Thursday, June 17, 2010

Bachelorette Party and 3-Card Daily Reading

Spirit (what spirit is giving),
Mind (what’s your mindset), Action (what to do today)

tarot,psychic power network,shannon raeKnight of Pentacles Rx I may be in touch with a person who wants something for nothing, and/or is passive and careless.

tarot,psychic power network,shannon rae
7 of Pentacles My mindset today is one of trying to plan financially for the future. And this is true, I've been actively planting ''seeds'' of my business on Craigslist this morning and trying to brainstorm ways to do readings for people at the beach, but I kind of need money to make money on that front. Meaning, I need to be at the beach to do readings and the way I've done this in the past is by hanging out in a bar with booths and doing readings for people. I need to have enough money to hang out in a bar in the first place, and not get too drunk to do readings.

tarot,psychic power network,shannon rae
Knight of Wands Rx My action today, again, is represented by a Knight not on his horse. This is the kind of person who is lacking in willpower and not moving forward, a trip delayed. True, I'm not going to the beach today, but that's because my plan today is to stay in and work the phone line.

Last Saturday I got to be the entertainment at a bachelorette party! It is so much easier to do face to face readings, it doesn't matter how large the group. I don't know what it is about the phone, but I get so nervous with anticipation that it almost makes me never want to work the phone line....I really would prefer doing the readings in front of the client.

It was awesome! I did a presentation of my abilities with the Tarot and Geomancy in front of a group of 15 women. The readings were for the bride to be, and then I did readings for all the individual women in the back bedroom for the next 3 hours. All of the women got a hand written note of their readings, as well...15 cold reads in a row and never once was I inaccurate!

I haven't done a session like that since November of 2008. It has been a while and I am so happy to be back into it again.

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