Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Emotional Authority: Waiting For Clarity?

I've been put in the position where I can make a decision to let someone into my life.

This is very stressful. Since I'm defined in my Emotional Solar Plexus, and I'm in my 3rd year of radical commitment to following my Strategy & Authority (S&A), I'm actually going to wait this out.

This is harder than I first realized.
For me, it's not so much that I'm "waiting to be clear" about this; but that I'm waiting until there are less waves being set off every time I come close to this situation. Until the ripples in my emotions settle down to something far less turbulent.

At the same time, I feel pressured to make the decisions to talk to these people involved in this deal. I've asked for time and I notice they keep emailing me. The sensation of not being heard isn't helpful.

And if you notice, I have gate 29 in the Sacral (the red square), it's the gate of Saying Yes. My go to, is just to go with the flow and go ahead and say yes right now, and then take it slow. It's so tempting.

I have to remember that TIME IS MY FRIEND. It's hard to remember, I'm not only conditioned but part of my design is to just jump into things (gates 6.2 the Kamikaze and gate 36 that loves a charming crisis and runs head first into them).

I suppose one wave that gets triggered is that if I wait, then when I'm ready to reach out, the people won't still be there; that I'll be abandoned again.  Now that I even write out that sentence, it makes the situation feel more like something I can handle.  Like, that can't be true, they won't have left. Again. Right?

All right, back to Human Design Hawaii's video to the millionth time.

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Justin Horning said...

How/when did you respond to this situation? As far as clarity goes.
I have an emotional authority, but am usually more restrained.
Hope your 5th year of the experiment is going well.
: )