Wednesday, July 10, 2013

7 Centered Strategies

A discussion popped up on Facebook about whether or not to keep "working" on a relationship. Now, I'm married and I've had relationships in the past...but I've never felt the "work" part in relationships. I'm in or I'm out. But I've seen enough talk shows to get what people are saying.

Then Leela Swan Herbert had this to say: "Something to consider, perhaps, or not's not about 'working' on the is about discovering one's own self, becoming who we are designed to be...and if someone can support that process, honor it, witness it, be available to discuss the experience of it - then there is the possibility of relating. Relationships are a 7 centered construct, a contractual, strategic bond designed as a specific conditioning field with a particular goal (creating and raising children, business partners, survival strategies...) really isn't a question if someone knows if they want to work on the relationship or not - are you/they engaged in their process of experimenting with their design, with living who you are?" Leela

Working on things as a 7 centered strategy in a 9 centered world is an outmoded concept, what an idea?! I'm one of many objects in motion in this multiverse, there are people and events in my happy to be aware of STRATEGY & AUTHORITY and keep getting opportunities to use this method of decision making.....that slowly morphs into seeing how "I" have no choice, I'm simply skating along, swimming along, effortlessly. SIGN UP IS FREE, SIGN UP THROUGH ME!

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