual desires far beyond their wildest thoughts. She intuitively knows the value to a man of a loving and sexually expressive female who can gratify him. She is the spirit of motherhood and is associated with the earth from which all things flow. A woman of the High Priestess-nature will please a man in every way she can, barring no sexual activity. She does not recognize sexual perversion, ''sin'' does not exist for her where love is concerned.

Advice for making a better impression is shown by the Queen of Swords Rx. Um, yeah, reign it in a bit. After all that High Priestess imagery, I can come across as this Queen Rx say, suppress some of that desire...possibly a better impression may be a sense of false virginity, false chastity.

My relation to sex is shown by the King of I don't really understand the meaning of this placement in the first place. I was going to leave this position out...but left it in for some reason even though I don't understand what it's trying to point out, I mean, ''relation to sex?'' I relate to it with a man because I'm heterosexual?

The way I enjoy it is like the Queen of Wands. Fuck yeah I do! I really get into it!

My off-limits: 3 of Swords Rx....I suppose getting back together with ex-boyfriends. Um, yeah, that's appropriate since I just got married. I was wondering what would possibly show up in this position...since I'm up for just about any act. So this feels right.

My special fetish, Page of Swords Rx. He may represent a dark communication, but not an unwelcome one...dirty talk. Absolutely.

My unfulfilled wish, 7 of Wands Rx. Let's see, the 7 of Wands Rx has to do with plumbing my own depths. Dispelling fear because peace is near...Having a position that is stronger than I think, don't let anyone take advantage of me or my insecurities. My unfulfilled wish is to not be indecisive, to not hesitate. It's to have more patience, not to make unwise decisions, or feel threatened. Wow, that's pretty deep. I do normally feel insecure about sex, in the sense I always feel like I'm not getting enough sex. So I cling to what I do get, I always feel like it's going to run out somehow, I need to be having it often!!! Hmmm...this is a card I'm going to ponder for a bit, it's giving me something to really sit down and consider.

Advice how to fulfill this wish, IX Hermit Rx. Don't take my own, what? (I'm interpreting that in the traditional sense that when the Hermit comes up reversed it shows you the Querent isn't taking their own advice)

The Hermit lives in a world of attainment. He is not a seeker. He is not lost. Some have rendered the meaning of this card as such but they are in error. The Hermit has found what men seek. He has arrived. He is home. He is a knower. The light he carries is not used to find his own way. He stands upon a high place above the world. The light is for those who follow, that they may see where they are going. The Hermit's message is: That where I am, ye may also be. The staff, a phallic symbol, in his left hand does not relegate sexuality to oblivion as in the case of the Hierophant, but rather signifies that sexuality, once mastered, need no longer occupy a place of supreme importance.

The Hermit-nature, like the Charioteer, has attained sexual excellence, but not by conquest. Here is a lover of the 9th order who has tasted as much of sexual experience as the ferocious Charioteer, but whereas the he is demanding and mercurial in his sexual relations, the Hermit-nature is the gourmet who has given countless females sexual gratification. The Charioteer may bring a female to violent orgasm but the Hermit is capable of producing and maintaining a steady, even flux or orgasmic bliss in a female. The one gains merely sexual gratification, no matter how many women he fornicates, whereas the Hermit, gaining sexual satisfaction in process, also gains knowledge of female desires and insight into their sexual motivations and needs--the secret of his complacency.

The blue in his cap (traditional), which covers his mind symbolically, denotes the sexual knowledge which he possesses and applies effectively. The Hermit-nature need not brandish a conquering sword (the dominating penis), but may proceed through life secure in the knowledge of female needs and desires. He is content with the act that he can readily supply what women want, and more. Though his head is bowed, take note that his shoulders do not sag as though in defeat. The Hermit-nature is more than he appears to be. Beneath his cloak of humility is hidden the body of a 100% man. Masculinity and sexual prowess are at his beck and call, beneath his unassuming exterior. They come to the fore, wherever and whenever they are required. Any female in need of such will be more than satisfied.

The Hermit-nature is trustworthy, like the proverbial Dutch Uncle. The rampart, domineering Charioteer may not kiss and tell, but the fact of sexual conquest will show in his demeanor and often on his face, like the cat that ate the canary. But the Hermit-nature will never reveal anything. His countenance and bearing will conceal the fact of sexual escapades forever. This secretive quality greatly enhances the Hermit-nature's desirability. Secretiveness, coupled with his unassuming behavior, makes the Hermit-nature an ideal bed partner for love hungry housewives. The Hermit-nature is not unattainable, the true mystical meaning of the eminence and the beacon. The card says: What I know and experience, you also may know and experience.

In a reading this card means: Sexual enjoyment of the highest degree; attainment of libidinal knowledge; understanding of the needs and desires of the opposite sex; prudence in illicit affairs.

My inhibitions are represented by the 10 of Pentacles...I'm at a loss...I'm pretty uninhibited mostly...this cards represents to me family. And I guess that's one thing I'm scared to death about, getting pregnant...even though I'm 32 and currently have never even had one pregnancy scare...and my husband wants kids but I'm not sure if I'm ready at all...

Reason for the inhibitions, the 5 of Pentacles Rx...extremely wasteful expenditures...yeah sure, I've never made much money and it seems like such an overwhelming financial problem to have a child or children when I'm not making much money.

Advice how to deal with these inhibitions, the 3 of Pentacles Rx. Immaturity, lacking direction, not using abilities with does that help?

Advice how my partner may help me is the 7 of Swords Rx. Goddamn 7 of Swords, this card gets me because I can't really figure it out. I have nothing concrete on this card at all...he could help with counseling, getting me to ask for help? What?

After Christmas, Before New Years

X Wheel of Fortune Rx

Knight of Wands Rx

2 of Swords

BoB and I were planning on going to western VA yesterday to visit some of his family, but we got SNOWED IN! Very very rare around here, you know, at the beach, for snow to happen in the winter; and certainly never this early in winter. We were loosely planning on going today, but judging by these cards I do not think we are going anywhere. Yay! I didn't want to leave anyway!

All the cards indicate, in their own way, the same theme of not moving. Being in the same place awaiting an outside force to remove the inertia.



He got stuck in the drive down from Maine last night, got stuck in the terrible East coast snowstorm last night. His car broke down and luckily he met some girls who let him crash with them. Unfortunately, when he called the mechanics today and asked if he could get his car they basically laughed at him. There's two feet of snow on the ground and they don't think he's going anywhere. He called me to find out if is going to get on the road today?

4-Card Spread With Positional Meanings

1. What is happening? Knight of Cups

2. Answer to question. King of Cups Rx

3. Guidance advice. 2 of Wands Rx

4. What will happen. 10 of Cups

The answer card, position 2, is reversed so I take that as a NO answer to his original question. But the number 4 position, what will happen, is the 10 of cups and that is really positive...wait, the King is in the same suit as the knight...I think our dad, Billy is going to go and help him out. But he won't be too happy about it.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Right Before Christmas Shopping Spread

Knight of Cups

XI Justice

III The Empress Rx

I wonder if I'll get to have sex today? (Jesus, with my husband, it is such a struggle...and we're newlyweds for christsakes! we should be having sex all the time...) I'm just going by the Knight and the upright sword depicted in the Justice card...

Looks like money will be tight for the gifts with the Empress Rx...that's fine, we can make cards instead, I'm not going to stress about gift giving. It's not like we have kids to try to not disappoint. Just parents and grandparents to shop for and if we can't afford gifts, that's fine.

BoB and I have planned on going to see a band tonight, and there's an office party...the Empress could mean we won't win at the raffle tonight? And the Knight of Cups hasn't come up for me before...maybe someone else will flirt with me at the show? Eh, we'll see...I don't think a consistent card shows up for BoB, like it used to for Jack (a previous boyfriend I was with for 8 years).

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Been A Couple Days...

VII The Chariot

7 of Wands

3 of Wands Rx

I want to accurately predict my day with these daily spreads. In the past here I haven't done that so much, because I do the spreads as soon as I wake up and I guess I'm not all that awake. Or, I just know my days are so much the same they blur into each other so I don't really predict the essence of each day that well...anyway, I want to improve on that.

Today's forecast seems to start out with energy! Two cards from the energetic suit of wands and the Chariot. He's covered in armor and beside him is the 7 of Wands, showing a person who's alert and on the lookout, with a big stick. Talent, skills, and efforts could prove to be wasted with the 3 of Wands that's something to lookout for.

I haven't logged into work for the past 4 day...I will be doing that today! I've had horrible menstrual cramps for the past two days and it looks like today I'll be feeling better.

The Chariot is a card I usually take literally in a reading, I usually associate it to an actual car when I see it in a reading. For me today though, I don't see myself going anywhere, so I will take it in a more metaphorical interpretation.

Friday, December 17, 2010

4 of Cups

I Magician Rx

Knight of Wands

4 of Cups, discontent, boredom; need of re-evalution. Couldn't care less what really happens. No motivation. Too much of a good thing, life too easy, just won't make the effort. Emotionally introverted, looking for a spiritual level of satisfaction. No one seems to understand. Could be a part in the offing that will help brighten things up...on Saturday is my mom's Christmas party. The Magician Rx is telling me to try harder..then there is the it me? Is it someone else? He speeds things up can get me going today.

I am really tired right now, it's 7:45 am and it's freezing outside. I took some nyquil late last night in order to go to sleep...after some frustrating sex with my husband. (he came too early, me not at all, even after a valiant effort.) Just need to get going, take some calls, make some money...


gaaa, I'm so slow in the morning. Maybe I shouldn't do a daily spread as soon as I wake up? I never seem to accurately predict my day anyway...well rarely, because I'm still half asleep.

The Knight of Wands was obviously my brother coming into town!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Knight of Pentacles Rx

7 of Wands

10 of Swords Rx

I think BoB may come home early today due to the ice pellet storm that's supposed to happen around 4pm. The 7 is saying that no matter the adversity I show strong character and the 10 is saying that intense personal pain is now receding.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

2 of Cups Rx

XIV Temperance

XXI The World Rx

A mild fight with a friend, BoB? And the Temperance card suggests I shouldn't be the one to make the first move. It will just be caused by some confusion. The advice here is to slow down and be patient, Temperance. And I'll likely have to do some cooking today, I should call my mom about that. She wanted me to do some cooking for this weekend's Christmas party. XXI The World Rx, stubbornness won't help anything.


BoB did come home in a shitty mood, more disappointed than anything else. At work he got diesel sprayed all over the coat he spent so much time fixing up to be super warm. His one warm coat stinking of diesel, so he had to spend all this time trying to clean it, and it still had diesel all over it. In fact, I'm still working on it now. Is that what Temperance maybe was referring to, the correct mixing of chemicals for cleaning out diesel. Well, he did it wrong, World Rx, and when I've showed him some correct ways of getting it out, he still sullenly kept doing it the way he was previously. Oh, well, I'll have better luck with him today (Thursday).

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Jumper Card

IX The Hermit (jumper)

6 of Swords Rx

Queen of Swords Rx

The Hermit card jumped out at me, I suppose it would be wise for me to be alone today and think or meditate. I'm alone ALL the time, so that part isn't hard...I guess today will be a period of withdrawal and caution leading to some insight.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Saturn Is In My 3rd House and Touching Everything

Heavy-hearted ***
Valid during many months: During this time you are able to achieve a most unusual balance between your material and your spiritual needs, and you see the relationship between them so that you can build your life upon both of them equally. This influence helps you bring your spiritual ideals into focus in the material world so that you can see precisely what role they play in your life. Consequently this is a time of sober reflection and deep understanding about your life on several planes.

This is a time of serious thought. Your mood will not be especially light- hearted, but you will be in a position to make great breakthroughs in understanding. You will be able to deny yourself rewards that you have wanted in the past, because now you can see that if you wait a bit, your daily life will come closer to your ideals. You are in the right frame of mind for disciplined self-denial and sacrifice without being a martyr. In other words, you are realistic about what you are doing.

Now you can work to further your ideals, such as working for religious or charitable organizations, spiritual groups or whatever. In general you will be attracted to groups of people who share your views, and you will be able to express your philosophy better in a group than by yourself. This influence has the effect of making your ego subservient to higher needs, so that if you believe strongly in what you are doing, you will be able to work hard even if given very little credit or positive reinforcement.

With this influence there is the danger of taking your own actions too seriously. This can be a very covert form of egotism in the name of spiritual awareness and devotion, and no form of egotism, even if it goes by another name, is compatible with this influence.

The interpretation above is for your transit selected for today:
Saturn Sextile Neptune, ,
activity period from beginning of December 2010 until middle of September 2011

9 Of Swords

XVIII The Moon Rx

Page of Cups

Looks like I'll have a lot on my mind, I'll be worried...about ?

The Moon Rx is telling me to be patient and not to let my imagination get the best of me, don't take any risks at this time and not to argue with any anyone, just be patient.

And the page indicates good news, probably no cause for worry at all anyway.


I woke up because BoB was texting me, Page of Cups. I don't know about that Moon Rx...still so fucking subtle for me...

The 9 of Swords did predict some bad dreams I had though...I was dreaming I was a various dream jobs without a shirt on. Gary Busey was there and learing at me and asking why I didn't have a shirt on...all I could say was I was depressed, then I found a bunch of clothes, like three dresses all layered on each other, it wasn't very pretty, but I'd still end up with out a shirt on, it was pretty embarrassing. Then I started getting harassed (the guy from ''Little Children'') was at Pop's Diner with me and I knew I was going to get raped if my boss didn't get rid of him, I has to explain to my boss the difference between Tolerance and Judgment, and how it isn't bad to use your Judgment, it's there to protect you and the ones you care about. I was trying to get him to get rid of the rapist. And there was a bunch of anxiety cooking dreams about Pop's mixed with Stephanie from Dick's, all the shitty jobs rolled together. And I was remembering how awesome I was at Toni's, how in control I was and on top of things, but how it just isn't like that anymore. I don't have anything together and nothing to call my own.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Saturn Conjunct Pluto

Confinements ***
Valid during many months: During this time you may have fewer resources available for doing what you want, and you may have to focus the available resources on more restricted and concentrated objectives. The effects of this influence are several. First, structure in your life will change significantly, but not suddenly or without warning. The changes brought about during this time are inherent in what is being changed, if you look carefully. It is rather like an inevitable conclusion of a situation. During this period some things will come to an end or an old order of life will cease. On a metaphysical level, this influence means that factors are now being incorporated into the structure of your life that will later bring about evolution and growth. This process involves getting rid of old structures. What happens now will have great consequences in fourteen years.

On a material level, this influence often causes financial problems or other kinds of shortages. Sometimes government or other officials will impose heavy burdens that greatly restrict your freedom of movement. It is also possible that some incident or accident may affect your health and thereby restrict your freedom of movement.

All of these effects confine your energies so that later they can be focused upon matters that will require your full attention. If your energy is spread too thin, later crises will be much more difficult to bear. Then you will have to go through a most unpleasant house-cleaning of everything in your life that interferes with your natural pattern of evolution.

As you are more and more restricted by circumstances and the need to use your resources conservatively, do not simply hold in your energies. Build new structures to correct the problems you face now, and concentrate all your energy on bringing about necessary evolution in your life.

The interpretation above is for your transit selected for today:
Saturn Conjunction Pluto, ,
activity period from 2 December 2010 until middle of September 2011

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Looks Tiring

XXI The World

2 of Cups

Knight of Swords

Meh, looks exhausting. The World reminds me that I might be menstruating today, the ''end'' of that little non-bleeding journey. And the other two cards look tiring as well. Like the exchange between the couple on the the 2 of Cups mixed with the rough energy of the Knight of Swords...BoB may have have one his ''out to get everything'' days that just means he's frustrated with life and there's nothing I can do about it. Maybe I should just get out of here for a day?


Easy, easy relaxing day! Hung out with BoB, inside, because it rained all day. And BoB got riled up on some message boards, for example Girls Shouldn't Have Ideas: Abstinence Only CampaignGirls Shouldn't Have Ideas: Abstinence Only Campaign. He was really funny, and we had a great day of lounging around.

Oh, and I didn't start menstruating that was wrong about the World.

Friday, December 10, 2010


X The Wheel of Fortune

10 of Swords

Ace of Wands Rx

A woman over at the Aeclectic Tarot Forums named Amanda04 does something called a ''Summary Card.'' She adds together the numerals on the cards, excluding the court cards, to get a summation of the reading. For this reading I get III The Empress, and that's a nice soft landing for this little daily spread. Funny too that yesterday's Summary Card is now in this spread, The Wheel of Fortune.

Striving, that's all I'm seeing for today. Trying to do things, but getting set back, delay. It is the first day of Mercury Retrograde after all.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Summary Card: X Wheel of Fortune

Page of Cups Rx

5 of Pentacles

V The Hierophant

An issue with mail today, like I won't get my paycheck today? Because the Page Rx is beside the 5 of Pent's? We'll see. And I have to obey all the rules...Hierophant. I need to just keep my head down and work work work. Keep the house clean, stay focused.

This is the second time The Hierophant has shown up for me this week, but I don't normally have to deal with any large institutions...except now I'm married, does that count?

Anyone want to jump in with suggestions?

Oddly, I got a good email today, someone requesting my that's great. And I'm taking the suggestion of the 5 of Pentacles and going to jump on that!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

II High Priestess Rx

3 of Swords Rx

IX The Hermit

Will I try to look up an ex on Facebook (HP Rx + 3 of Swords Rx)?

It looks like I'll want to open up to meditation, but not get it right and just end up alone all day.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

6 of Swords

5 of Wands

XVIII The Moon Rx

Hmmmm...the 5 of Wands doesn't bode well. My big plans today were to finally decorate the house, which I have never done, for Christmas. Went to my mom's and she gave me boxes and boxes of decorations, way too much. I wanted to change the house before BoB comes home. The 6 of Swords seems to be fair in showing this presto-chango idea I have.

The Moon Rx....deceit? Or does this just go with the theme or redecorating? Changing appearances?

Any suggestions on what today brings?


Yeah, BoB wanted to fight for no reason when he came home. He hated the smell in the house (I cooked bacon for the first time ever) and he hated the redecorating. He accused me of being drunk all day because he found a cork in the trash. I guess he goes through the trash???? He spies on me in subtle ways...I was redecorating and in doing so, I cleaned in places I wouldn't ordinarily...he accused me of hiding money from him. I mean, he was all over the map...

Monday, December 6, 2010

The Light, The Boundary, and The Freedom

XIX The Sun

V The Hierophant

8 of Swords Rx

This looks positive, better than yesterday's dark, yet irrelevant, reading. The Sun shows today will be a good day, things will go well, I will be successful. The Hierophant shows I will follow the rules and possibly come up against boundaries, but if I stay in established parameters, this will be fine. And the 8 of Swords show me breaking out of my isolation.

Today started when an old friend called me out of the blue, so that's cool. Trying to plan ahead for seeing people at Christmas sounds pretty good. And my other plan is to finally go over to my mom's and get some Christmas decorations. Currently, I just came back from the gym, and my back is in significant pain.

It must have started two weeks ago...I had a crick in my upper back. Just couldn't crack it, so I had BoB massage me. But it was the type of pain that couldn't be massaged out. Started taking tylenol hoping it would go away, but when a week went by, I realized it wouldn't and I need to make an appointment with a chiropractor...still need to do that, the pain isn't letting up and today it's so much worse. I figured exercise would help, but no...

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Queen of Swords

Page of Swords

XIII Transition (Death)

Holy crap! What's going on today? Here I am, hanging out with BoB (my husband), having an average weekend. Better than average really, he's working on some clothing projects he has, I've gone to gym and am watching Star Trek only plan was to maybe leave the house to go see my mom. She has some Christmas decoration for me to come and pick up...but these cards suggest I'll be dealing with some intense subjects...Bad news, a lot to think about, and the end of something...hmmm.


Yeah, no. Nothing negative happened. So I will keep a look out for anything started today.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Juggle, Wait, and Trouble

2 of Pentacles

7 of Pentacles

King of Swords Rx

Ooh, don't like the looks of the King of Swords Rx. I never leave the house so I don't know what kind of serious trouble I could even get in...he represents and authority, like the cops, who don't seem to be on my side...huh. Let me go and look at the last time he came up. November 29th and June 10th are the last recorded times he came up, and nothing. I'll need to look deeper into what he's representing for me.

The other two cards look great, like I'm setting up a good foundation for getting paid..Patience, perseverance, and talent...I just need patience, the 7 of Pentacles.


One of my first thoughts last Monday, when I got the King of Swords Rx, was SEX. You know, because Rx his sword is upright. Very phallic. But on Monday, I didn't get to have sex :( Today I did though! My husband and I were watching some Star Trek Voyager (season 5 episode 2 ''Drone'') and we ended up doing some weird jokey Borg roleplay.

He assimilated me. That could be kind of King of Swords Rx...right?

Friday, December 3, 2010

Sleeping In, Going Out

XIX The Sun Rx

5 of Cups Rx

4 of Swords Rx

Okay, so I slept until 12:30 in the afternoon today. Crazy late, and I went to bed at midnight last night...I think the Sun Rx might be referring to that fact that I've wasted most of my day. I don't think I'll be clocking into work, it's Friday, it'll be okay, maybe I'll log in tonight.

5 of Cups Rx...okay, cool. A friendship comes together...I've been thinking I need to schedule a video chat date with my best friend Chrissy who lives upstate...

And the 4 of Swords Rx...good, good. I've been exercising since the beginning of the month (ha, three days ago).

Not much to say about this one except it looks like I've wasted the day, but I'll be active enough for energy tonight!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Help From A Nasty Bitch Gets Me What I Want

3 of Wands

Queen of Swords Rx

V The Hierophant Rx

Help from a bitch gets me what I want. That pretty much sums up what I'm seeing here. Although, that 3 of Wands...I'm not waiting for a loan to come through, nor have I asked anyone for help with a project...I'm not sure what that refers to...for me. I'm not currently in collaboration with anyone...maybe I should be? I've recently been posting on the Aeclectic Tarot forums and receiving clarity for some readings I've been doing. Maybe I'm the Bitchy Queen today...I guess it will get me what I want. I get to break rules and it works out for me (Hierophant Rx).


This reading describes Perfectly my husbands day. I did a daily for myself, but ended up predicting what he was going through all day.

He recently had a shirt altered and the women there messed it up. He wanted a refund and was given the run-around and so he finally lodged a complaint with the Better Business Bureau. He called be yesterday to finally see if he could speak with the owner. He was argued with by the woman who answered the phone and then handed off to another woman they said was the owner. Up until this time the owner had been referred to as a ''he.'' He was very polite and she was, well, the Queen of Swords Rx. She was willfully ignorant of his position and was still refusing to refund his money.

Then he got another call from the post office, this is the area he does end up getting his way (Hierophant Rx). The woman he spoke with was very Queen of Swords Rx and gave a long winded explanation of what he'd have to do in order to get his magazines and comic books to him without being folded in our mailbox. She seemed surprised he was willing to go through so many hoops. He is. And it looks like any comics we end up ordering will be delivered, unfolded, to our apartment complex's office.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Apprehension, Slacking, and A Message

Ace of Cups Rx

10 of Wands Rx

Page of Wands

Afraid to start a new relationship...yeah, I get that. I recently met a coworker online who gave me her number, but I'm too shy and intimidated to call. But what about the 10 of Wands Rx? I mean, obviously, I'm not making much money and my husband is picking up the slack...but I'm not putting all responsibility on him. I DO take care of our home...and even more so lately. Doing everything so he doesn't have to, I'd hate to feel like I am putting all the burden on him for anything beyond financial support. Well, I guess there's some good news coming my way with that Page.


Received my paycheck in the mail today, Page of Wands. I wasn't expecting the check today either, so, yay!

10 of Wands Rx....I did a lot of work after seeing that, didn't want to let my husband down. I don't think I've put any burden of responsibility onto anyone else, that I know of anyway.

Felt good about today, motivated and energetic. Exercised for the first time in a month and I worked on a free reading for a woman on Facebook.