Monday, June 13, 2011

HD: Notes On The Pulse Mechanism

The great, wonderful, informative site HumanDesign.Com has been taken down. Big sad face : (

I'm trying to go through my notes and see what I saved. I am praying that Gennaro Brooks-Church decides to do something with all the wonderful files from that site!

Note on the Pulse Mechanism

The format energy of this channel has a frequency that is a pulse (On-Off-On-Off), and the mutation actually takes place in between the pulse. It occurs in the unknown moment, in between the fingers, in between the notes.

Imagine if we cast a giant strobe on the earth as it hurdles through space. When the strobe is turned on, the earth is illuminated but when the strobe is off there is nothing but black space. As the earth moves 107,300 km/h (or 67,062 miles/hr) it actually looks stationary when the strobe freezes it in time. Yet each time the earth is lit up it is in a different place. This is because it mutates during the blackness.

This is how the Knowing circuit group works. Mutation changes without notice. Since all of the Format channels are an accentuation of their circuit group's main themes, this pulse mutation is especially strong in the Format channel 3-60.


Angela Nowicki said...

Joy over joy, it's back again since Tuesday! :o)
Now, I'm about copying and pasting as fast as I can, so much stuff both precious and threatened...

Shannon, I like your blog very much. By the way, we share two channels, the 6/59 and the 29/46, and I have gate 48 activated too.

Best wishes from Germany and Angela!

Shannon Rae said...

Thanks Angela! Yeah, I saw that it was back up yesterday, time to start using the Scrapbook feature on Firefox.

Don't you just love the 29/46?

Angela said...

Not really. I actually don't know yet what it really is. It is said to commit itself fully to an experience once it said yes, but if it does so it has to go through the experience to the very end. And it tends to say yes too fast...
As for me, that's so true and often so bitter. Just like a ball and chain.
But Ra said as well, it's the Channel of the Flow (though I meant to remember the 5/15 as such). For my part, the flow is the most blissful state I know, but it's so hard to enter to.
I must admit though that I have the 29/46 debilitated in both the gates.

I would be very interested in knowing how you experience this channel.