Friday, June 25, 2010

The Darkest of Easy Going Days

First off, my daily spread today included:

XIX The Sun Rx for the gift of the Spirit. Seems a little shady, perhaps I won't get to have sex today?

4 of Wands Rx for my Mindset. Very easy going, little passion. Yeah, I'm not going to get to have sex, but it could still be a pleasant day. However, I'm not concerned with sex as much as I am concerned with making some MONEY today!

XVII The Star Rx is my Action card for the day. Am I going to get sick? I feel great, I'm up early, I have plans to workout even harder (or just as hard as I did yesterday). I mean, I just watched ''G.I. Jane'' the other day and now I am super inspired! Shouldn't this card be upright?

The Sun and The Star both showing up reversed, makes for a darker day, but I feel wonderful. I will be back later tonight to see how this will play out. (last time I had the Star Rx in a daily spread I felt great but by the end of the day I had a little diarrhea, lol)

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