Friday, July 26, 2013

4th Line Design, Unconsciously Social

Here's a little refresher on the 4th line:

This is where we move into the upper trigram of the 6 lined hexagram.  This is where the mechanics begin to shift.  The upper trigram is transpersonal, rather than personal, and it's more of an outer directed process.  There is an essential need to share with others.

Line 4 is the Opportunist, it's external, it's friendly.  Like the 1st line, it's the foundation of the second floor of the "house" metaphor of the hexagram.  The foundation here is concerned with human resources, having a social network, and transpersonal relationships.  The 4th line can be very influential in it's network, here lies it's opportunities.  The image of "brotherhood" or "sisterhood"  is the theme.  The binary here is kindness/meanness.  The sphere of influence is connected to those who have already established friendship, rather than strangers (that's more 5th line territory).  

I'm a 2/4 and currently I have so very few friends in my own area.  It seems all my friends live online.  I only have my husband and my mother in the area I live in...and it's been this way since I moved here in 2007...  It's so difficult to make friends in Virginia Beach; when I lived in California the people there were so friendly, it was so easy to establish a group of friends.  I'm still in touch with those people, but only online.  

I've recently joined an all female stripper/pole dancing gym, which I love!  I can kinda feel that I'll make a friend friend there, I can feel it starting.  BUT, I have to relax and just let things happen.  I've been so lonely for so long and I can kinda feel my open root wanting to rush into things, but for now, it's only a movie I that, I mean, I'm not rushing or instigating conversations, but I notice the old conditioning flowing up.  These days I'm so used to the S and A of mine (Wait to Respond and Emotional Authority), that I can really respect that the world will come to me with some patience.  

And I say I'm lonely, but I can see how my loneliness is a very 2/4 type of loneliness.  I'm a Hermit, and I do need lots of alone time.  And I'm a 4th line, which can be prone to burnout, so there, too, I take time for myself; add to that the procrastinating defined Emotional Solar Plexus, and I'm hard to get.  I'm the kind of friend that you really have to reach out to me to get me to go out.  It'll take me 3 months to return a phone call.  But after years and years and years of no network, no aura to aura network....ughhh...really between's taking it's toll.  So, I'm very happy to have joined a gym, very happy it's all women, since I'm married....can't wait to make a friend in this area.  Someone enthusiastic about poling, or at least dancing all sleazy!

I'm reading through Lynda Bunnell's "The Definitive Book of Human Design" and see the as an unconscious 4th line it's important for me to be "called" into the right network in order to be nourished & for my influence to be contagious, in the right way.  4th lines are spreaders in every way, of ideas and disease.  And as I'm a 2/4, I move between being a depleter/nourisher.

I've gotten into the wrong network before, just got into a situation completely incorrectly.  When I was offered all these invitations by a projector and took him up on it, even though I was super nervous, even though I just jumped right into it without giving myself any time.  Ended up not being able to pay rent and others paid for me; even though eventually I paid people back, the whole situation was tiresome and kinda ugly.  So, I'm very careful now of really giving myself time, checking in to see how nervous I am of situations (Emotional Authority).  I feel that situation got ugly, because normally I'm the generous one (2/4's are know for being very generous), paying for others, tipping big, etc.  

I just have to wait for my new network.  Patience is a virtue.  I'd love to be able to afford to go to something like the HD Immersion in Arizona this September.  I guess some other year...

"The 4th line is about the human resources of the material plane; people are the biggest decisions and investments they make in their life." Ra Uru Hu.

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