Thursday, June 24, 2010

6 of Pentacles, King of Swords Rx, The Wheel Rx

3 Card Daily reading.

6 of Pentacles: What Spirit is giving me today is good karma. On a physical actual plane today I will be given a sense of proportion and balance. Sounds great, I will have to come back at the end of the day to report how this was understood. This card usually seems so vague to me, most of the 6's do.

King of Swords Rx: My mindset today doesn't look good, I mean Jesus! Feeling like a tyrant? I feel really positive right now, my mindset is one of action and not pussing out, but not being tyrannical. This may sound dumb, but I've been watching movies about being in basic training lately. And last night I watched ''G.I. Jane'' and it was awesome. It's about being in SEAL basic training, man it was very inspirational and now I just want to increase my workout time! But this image looks too aggressive and strategic in a dark selfish manner. But maybe it's just exaggerrated for hyperbolic effect?

The Wheel of Fortune Rx: My action plan today involves losing. Maybe losing some weight? That would be awesome!!!! I guess we shall see, I mean I don't have any money to begin with so....I don't have any of that to lose out on.


The follow-up:

The King of Swords Rx may have to do with two things. First I did go out and apply for a part-time job and the owner is a dark haired man. If the card refers to him I may have to do something outstanding to get his attention for the job.

Second, and this is more likely, I did a reading for a Bounty Hunter friend of mine. He is looking for a guy who jumped bail and he thought he had some new good leads, but my readings were less than positive. Basically, he will not find the man he's looking for, hence, the Reversal. Since this King has to do with Justice and Law Enforcement and he is reversed I am sure this is what was portended.

The placement of this card suggested my mindset for the day. And that's why I normally do not use spreads with placement indicators, they can be too limiting. But I was giving it a try for these three-card daily spreads. Maybe I will search out a new type of daily spread? We'll see.

My workout was incredible today! I usually just do 35 minutes on an elliptical trainer and so today I also included a 1 mile run. Which I ran for most of the mile, I just need to learn some more about endurance. If I keep doing this for a week I should be able to run the entire mile, right? Sure I can! Then later in the day I had my husband of 2 months get me started on learning how to do chin-ups. He knelt underneath me to push me up to the bar and I did what he called ''negs.'' Obviously, I could pull myself up, I could only barely hold myself up there. For about 1 second, but he was encouraging saying that doing a neg will help me learn. By the 3rd try I was already doing a bit better. Then I went on to attempt push-ups. Ok, a push-up.

Possibly this is what the Pentacle card referred to? I mean, it's physical. Because there was no bonus or money involved in my work at this time. I didn't even get a single call today. But I knew that because of getting the Wheel Rx...

All in all a decent day though...

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