Tuesday, November 30, 2010

8 of Swords

3 of Wands

XVIII The Moon

Isolation and feeling cut off from the world. True. In fact, that's what my husband and I were tangentially discussing before he left for work this morning. How he has someone to talk to at work...how I don't want him discussing all my failures with his boss, basically. I have no one to discuss my personal life with as I have no close friends or even coworkers (I work from home).

I have had a coworker ask to do a mutual reading together recently (3 of Wands). I contacted her via Facebook, but I'm too shy to actually call her. I don't want to interfere with her schedule or time...even though I'm sure I'm not. I guess I'm also intimidated to do a reading for her...I shouldn't be, I'm an adequate reader (The Moon).


Does The Moon have to do with sex? I read that but...in my readings it hasn't had to do with sex so far...until today! We were trading phone pics with each other and when he came home I was dressed in something I knew he'd think was sexy. His clothes. He loves seeing girls in army pants, because he's strange like that. He doesn't think tight female pants are really that sexy because he figures the pants make the shape on it's own. But put a round ass in a pair of army pants and then you can really see the shape. I guess it makes sense...And I put on a disgusting punk shirt he made for a fake band he named called CHICKEN TRUCK and it's covered in stains. He loved it!

Monday, November 29, 2010

Am I In Trouble? Daily Spread

King of Swords Rx

0 The Fool

Page of Cups

I'll be dealing with people today, a package may get delivered. I have been waiting on a comic to be delivered. That King of Swords Rx is scaring me...I have this irrational feeling anyway that I'm doing something wrong, that I'm in trouble for something...but right now I don't see how he would apply. This King usually has to do with the law or an authority...don't have anyone like that in my life. We paid off Billy and Debbie last night (my parents) for the debt on the car...that's the only ''authority'' types I can think of that would be angry...

The rest of the reading looks positive, real positive in comparison. There's a chance to begin anew with the Fool.

King of Swords Rx + The Fool = I'll feel bullied into making a decision, I'll feel vulnerable and end up making the correct decision for myself and standing my ground; In a few days I'll receive confirmation I have done the right thing (Page of Cups).


I got nothing. No real follow up except that it was a real nothing day. There was no delivery in the mail. I mailed a bunch of movies back to Netflix....Luckily, no King of Swords Reversed situation...you know, yet.

Friday, November 26, 2010

Try Harder, Listen Up, Be Fat

I The Magician Rx

Page of Swords Rx

XX Judgement Rx

I never noticed before, but Judgement is misspelled in the Connolly deck.

No executive decision today to turn these right side up, this is the norm for me, to leave the cards be. Yesterday, though, I was right on! Turning those cards upright exactly described how awesome my day went!

Today, a holiday, I feel like slackin'. Is that was The Magician Rx is about? And the Page of Swords Rx is promising, like I was expecting bad news, but I'll receive relief instead. Okay.

And XX Judgment Rx, hmmm...this year I've been associating this cards with dieting. And with Thanksgiving being here yesterday, and all the leftovers today, fuck, I'm eating what I want. I'll report back later in the day, or maybe later in the week to give a better prediction of what these cards mean. I can only jot off so much right now, I just woke up, and my husband is talking to me, so I can't think as far as predicting at the moment.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Some Daily Spreads I just Wanna Throw Out

6 of Wands

2 of Pentacles

XIX The Sun

When I first laid out the spread, all the cards were Reversed. And, you know, fuck that! It's finally Thanksgiving! After all the shopping fiascoes, we finally did it last minute last night, and saved 130$. All that delay worked out in the end. (6 of Wands)

I did my precooking yesterday and have 4 dishes to finish up today. Things like the biscuits and pies, things I want to serve warm. There was quite a bit of metaphorical juggling of cooking different dishes between last night and today, 2 of Pentacles. And now I get to show off my cooking, again, 2 of Pentacles.

It feels like a SUN kind of day already.


Cards lined up exactly with the day! A good time was had by all.

I've just done some research into the 6 of Wands and found that it's a mercurial card.

It is Air on the house of Virgo, the Sixth, house of the servants and work, of exact science and the academy, of health and food, of the art of decoration and the interior of the house, as well as of the retail dealer. The element of thought (Air) on the earthy house of Virgo must naturally bring forth knowledge of every detail and reveal mistakes or shortcomings; it promotes efficiency, and the latter is one of the principal meanings of the card. Here again is a double mercurial expression, so this card must denote special abilities, capacities, technical insight; moreover food questions and medicine, medicaments and nursing; practical arrangement of details, but as Virgo "kills the prophets," this card may contain some or other discrepancy in the philosophical or logical, theoretical or strictly just side of things.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Anxiety, Food, Research: Daily Spread

7 of Pentacles Rx

Queen of Pentacles

II High Priestess

The 7 of Pentacles Rx refers to the fact that it's been so difficult, over the past 4 days, to get money out of the freakin' bank! Yes, I am concerned today will be no different, but it just HAS to be! BoB is getting off early to get money out of the bank so we can finally go shopping. Last night we even spent time setting up our online access to our accounts in an attempt to transfer funds into my account because I'm the one with a bank card. BoB is so impatient and impulsive with the bank that he's recently closed his checking account and then reopened a new one, and so, new checks were sent. He opted for starting his check at the 100 mark. You can't do that! No one accepts them that low. He didn't know that...of course, and he opted for no bank card. Arggghhh! But whatever, today will be the day!

I will be the big old fat Queen of Pentacles earth mother who cooks for everyone. Can't wait. I've been doing a ton of research into finding the *perfect* recipes (High Priestess) and I'm still currently looking for a candied yam with a hard candy shell on top. If I find or not will be another story.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Freedom, Fantasy, and Travel: Daily Spread

8 of Swords Rx

XVIII The Moon

Knight of Wands

Freedom, fantasy, and travel. Those are my first impressions. I wonder what I'll be escaping (8 of Swords Rx)? I pretty much always stay in my apartment and my only plan for leaving today is going to the grocery store. The Moon card suggests some kind of fantasy, maybe that's a method of escape? This is an interesting spread. I'm curious to see who I'll talk to that will help with ''freeing'' me. It looks like I'll be inspired and less tense than normal. A person (Knight of Wands) will inspire my mind (swords + moon) to''letting go'' of it's imprisonment.


For one, I never left the house at all today. I did reach out online to my first pro bono tarot reading on Facebook. A woman just wrote me and expected a reading from me, no introduction, no telling me how she found me, shit, she didn't even ask, she just wrote and expected a reading. And I took inspiration from a true humanitarian co-worker of mine and decided to go ahead and do a reading for this charity case. So, I reached out in a way.

I got a ton of sleep, which is to what the The Moon was referring.

Monday, November 22, 2010

November 22nd 2010 Daily Spread

III The Empress Rx

6 of Wands

5 of Pentacles Rx

Looks pretty good to me! I am very excited to cook for Thanksgiving, and I will be cooking for my husband's family for the first time. We only got married about 5 months ago and I want to show off my cooking skills. We'll be going grocery shopping tonight and my husband said something about only having so much money to shop with (Empress Rx), but I think I can pull it in at a reasonable price (6 of Wands). And the 5 of Pentacles Rx is always nice to see, there may be some practical opportunity for me to do everything I want with this banquet that I'm not seeing now. But I am pretty sure I have things covered!


Ah, so, ok...that Empress Rx mixed with the 5 Pentacles Rx. We went to the grocery store and had all our groceries bagged, in the cart, ready to go, and our check got declined! Through no fault of ours. We had more than enough in the bank, the grocery store just decided our check was unrecognizable or some shit. Fucking tele-check bullshit! So, we are gonna have to go through the whole tedious process again tonight.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

November 21, 2010 Daily Spread

Justice Rx

Ace of Pentacles Rx

2 of Cups Rx

Yeah, this doesn't look like the most pleasant day. I'm not actually involved in any kind of legal case so I'm just going to go with the fact that I will be judged harshly today. By the 2 of Cups Rx, I'm going to say it will be by my husband. And that I won't make any money today. Awesome.


This reading was likely a leftover from the fight my husband and I had the day before (November 20th). I was still feeling hurt when I woke up to do my daily spread and, fuck, seeing this didn't feel good either. Honestly, when I saw the Justice Reversed, I saw a limp dick, implying no sex. See how the sword hanging upside down looks like a flaccid penis? And I hate not having sex, for any reason. I don't care if we're fighting, let's have some hate sex! But my new husband, he's so not into that.

However....we were back to our nice selves around noon and by 4 pm we were having some of the best sex... I am having an issue with menstruating this year, and for the past 18 DAYS I was bleeding. My husband is the cunnilingus king and was really wanting to go down on me...and we finally got our chance! And it was so unbelievably amazing!!!! I mean he was giving me orgasms from his mouth that, normally, can only happen with his dick. So, I'm just going to pay more attention I see cards like this come up.

So yeah, I should have cleared my mind a bit more before doing a fresh daily spread.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

November 20th 2010 Daily Spread

Yeah, so I'm not really into placement meanings for 3 card daily spreads. I never was originally, but then I experimented (the experiments are posted in this blog); now I just read the cards intuitively.

2 of Pentacles

9 of Wands

5 of Wands

Juggling some stressful situations, although it looks like I'll be alert (9 of Wands) and easily able to think on my feet. It might feel like a struggle because it feels like I'm not receiving any recognition or rewards for my efforts (5 of Wands).

I want to help (9 of Wands) but I may just end up getting a bit misunderstood, or I will misunderstand (5 of Wands) and not feel like I did help. Although, this is just today's influence....if I adjust (2 of Pentacles) and keep flexible that will keep me straight.


Today was going along fine; my husband was out all day in Richmond with a friend of his. I got to just stay home and relax and wait for calls...but 5's do mean fights...So, when he came home he decided to let me know that I am a failure on all counts.

Friday, November 19, 2010

November 19th 2010 3 Card Daily Spread

3 of Swords Rx

8 of Wands

3 of Wands Rx

A set of 3's and the 8 of Wands implies that there is another person I am trying to contact for help. It's with a heavy heart I'll be asking and it looks like I won't get the help I want. At least not today. But there will be communication, by the look of the 8 of Wands. Email in particular.


Meh, okay I was a bit off. I thought about what I did do today and realized what this reading was in reference to...

I spent a bit of time on Facebook looking for and ex of mine. He has a pretty common first name, so there were like 500 entries with the same name, despite his last name. Didn't find him.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

November 18th 2010 Daily Spread

The spread:

Woman of Crystals Rx

Man of Crystals Rx

6 of Crystals Rx

All of the same suit, Cyrstals, which translates as Swords, which has to do with the Mind. Over thinking, over analyzing, etc. Since the Man and Woman are of the same suit, it implies a couple. Myself and Bob are over thinking things today, making the Woman touchy and defensive, and the Man disorganized. (Due to the reversals)

I haven't seen BoB today, yet. He's at work, and I'm at home waiting for a new call. And now I'm nervous and over thinking this spread.

The outcome is the 6 of Crystals Reversed. In the Voyager deck the card is titled ''Confusion.'' With this reversal I would think it would be a kind of confusion resolved with logic and clarity. The blue crystal in the card jumps out at me, but undetermined in it's meaning.

I will have to come back tonight to report what the day has been like.


I was so concerned about having an argument with my husband that I just kept my head about me. Turned the reversed cards upright. My husband, as represented by the Man of Crystals Rx, did have a confusing day at work. Machines weren't doing what they should. The 6 of Crystals Rx showed Clarity and that is what came through.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Situation, Advice, Encouragment: A 3-Card Spread

I lost my job as a cook at the beginning of this week and I'm not too happy about it. I'm back to doing tarot full time, which is slow, but not dead. My husband won't let me drink, which I totally deserve too, what with losing a job and all...

Alright, so the situation is the Tower. Yeah, getting ''let go'' from the restaurant was pretty much out of left field for me. The advice with the other cards seems to be saying move forward. Move forward with encouragement from an enthusiastic young man, put my happy face on, and be like a ram charging ahead. Charge forward.

This is what I've been doing this week, jumping into the tarot reading game with some of what I've taken away from the restaurant. See, the place I worked was incredibly slow, so there was a lot of waiting around for a customer, the jumping to when they came in...I'm taking this to waiting around for calls. I'm much less nervous and I have more discipline this time around, after having to go to a job outside the home.

Working from home is awesome! And I'm very lucky my new husband is so supportive of me doing this job!