Thursday, December 23, 2010

Right Before Christmas Shopping Spread

Knight of Cups

XI Justice

III The Empress Rx

I wonder if I'll get to have sex today? (Jesus, with my husband, it is such a struggle...and we're newlyweds for christsakes! we should be having sex all the time...) I'm just going by the Knight and the upright sword depicted in the Justice card...

Looks like money will be tight for the gifts with the Empress Rx...that's fine, we can make cards instead, I'm not going to stress about gift giving. It's not like we have kids to try to not disappoint. Just parents and grandparents to shop for and if we can't afford gifts, that's fine.

BoB and I have planned on going to see a band tonight, and there's an office party...the Empress could mean we won't win at the raffle tonight? And the Knight of Cups hasn't come up for me before...maybe someone else will flirt with me at the show? Eh, we'll see...I don't think a consistent card shows up for BoB, like it used to for Jack (a previous boyfriend I was with for 8 years).

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