Sunday, March 20, 2011

Open Ego- Aleister Crowley

True Will is a term found within the mystical system of Thelema, a religion founded in 1904 with Aleister Crowley's writing of The Book of the Law.[1][2] It is defined at times as a person's grand destiny in life, and at other times as a moment to moment path of action that operates in perfect harmony with Nature. This Will does not spring from conscious intent, but from the interplay between the deepest Self and the entire Universe. Thelemites in touch with their True Will have eliminated or bypassed their false desires, conflicts, and habits, and accessed their connection with the divine. Theoretically, at this point, the Thelemite acts in alignment with Nature, just as a stream flows downhill, with neither resistance nor "lust of result."  -True Will

I'm getting better and better at hearing people's open centers....and since the daily Tarot card today was The Magician....and conversation turned toward Crowley...I just KNEW he had to have an open Will center, and I was right!

Birth Info: 12/10/1875 at 23:42 in Leamington UK


Lilith said...

Unbelievable! I've searched web for finding something about HD to share on my Astrology&Tarot FB Page,and i get here...First i shared Tarot Cards, then I wanted posts about HD,now this...Can I simply take over your Blog???I LOVE IT! GREAT!

Shannon Rae said...

Awesome! Great minds and all....I'd love to see your FB page, can you leave a link?