Sunday, January 30, 2011

Surgery Spread

1. Your Health Problem

2. How You Deal With It

3. What You Don't Understand About Surgery

4. How You Can Use Illness To Your Advantage

I'm seeing that for you the operation will be easy and successful, with no complications.

In fact, there is something karmic about this happening for you at this time in your life. Truly, you were meant for this. The images I have concern surgery, family, and being on the right path. In fact, things will only become better for you in the future of your relationships because of this elective surgery.

Sex will be better, and in fact you may find yourself wanting more of it because of the amount of trust you feel. You will find yourself in a state of productive harmony after the surgery, your power will flow, basically you will just be really happy you did it. The images reinforce that you are doing exactly what you had hoped you might--and probably receive even more than you had hoped for....(I'm thinking it may not cost as much as you first thought, or there will be even less pain, something along those lines).

I'm sensing a lot going on in this surgery for you and I'm really happy for you that you're going ahead and doing it! It's going to be easy, and you'll be interested in the process of it, and you're going to get more out of it than you first thought that you would!

Ok, maybe that is what I'm seeing, because I was seeing financial reward of some kind....Are you going to sell some eggs while you are at it?

You have some good pedigree to do so, you are a college graduate, thin, etc...Actually, I don't know what they look for, except for a college degree.

But definitely some kind of monetary reward, maybe you will pay for this operation with a bonus from work.

Friday, January 28, 2011

Should I or Shouldn't I Reading

Tarot is a great means of looking out for what may happen when you've come to a decision. It's also wonderful for making the decision in the first place. The biggest issue when looking to the Tarot for answers is how to ask the question. How we ask the question will help us to understand the answer that the Tarot can provide. When going to a skilled professional reader, look for someone who can help you formulate your questions.

As an example, my brother was telling me today that he thinks he's narrowed down where he wants to study Hermetic Magic, now he just wants to look into whether or not this is the best place to learn. If this is the best value for the money.

I've chosen to do a reading that asks, ''What will happen if he decides to study with Rufus Opus?'' and ''What will happen if he decides to pass on this teacher?''

4 Card Simple Answer Spread

''What will happen if he decides to study with Rufus Opus?''

1. What is happening: 2 of Pentacles

2. Answer to question: XIII Transition (Death)

3. Guidance, advice: 4 of Cups

4. What will happen: Knight of Swords Rx

On first glance I'm seeing really negative images if you study with Rufus Opus. But let me break it down, it's not all bad, but...

First, there is the matter of the Knight of Swords Rx...this is a person who is opposed to your plans and wants to fight about it. It's the image of a sly, dishonest and untrustworthy individual. If you go forward with this course work, this is the kind of individual with whom you may get involved. The image can also represent a highly intellectual and usually well-educated person, with a rapid fire mind and a great capacity for abstract thinking. He produces ideas with astonishing speed, but often moves on too quickly to follow through or elaborate on them. He is an exhausting challenge, this is the best way I can put it. The worst way I can put it is, RUN!

The 2 of Pentacles is an instigator of change, and it shows that you are ready for change in your life because there is stagnation. Something is demanding to be broken down and made over. And this card is beside the Death card...furthering the image that something in your life needs to die off. Perhaps you are ready for a fight? The 4 of cups shows where the stagnation is in your life. Things are going very well for you at the moment, so well in fact that there can be an amount of complacency or ennui. But you already realize this and it's why you are looking for a new spiritual practice. These cards combined with your question, seem to say that if you study here there will be a lot of resistance. You will have to change things that you may not want to at this point in your life.

If you decide to study with Rufus Opus be prepared for a significant change! In fact, some negative forces may enter the scene. This change leads to endings and people who oppose you.

Maybe you just need more time to feel out Rufus Opus first and decide if he's the best teacher? See what else is out there for you first, or get a reading from him and decide if you like his style. I'm not going to warn you off of this course of action without seeing for yourself if this is the best value for you. Also, you may want to write to him and let him know you are interested in taking a course with him, but you'd like to hear from previous students of his first. Try to get some testimonials before committing to his 15 week course.

''What will happen if he decides to pass on this teacher?''

1. What is happening: 0 The Fool

2. Answer to question: 3 of Wands Rx

3. Guidance, advice: IX The Hermit

4. What will happen: 9 of Wands

On first glance, I see wands. These are images of enthusiasm and energy! Very positive.

If you decide not to use his course, obviously, you will be at a zero point--The Fool--all over again, and need to decide which direction to take your curiosities. What I'm seeing for you is a lot of good luck if you decide not to study with Rufus Opus, The Fool shows where our luck is headed and for you I'm seeing that if you don't study with this guy, this is maybe the best thing for you---at the moment anyway.

I will urge you to find a course of study along the lines you've chosen. If you don't go with Rufus, find someone else! The 3 of Wands Rx show that your talents and skills are being wasted if you are not studying Hermetic magic. Yes, you are back to the drawing board, but find someone you want to work with.

The guidance card here warns that you are not taking your own advice in some way. Look within to find the answer that the Hermit wants to teach you.

Overall what will happen for you deals with the image of the 9 of Wands. You are able to maintain control of your interests. You will use discretion in the forthcoming venture of finding the class that will help you most. This card is confirmation that things are going well so far, and you should take the time to hear what others have to say. Again, I sense this has to do with finding testimonials for any future course you take. Talk to other students. Hold on to what you believe, you have the strength to see it through. You have the knowledge and the ability to persevere until you find the right class that meets your needs.

The two main images in this spread have to do with self-reliance (Hermit and 9 of Wands), and I sense this means more research is in need before you commit to the course you've found.

Monday, January 24, 2011

PPN Weekly Top Psychic Producer

I did it, I did it, I did it!!!! I was in the top 60 this week at my company!!!! Every week of January this year, has just gotten better and better and better!!! Finally culminating in getting to have a title over my name at the Psychic Power Network stating: PPN Weekly Top Psychic Producer.

Mostly I have to thank Kashmire Farber for our chat on Thursday, January 6th, right at the New Year. She really helped to remind me of my own abilities in doing what I do; and because of that, I gained the confidence in logging on the phone services and expanding my client base.

To tell the truth, I did a reading last Friday to see if I would get Top Rated by Monday and I drew the 8 of Swords Rx & 4 of Swords. And I knew then I would get it with little effort at that point. (These cards together say, ''Don't sweat it.'')

The cards I drew above for today are letting me know I am on the right track, that I need to keep doing what I'm doing. I'm being practical and innovative and starting anew in a more objective realm.

The 6 of Swords and the Ace of Swords together suggest the image that I look forward and make plans for the future. Like the sun emerging after a long storm, all anxieties are lifted and a new time is beginning. And it's very true, I have passed through a period of serious confusion and emotional suffering as result of thinking I was a failure, or that I just wasn't able to bring in any money. I just needed some confidence and it all cleared away--in my mind and in the physical world around me.

The 6 of Swords shows an image where we find ourselves seeing things more clearly, moving forward, and therefore, difficult and demanding decisions will be easier to make. We will find ourselves with a more clear overview of the issues we are facing. And we will be able to make choices which bring us peace of mind and happiness.

These swords reveal that I can expect to find greater objectivity, clarity and new perspectives as a result of a healthy balance between the emotions and the intellect, where we can think through even delicate situations with detached impartiality.

In the 6 of Swords we see a woman crossing a bridge; and, in the Rider-Waite the traditional image is of a man in a boat, crossing a river with his family.
From Angel Paths:

The concept of crossing the river is one that turns up again and again in mythology. Psychologically, the river can be taken to indicate the flow of the subconscious, emotional Self, whilst the fragile craft in which we travel may be taken as the striving we make toward spirituality. This can often be tossed about by rapid flowing, ever-changing feelings.....but in the end, with sufficient determination, we can indeed reach the shores on the farther side of the river.

The sensation I get most about these cards is relief and the knowledge that any emotional upset I have will be equalized with rationality, curbing emotions rather than indulging in them. This mindset will be the beginning of new solutions to old difficulties.

The Ace of Swords is about the ability to see things from a clear perspective. This is an Ace, which is the image of a new beginning...and this beginning reveals the energy I was putting into anxieties before will be now put to use by planning for the future with clarity and precision. Inverting the anxiety from something inhibiting to something useful. There's the image of being able to cut away the rubbish and confusion which tends to cloud out major issues. We can see what is important and worth fighting for. And we can also identify the red herrings that keep us from seeing clearly.

We become more able to make good decisions, more ready to see other points of view, more clear about what we really think about things. When this happens we often choose totally new directions for ourselves, reaching a point where we can transform and empower our experiences.

There is a decisive and powerful energy which flows from this card, and engaging with it will allow us to understand ourselves, and others more thoroughly than before.

In a spiritual sense the appearance of the Ace of Swords will often mark a turning point or breakthrough into new clarity and wisdom.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Human Design: Profile of the 2/4

In our introduction to the basis of profile, we saw that the second line is the main floor of the house with its windows at street level. The second line personality brings transparency. It permits the other to look in and to see. Mystically, this is the line of being called. This is a profile of the missionary: the personality's potential to be called coupled with the unconscious need to externalize brings. This is possibility and need to be called out to interact transpersonally with the world and externalize that call.

Since the second line is transparent, others will look in and see what in fact the second line does not see itself. Whenever the second line is present as a theme in the personality or unconscious, education is absolutely essential. It is the need for education that when the second line does get called out it does not collapse and become a paper tiger.

This is not a first line theme that will naturally seek out education to be empowered. This is not interested in being introspective. The second line doesn't care about those things. The second line personality is busy about its own business. It doesn't really enjoy being disturbed. Being called to something puts an onus on it, a responsibility on it, that it must learn something. It has to leave its protected shelter where it can go about its own business. That would mean it has to enter into a world that it is not fully equipped to meet.

It is important to keep in mind that in the modern world education is equivalent to strength as ignorance is equivalent to weakness. And the second line profile has no natural inclination to investigate. It would simply like to be left alone to deal with life existentially. This is the hermit personality; doing their own thing until called, waiting for an opportunity that it does not know it is waiting for, because it cannot see its own potential.

It is a lower trigram line. It is always a surprise that someone can look in their window and see something in them that they cannot see themselves. It can also be disturbing and a distraction. It is the other's recognition of them, "you would be great at this or that, etc.", that launches the hermit on its path.

The success of the 2/4 profile's life will be determined by the call of others. The trick is to accept the call that is correct via their strategy. Combine that with an acceptance of study and it can bring advantages.

Remember that entering correctly into any situation, whether that is relationship or career, is going to be dependent on the mechanics of the Type. The 2/4 generator is going to have to wait to respond. The 2/4 Manifestor is going to have to inform before it acts.

The second line theme, and in this case the second line personality, is essentially democratic. Not only democratic, but at the unconscious level, through the fourth line, it is willing to abdicate. It is willing to wait for the opportunity. It is willing to be led by others. It doesn't really want to get involved. The unconscious after all, has passed on the established foundation. It is the second line personality that is content to let the majority rule. Being essentially existential, it is not easily motivated. It may simply not vote at all to save itself the cost of involvement and abdicate to the majority. Remember the theme is to be called.

With a fourth line transpersonal unconscious, there is going to be considerable social interaction. Being called to friendship. The second line personality is fundamentally shy. It is calling out for boldness in the other and this is its strategy of finding friendship. The second line, unlike the first line personality, does not pursue. It's a hermit, not aware of the quality within itself that can attract the other, waiting for someone to look into their cave and say "you're for me".

It's an irony that being called for the 2/4 can often lead to bigotry, prejudice and fatigue. Since they are designed to be called, they are called often and in so many ways throughout the life. They can become over-whelmed and exhausted. They are, from the unconscious level, seeking out harmony. But the second line personality finds its greatest harmony in just simply being left alone.

The line themes in profiling also bring us genetic strategies, strategies for intimacy. The 2/4 must wait for the interest of the other. It is the need of the other to unburden themselves that can lead to the fulfillment of intimacy. To be the confidant or not. Friendship as a necessary pre-requisite before sexual intimacy can result.

All fourth line themes are designed to seek out friendship in order to eventually establish sexual intimacy. And for those of you that carry fourth line themes, either in the personality or in the design, it is so important to avoid the frustration of trying to be a first line being. Out there to pursue and to explore.

The second line is inherently shy. It is inherently shy as a strategy. It is lower trigram. It is not equipped to recognize that the other can really be there. It has to wait for them to call. Its unconscious is rooted in friendship and it is friendship that begins the possibility of intimacy.

Carrying a fourth line theme, remember that every time that you become friends with somebody that it is fundamentally a genetic strategy for intimacy. Through friendship, the intimacy is ultimately possible.

The basis of the second line personality is to be called. The result is a security strategy of being either the nourisher or the depleter. In its existential life, going about its own business, being un-called, the 2/4 depletes resources. Once called, it has the opportunity to become a nourisher, to be able to nourish itself and to be able to nourish others. In the beginning of being called, it will be forced to deplete the resources of others, in order to be able to establish its own strength.

It is the basis of our human consciousness to articulate through language. Words carry prejudicial values and those values are related to the culture and time. Please keep in mind that the universe and all it contains is dualistic in nature. Mind and body conform to this reality and as such humans live in a binary maia that is fundamentally moralistic.

It is too easy to bring moral opinions to terms like nourish and deplete. Mechanics is amoral. Positive and negative are simply different perspectives. Michelangelo, the depleter of resources of his nourishing benefactor.

Advance and withdrawal is the key to the hermit. It is the key to the second line theme. Withdrawal and not being called can result in an existential life of perfect order. It is not that this profile must accept the calls that it receives in its lifetime. Some second line personalities never receive the call and yet they live out their existence in relative harmony, without comparison, without someone looking in their window and calling attention to themselves and their life. They can be at peace in their process.

Their underlying intuition is to focus on what is relatively pure. What is corrupt or what is incorruptible. This guides the 2/4 in assessing the value or quality of any call. It will not leave the sanctity of its cave without absolute certainty that the call is its destiny. With this profile, avoiding struggle is a major theme. The 2/4 just wants to be allowed to get on with its life with as little interference as possible.

It will hear out the other and its stories. The fourth line unconscious demands that it become a confident but it does not want to be told what it should or should not do. The 2/4 will expend enormous energy in just maintaining the status quo. Why rock the boat when it only brings the unknown, struggle and problems?

The second line personality is determined in its awareness. Not being introspective, it accepts without question what has already been established. It is for this reason that the 2/4 is a profile of a potential actualizing force. If or when they receive and resonate to the call, they are transformed. Sinners turning into saints. Alcoholics into tea drinkers.

In the principle of hexagram structure, the first, third and fifth lines are yin or feminine in nature. The second, fourth and sixth lines are yang. The 2/4 profile is the first yang profile. It is common to be called, but rare to have answered. The second line personality, once it accepts a call, is forced to accept a new foundation and through its fourth line unconscious to externalize it.

When others look into their cave, and witness their transformation, it can have deep and lasting impact. There is an old mystical joke. A mystical joke that best suits the 2/4 profile. "Stupid before enlightenment and stupid after". The 2/4 will not ponder on their satori, will not ponder on their transformation. They will go back intuitively to their existential life hoping at last, to be left alone.

From the Jovian Archive

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Venus Transits

Venus Square Mercury exact at 11:03
Venus 12˚ Sagittarius 4H square Mercury 12˚ Virgo 1H

Activity period from 18 January 2011 to 20 January 2011

This influence is normally quite easy, indicating a day of light and pleasant thoughts and social interaction. I will avoid serious topics of conversation or any that might produce conflicts. This is not a good day to negotiate any difficult or contentious matters, because I am more concerned with keeping peace than with making a favorable arrangement. Real problems that I might sweep under the carpet now can emerge and cause trouble later.

In relationships I will look for interesting activities that are mentally and intellectually stimulating rather than physically or emotionally exciting. I want to be amused and entertained today, either by or with my partner. This is a good transit for going to an art exhibit, a show or a concert to engage your mind with something beautiful, pleasant and mentally stimulating.

Since other difficult influences coincide with this one, it can indicate disputes and arguments with loved ones. This is not a normal effect of this transit by itself. Be aware that I lack mental discipline during this transit, if I am engaged in any activity that requires it.

Venus in the 4th House

This is usually a peaceful time, when I will enjoy quiet hours at home, either alone or entertaining guests and feeling at ease. Barring a contrary indication from another transit, this is usually a time when I can feel neither self-assertive and outgoing, nor shy and withdrawn. I feel amiable in a quiet way and are fond of having congenial people around me.

Relations with my parents are good under this transit. In general, this is a good time to experience the closeness and warmth of family living.

Redecorating is often undertaken under this influence. I want my home to be elegant and light while Venus is transiting the 4th house. Fortunately, I am usually quite sensitive and in tune with my inner feelings, so that my home decorating efforts should be satisfactory. Try to avoid the usual Venusian tendency to do things lavishly or expensively, and keep practical considerations in mind. (I think this refers to the fact that this transit began during Christmas and it was the first Christmas in my entire adult life I've EVER decorated)

About the only real problem that you might encounter with this transit is that the 4th house influences the digestive tract. Unless I am careful I may overindulge in food and drink with no regard for my digestion or my weight.

Venus is about to move into my 5th House, just about any day now, so I'll just go ahead and put the influence of that transit here.

Venus in the 5th House

More than any other position of Venus, this transit signifies an appropriate time for fun, entertainment, having a good time. The 5th house is the house of amusement and creative self-expression, as well as love affairs and children. Activities pertaining to any of these are favored strongly during this transit. My self-discipline may be at an all-time low during this period, but everyone needs a break from time to time, so enjoy yourself. Just make sure not to overdo it.

I can relate well with children now, and this is a good time for games and fun. It is not conducive to serious work or discussion with them, however, because you may not want to be serious, yourself.

Creative activities are also favored; in fact, I need to express myself through some creative activity. Try to find the medium most appropriate. If I am not especially creative, enjoy the creative works of others at concerts, museums or wherever good art is to be found.

Love relationships in general are favored during this transit. I will get along smoothly with loved ones without feeling that I'm surrendering my identity. Venus in the 5th house has the happy faculty of making it possible for others to enjoy me being exactly myself. There is no need to pretend to be what I am not.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Examination of 3 Transits: Planets In Transit

Mars Opposition Jupiter
Mars 1˚ Aquarius 6H opposing Jupiter 2˚ Leo Leo 12H
(The transiting planet is first, the natal planet come second)

Activity period from 17 January 2011 to 19 January 2011

This can be one of the so-called ''lucky'' transits, or it can be a time fraught with conflict and foolish actions.

This time represents the culmination of my efforts to expand the domain of my activities. And I am, I want to expand my repertoire in my profession. There is more and more that I want to do, and I may resent anything that narrows my freedom and limits my scope of action. Right now, this is my own personal inhibitions concerning money. The challenge of this influence is to be conscious enough of myself and of what I am doing so that I can plan intelligently and work effectively with enlightened self-interest as opposed to pure selfishness.

Try not to come on too strong, try to stay conscious of my actions. The negative side of this transit, since it concerns Mars, is becoming domineering. I may come on to others as more than an ordinary human being, which will tempt them to test my strength.

Foolishly overestimating my own abilities may cause you to bite off more than I can chew in a number of areas...physically, by strain; or in business, by overextending resources...etc.

Self-awareness changes the picture. As long as I stay within my own limitations - that is, my inherent limitations as a human being and the limitations of my situation or circumstances - I should be extremely successful. The sense of timing of my actions may leave others amazed and sure that I am lucky. But really I have succeeded because I have a complete understanding of the situation.
Mercury Trine Saturn
Mercury 5˚ Capricorn trine Saturn 6˚ Virgo

Activity period is beginning of December 2010 to Jan. 19th exact 12:34 am

This is a day for serious thinking and important concerns. I feel I must deal with practical matters and keep my mind at work. I am not inclined to play around, not because of being sad or emotional, only serious. The mind works well under this influence, and I will be able to keep at a task until I have solved all its problems. I am also able to concentrate on mental work that requires great attention to detail. My eye is sharp for the little pieces that make up the whole. As a result, the work I do today will be done very carefully and thoroughly. I won't have to go over it again and check for mistakes, because my initial approach is methodical and painstaking.

This is a good time to organize myself and my environment. My critical faulty is sharp and I can see very quickly what must be done to make an organization work. This influence is very good with details, not so much with the overall. Also, my approach is cautious and conservative.

I am not likely to be into the abstract at the moment...and I'm a psychic. I will want to know what practical purpose everything serves, and if it isn't useful, I will turn my attention to something else. Just be careful that I don't miss an important idea as a result.

I may be reserved with people, not because I am afraid or unwilling to communicate, but because I don't feel like saying very much unless it is important. I may prefer to be alone with my thoughts. However, this is a great time to seek out an older person for counsel or advice, who has more experience than myself in some area. This is the kind of discussion I will feel comfortable in today.

Sun Square Mars, exact at 13:26
Sun 27˚ Capricorn square Mars 28˚ Libra

Activity period 17th-19th

This is a day to be very conscious of myself and my motivations, and I already have been. (I had a discussion this morning about WHY I want to be increasing my abilities with the Tarot and it just for personal gain? And my surrounding guilt with money...but I have no guilt with sex, so I need to apply that to having money.) It's likely to have ego conflicts with others today, especially if I allow my actions to be dictated by subconsciously motivated energies. As with all squares, this transit tests the validity of a position that I took or a statement that I made, either literally or figuratively, about 6 months ago. Circumstances as well as other people will be looking for chinks in my armor, flaws in my preparation, errors to challenge me with. If I consciously know what I'm doing, I will be better prepared to handle that challenge as well as my experience of your own energies.

My energy level will be high today, maybe too high. Watch for signs of irritable impatience with others whenever things do no go exactly as I planned. Be assertive only when the situation calls for it, not whenever I feel like it. Also watch out for baseless conflicts with others, which I may not necessarily instigate myself. The effects of any transit may be projected, that is, they may seem to originate with someone else. In this case I may not feel at all belligerent, but nevertheless I am attracting it in others.

Because the Sun indicates persons or structures that are centers of energy, power and authority, I should be particularly careful of conflicts with authorities. Voice my complaints if they are legitimate, but expect a certain amount of hostile reaction to them. Also be carefully that the tone of any complaint doesn't aggravate this hostility. What I can expect is a function of the energies I put out.

On the physical level, try to find an outlet for my vigorous energies. Do something that requires a lot of hard work and gives my aggressions a satisfactory outlet. Frustrated personal energies can lead to illness or accidents if the energy turns inward. In fact, if I feel no aggressive energies at all under this transit, I ought to be concerned, because I have probably sublimated the energy and may experience it through illness or accident. Or I may project it, attracting angry and difficult people. If used consciously and intentionally, this energy is positive and I can accomplish considerable work and establish myself in any position I want.


I have very painful cramps today...I was thinking I wouldn't work out because of them...and I now I see I really ought to and do it harder than ever!

Monday, January 17, 2011

Personal Advertising

I added a piece of advertising in the right hand corner there...just disregard anything it's advertising. I mean, because of the nature of this blog anything it's trying to sell, I can do better! Or, you probably already do for yourself. And if you want to contact me for a reading, just go to The Psychic Power Network and for just .99-1.99$ per minute get a reading with yours truly.

Just contact me by email at with the receipt number and I'll get started!


Sunday, January 16, 2011

First Great Feedback At PPN!

Hell yeah! I've been really working it since my phone conversation with the wonderful Kashmire, who also works at the Psychic Power Network. She really helped to inspire me and to get me to actually TURN ON MY PHONE! And it has paid off! I finally got my first feedback from a client tonight and I'm going to save it here for posterity:

January 16, 2011 12:57AM
Service: Master Natural-born Clairvoyant, Psychic, Tarot Reader and Astrologer

Professionalism: Extremely Satisfied
Subject matter expertise: Extremely Satisfied
Communication ability: Extremely Satisfied

User Comments: Holy Cow !! Shannon Rae totally connected to my situation and by chatting believe it or not. It was really a very real very clear chat. Thank You !!! I will call again for sure !
Would you consult with this advisor again, if you have a need?: Definitely

Friday, January 14, 2011

4 Card Simple Answer Spread

My brother, Samuel, asks: ''I want to know whether I should study hermetic magic in the very near future?''

I'm going to use my favorite spread at the moment, the 4 Card Simple Answer spread.

1. What is Happening: Knight of Pentacles Rx

2. Answer to Question: Page of Pentacles

3. Guidance or Advice: Ace of Pentacles

4. What Will Happen: 2 of Wands

What is happening right now is the image of yourself as the Knight of Pentacles Rx. Typically this is a young man who is quiet and meditative, who works with unfailing determination towards the goals he sets for himself. He is reversed, suggesting what you already know, that you are at a standstill, you don't know what the goal is you really want to work toward. What you want is to turn this Knight upright and you are on that path. The Knight of Pentacles is more imaginative than the King of Pentacles, though he has the same quiet strength and gentleness. His quality of contemplation often yields fruit in surprising ways, generating a deep and broad-sweeping understanding about the inner workings of life.

At the moment, his is reversed, suggesting stubbornness...and inverted type of a great quality that is Persistence. This is easily remedied, obviously, which is why you wanted to ask your question, to be released from your standstill, to find out if it will pay off to spend your time studying a new esoteric tradition. Judging by how many pentacles cards showed up, I see it definitely will.

You are represented here as one who produces unusual yet practical solutions which resolve otherwise intractable problems. You believe that all things yield to a determined will and well-directed activity. The image here is of a man who achieves his ambitions and creates a world he is comfortable living in; he has an interesting way of doing this-he takes every task a stage at a time. Keeping the end aim in mind, he diligently attends to the task in hand, completing it satisfactorily and then moving on smoothly to the next logical stage.

This method of working has numerous advantages - there’s the satisfaction of completing something - even though you might still be aware that this particular piece of work is just one step in the journey.

Another plus is that work unfolds in a productive stream - each process deriving from the last. This often allows you to pick up on any detail you may have overlooked or missed. Also, there is a consistent sense of progress - a feeling that you are drawing closer to your goals. Every single achievement is composed of many small acts which add together to create the whole.

The Knight of Pentacles is a fertile and abundant card - it signifies the planting of seeds which will grow into great big trees. The tree would not exist without the seed which was planted in the very first place.
The answer to your question comes in the form of the Page of Pentacles, in keeping with this suit of practicality, there are logistics to be planned. The when and where of studying, things like that. Here, the image corresponds to a young person who enjoys studying and is a persevering scholar. We see here a person on the threshold of greater things to come in the pursuit of knowledge. Note that in the card he is standing on books.

This card touches upon the most important issues about being in love with life - it's creation, it's experience, it's (is the apostrophe to indicate Life's possession right?)excitement and promise of fulfillment. When we are able to enjoy each passing minute of our lives, we put ourselves in touch with the mighty and empowering forces of love which flow through the Cosmos at all times. We become more deeply aware of the creative force of the goddess, and more in touch with our own inner vitality and life force.
Your Guidance/Advice comes in the image of the Ace of Pentacles and this is great! There is a new beginning happening for you if you go ahead and start studying along these lines. And the beginning is in the form of studying something that will be applicable to your life, something practical and solid. This image indicates success, and shows the sort of project that seems to continuously keep on growing, with each level of attainment producing-almost of itself-the next step in the journey.

On a more spiritual level, this card relates to the Earth, and to the appreciation of Nature. It might mark a period where we draw closer to environmental issues, or where we engage in a period of study, contemplation and alignment with Earth forces.

One thing that we often miss, when considering spiritual development, is the way that each development grows out of the last. Anyone who has been involved in the search for spiritual truth will already have experienced the weirdly coincidental manner in which spiritual opportunities and teachers present themselves at the relevant stage in our growth.

There's a saying - 'The right teacher only appears when the student is ready'. It is as though we grow spiritually from the inside, the same way that trees do. And in so doing, maybe we develop inner rings - just like a tree's trunk. The outer ring, just under the bark could not exist without all of the others it encircles.

The topic that we are exploring today has grown from all of the earlier topics we have looked into. Our experience is formed in layers, each of which is inter-dependent with the earlier ones. The Ace of Pentacles relates very closely with this method of human development - it shows us the way we grow. And warns us against trying to skip any of the stages.

This is a remarkably optimistic card, which usually heralds an exciting period of progress, whether spiritually or materially. We can expect expansion, new beginnings and often also, an input of funds. There is a less obvious perspective on this card, too, which has to do with its inner truths. Pentacles are not only about money, physical life and materiality. They are also about the cycles of life, of the planet, and of ourselves. The Ace begins a journey during which we can come to understand these things more clearly, thereby attuning ourselves more thoroughly with our Universe.

What will happen
comes in the form of the 2 of Wands. This is a card I actually went into yesterday, so it's nice to see it again since I have so much clarity on it now. If you look into the card you see a man with the world in his hand. A small globe, a representation of what his eyes are looking at around him...I usually see this image having to do with the internet, because it too is a small item we have around that connects us to the rest of the world around us...mostly this card shows that you will achieve your plans if you follow up with studying hermetic magic in the near future. There is an important contract, letter, or transaction indicated.

Here's an excerpt from Angel Paths you might find useful:

The Two of Wands is an important card when we consider our personal freedom of choice, for it relates to the way in which we live in accordance with our own Will, and the consequent results of this.

The card indicates that we are in charge of the way that our lives are unfolding, and that this happens in the fashion we had anticipated. It does not rule out the occasional nice surprise, nor obstacle, but it does promise us that we are in a state of mind which allows us to fulfill our needs and chase our destiny.

There's harmony and contentment when we manage to achieve this position in life. Events take place in an ordered and positive fashion. Things unfold around us the way that we want them to. Everything goes according to plan.

In fact, this is probably a natural state for a healthy human being. The fact that we have to struggle so hard to achieve it, and then maintain it, is more a comment on the type of life we lead, than anything else.

When we can bring ourselves in harmony with the forces of our Universe, achieving our dreams becomes far more possible than at any other time. We attain harmony when we are centered and at ease with ourselves.

Careful planning is always important when this card comes up - again there is a need to order our future so that we know where we're headed. And it's also important to reconcile any uncertainty or confusion generated within us. Both of these actions will ensure that nothing interferes with the flow of our own Will out into the Universe.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

8 Cups, 2 Cups, 2 Wands Rx

1. 8 of Cups

2. 2 of Cups

3. 2 of Wands Rx

What I have learned to associate with the 8 of Cups is the turning away from social situations in order to focus inward and upward toward a more spiritual life. I would like now to bring in the Crowley interpretation: this is the card called the Lord of Indolence and has the association of energy being stagnant with little renewal. This is a warning to attend to whatever is blocking the energy, get channels moving again.

One area to look into is the sort of relationship in which one partner gives too much and receives little payoff. It's worth doing an appraisal of your relationships when this card comes up, just to see if anything is dangerously one sided. We deserve to receive from others exactly what we are prepared to give to, if we give ourselves little attention, why would anyone else give it to us? It's time to look inward and upward, retreat from a social circle in this manner and take time to give attention, love, and respect to the self.

The 2 of Cups brings up an image, for me, of a great friendship that turns into a deep romantic partnership, harmony, reconciliation, and love that is reciprocated. Delving further into research with the Thoth deck and at Angel Paths, this card is the Lord of Love. The image here is reflective and receptive to love and passion, and while it shows having a partner, it does point out that love comes from within. When I love myself, and hold my inner nature in high regard, and see myself in this light, others cannot help but respond to my personal sense of value.

When I work to love myself, I can release so many areas of self-doubt and uncertainty that I will become infused with a new energy--new energy I can lavish on others. The 2 of Cups is about engaging in a caring fashion with my own needs first...and reassurance that existing relationships are as meaningful as they are strong and can develop into what we need them to be.

All this is very very important to me today...I woke up in a somewhat negative mood...thinking about all the ways marriage can suffocate...I'm not allowed to go out anymore, I can't drink, everything has to be on his negative in fact, I had to immediately had to go and look at my horoscope because I knew some transit was going on and I needed to look a the bigger picture and figure out what I cycle is going on. First, I have a Mars square Mars transit--aggressive and energetic. Second, Venus is squaring Saturn, with has to do with feelings of being unloved...or not loved enough. I realized that this has little to do with the external influences of being married or not, because even if I wasn't, I'd still likely feel the way I did this morning, and be blaming it on whatever my circumstances were. The cards I've pulled for today's reading have been very reassuring and given me a strategy with which to deal with my emotional landscape today.

The 2 of Wands Rx, typically has to do with having to go back to the drawing board in a project. This is the Lord of Dominion and concerns my personal freedom of choice, and living in accordance of my Will. Yeah, ''Will'' was so important in Crowley circles...and I think the fact that it is reversed shows how much I have to bend within my relationship. And by the word ''Dominion'' in the title of this card, the meaning is 'rulership'. And the ''Will'' Crowley refers to goes along the lines of... Every moment we are asserting our Will, at all moments, it creates a piece of our upcoming reality. Every thought we think, our Will operates to bring that thought into existence. So, be warned about unhappiness generating more unhappiness. This card says to pay attention to our thoughts, by asking us to take responsibility for the future we are making for ourselves, make a plan. Yes, I need to go back to the drawing board on that today.

8 of Cups Affirmation: My energy is the energy of the Universe. My power is my own.
2 of Cups Affirmation: Love flows into my life in an endless stream.
2 of Wands Affirmation: My Will flows effortlessly in perfect acts of creation.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

What Cards Are These?

I just had a free professional reading done by a woman named Enchantment who works at a different company than the Psychic Power Network. These are the cards she used and I was wondering what deck they came from? Does anyone know? Here's her reading:


I sense that right now and for the past 10-12 months i sense that you have been going through emotional healing, there is a lot of spiritual healing and energy around you. You seem to be very much in tune to what you feel, why you feel it, knowing why your emotions are there and what they are telling you. I sense that you are an indigo child, a spiritual child and that you would have experiences most of your life. I sense you must be have been born in the age of Aquarius.

I find it very strange that both the first and second card has an dolphin in it, out of 90 cards, what are the odds of that.

Dolphins are very spiritual mammals, they sense energy. They work with instinct.

You are a very calm person and you are about to step into your own energy.

Are you studying at the moment?

Are you interested in astrology? Because this is what i sense strongly.

You are about to take a new journey in life, everything coming together, keep going along the path that you are on right now.

Attuning to your own higher self.

Pretty nice, very much my situation at the moment and I am an astrologer. I would like to make more progress doing more Astrology readings in the future, it's such an interest for me and I'd love to share the knowledge I've been immersed in for the past 5 1/2 years.

2 Swords, 3 Cups, XI Justice

1. 2 of Swords

2. 3 of Cups

3. XI Justice

My first thought is,''Wow! The 3 of Cups!'' I rarely get that card these days. Looks like fun. My plan today is to work and make some money, but normally I get too freaked out with stage fright to turn on the phone, but I will have it on today, from 12-4pm...I hope I don't suddenly get sleepy or hungry then...feel stuck like the 2 of Swords suggest. Cosmic balance looks like it's on my side with Justice...probably a get laid does show up when I get to have sex, so that's cool. Overall, that 3 of Cups makes me feel good, I do see a party happening...awesome!

To follow up, I did not have sex last night; hmmm, then wtf did the Justice card have to do with anything last night? We hung out with Gregg last night, so the 3 of cups was very literal in being 3 people hanging out...and I didn't log in to the phone service yesterday...


Monday, January 10, 2011

A Knight, A Queen, & A King

1. Knight of Wands

2. Queen of Swords Rx

3. King of Cups

In a 3 card daily spread, this is a lot of court cards. I should be dealing with a few people today...and am I in the mood for it...I just can't quite wake the Queen me? She is irritable and moody and a bit of an exaggerator.

The other two men shown here are a Knight, which is the image of a man on a mission. Possibly a traveler and one who has high moral ideals to uphold and defend while on his journey. He invokes in those around him rising confidence levels. This image shows up as the result of overcoming fears and surmounting obstacles which have previously hindered us, or held us back.

And the King faces forward, straight out of the card...offering successful application of strength and insight. He is a feeler after all, in the suit of Cups. A strong quiet type and kind of moody. Sensitive and intense personality, and subject to intense insecurity, needing constant re-assurance.

Looks like an interesting day. I just really need to wake up because I am going TO HAVE THE PHONE ON DAMMIT! For the first time in a while, and I'm going to keep it up, as of today. I have all this renewed energy and confidence since I spoke with a fellow co-worker of mine, the great Kashmire Farber, who was quite clearly the Knight of Wands for me.

I am the Queen of Swords in this reading, only I'm being too hard on myself. I've got to think that my excessive sleepiness right now is just a symptom of procrastination. I need to wake up!!!!! And take some wonderful calls and be there for people who need me.

Psychic Power Network
1-800-918-9240 (New Callers) 1-877-250-7927 (New Chat Clients)
1-888-626-7386 (Repeat Clients)
1-866-986-4499 (Customer Service)

Call in, my name is Shannon Rae at ID 63153

Friday, January 7, 2011

Page of Cups, Judgment, 5 of Wands

1. Page of Cups

2. XX Judgment Rx

3. 5 of Wands Rx

Oooh, a text message that's all sweet from my husband, Page of Cups...looks good. And, I just started working out and eating healthier for the New Year, and what shows up whenever I start doing this, XX Judgment Rx....Guilt, guilt of my corporeal form. That's what this card says to me, and it always shows up when I start agonizing about my weight.

Haven't had a fight with my husband, or anyone, so the 5 of Wands being reversed is appropriate, although it usually foretells of picking up the pieces after a fight. May have to do with my renewed energy and confidence for doing phone sessions with my company The Psychic Power Network.

And if I add the numbers of this reading together, the 5 plus the 20 (I've learned that it's accepted to not include the people cards) I get the number 7. So, my summary card is VII The Chariot. This looks great! I feel very focused and energized in many ways all around...changing my diet, my exercise routine, and getting back to the phone service! I am going places today.

And let me say again, I encourage any questions, comments, suggestions, and anyone else's tarot interpretations!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

New Years Spread

Here's how it goes, this is a 16 card spread that goes 4 cards for the 4 seasons (or every three months). These are the positional meanings:

1. Something new

2. Something good

3. Something to prepare for

4 Something you should know


Something new has to do with the Hermit Rx....does that mean I may get out of the house more, because otherwise, that doesn't look like a new ''good'' looks like the something new is me not taking my own advice or heeding my inner wisdom...Something good is making a new I will take the Hermit Rx literally and believe it to mean I will get out of the house. I should prepare for being out of touch, loss of internet? Yeah, I will prepare for that! Something I should know in these first 3 months is I am hot!


Something new is I will be released from jail! A new freedom perhaps. And something good will the the King of Wands Rx? How would he be good? He seems strict and moody...Something I should prepare for is, again, being social, 8 of Cups Rx, getting back into and of the world, celebrating earthly pursuits over spiritual ones. Something I should know is the King of Pentacles, someone rather...He represents a solid financial earthly life and pursuits, so maybe it's all about money making this season of spring.


Something new is new friends? Or not being tied to that past any longer, just looking forward, something is good is not being overly worried and realizing everything will work out fine. Something I should prepare for is sneakiness coming from somewhere, something not being forthcoming. Something I should know is communication is being delayed.


Something new is hopefulness and good health, something good is saving money and not spending it, like we are saving it for a plan we have and so we are not being as generous as usual. Something to be prepared for is making a new friend and/or repairing a relationship that has been coming apart. Something I should know is the fight will be less emotional and just more confused energies.