Friday, March 4, 2011

Human Design: Reflector Strategy

Written by Chetan Parkyn and Carola Eastwood

29 day Review, Patience becomes wisdom

You will have perhaps come to appreciate that something is very different in your life and in how things work for you. You have an extraordinarily unique Design chart in that there are no fixed Channels and therefore no defined Centers in your chart, which is why all nine of your Centers are white. Most people have two or more Centers colored in, creating a definition or “set”, distinct way of relating to the world.

You are like a walking mirror – reflecting the world and others in it back to themselves. You give other people direct reflections of themselves through how you appear to interact with them. In your natural and balanced form, you are literally reflecting their world and everyone in it back to them through your nine undefined Centers.

Reflectors are purely empathic people; you live through all the passions, fears, thought streams, ambitions, and other qualities present in the people around you. You are extremely sensitive to your environment. As you may have come to appreciate, you have two ways of handling your sensitivity: you either become conditioned by the ways of other people, adopting their energies, lifestyles, and ways of doing things as though they are yours, or, you become enormously wise about the ways of the world by witnessing everything, reflecting it all, but not necessarily absorbing it. It is vitally important that you learn to differentiate between these two potentials in your life. Take on too much of other people’s conditioning and sooner or later you will become weighed down by it. Witness and reflect the world back to itself and you find your way with grace and ease.

Wherever you go, you can literally “become” your environment, blending in to whatever that environment holds, be it creative or destructive, conscious or not, upbeat or depressive, you are going to experience it all, relative to the people in it. Because in the past you have not necessarily appreciated your very unique nature, you will have often found yourself absorbing everyone and everything deeply into your own life. This absorption can reach a point where you become overwhelmed and sometimes deeply disturbed by all the chaos and nonsense you experience as a result of the unconscious acts lived out in the world around you. This is unsettling and can make you want to distance your self from people.

If you comprehend the absolute difference of your nature from the vast majority of people, you have the chance to detach from the experiences and life dramas that are going on around you. Through detaching, you begin to perceive the enormous levels of wisdom that you naturally accrue through witnessing all of your interactions and experiences. Finding space in your life is essential, both for ingesting and processing what you have absorbed, but also for shaking off the input that is unhealthy for you. Time alone is your healing reverie.

Sensitive to all potential input, you are particularly affected by the movement of the Moon, which cycles around us roughly every 29 days. The Moon, because of its regularity of movement, cycles in less than a calendar month through all aspects of the Human Design Life Chart, activating each of the 64 Gates in an ordered sequence. Wherever there is an opening in a Gate in your Life Chart, once a month, like clockwork, the Moon activates that opening, potentially bringing about a fixed Channel and two defined Centers for a brief period of time. The Moon moves in sequence through each Gate of the Life Chart for approximately ten hours, and so, on schedule, month by month, you have a chart that consistently changes according to the Moon’s movements.

As a Reflector, sometimes you might have your Mind activated, giving you access to a continuing stream of thoughts; another time you might have a Manifesting chart (for ten hours) during which time you can find your life becoming busy. Other times, you might become a Generator and find a burst of invigorating energy sweep through you, or have a defined Spleen Center and experience a stream of intuitive insights. This interaction with the Moon is the basis for any sense of regularity in your life. All the other Types experience regularity through their fixed Channels and consistently defined Centers; as a Reflector, you have the Moon.

The great question since you have no set Design is: How do you find your way through life and how do you make consistently right decisions for yourself without getting unnecessarily influenced by everyone else’s input and interests? Remember, you have the Moon giving you a continual pattern within your whole life. With the Moon passing through each Gate in the chart, you are affected in a consistent pattern and timing. When you have an important life decision or question come up for you; for instance, perhaps you are asked to get involved with someone, you will see that in order to be true to your nature and get the “full picture,” you will need to ride out your 29 day Moon’s rotation before coming to a conclusion. This obviously does not apply to the every day decisions we all make, but is very important, really vital, in making any significant life decisions.

During the 29 days, you can read up, research and ask other people all about your dilemma. You can meditate, pray and do a thorough canvassing around the whole subject. At the end of 29 days, you will have had the chance to come to your own personal clarity through all the activations and definitions the Moon has made in your Life Chart. This is one of the most important things for you to comprehend about your self: that the Moon is your ally and your timekeeper, and that rushing into any decisions, without doing your own research is going to cause problems for you. Tell the people in your life this: Before you will make any important decision, you will take a month to consider it. At the end of the month, if you have lost interest, the answer is, “No”. However if your interest sustains throughout the month and you experience clarity, then you have your “Yes”! Just as surely as saying yes to the wrong things will bring you misery, saying yes to the right things brings fulfillment!

In times past, Reflectors, because of their sensitivity and openness, would often find themselves in hermitages, the countryside, or in spiritual communities, where they could indulge their need for privacy, nature, and solitude. In these times, when city life is more prevalent, it is very important that you discover how unique your makeup is and be watchful to make certain that the flow of life experiences through you does not overwhelm you. You will recognize your sensitivity and find that you are in need of space and time to yourself each day so that you can sift through all the influences to which you are exposed. Without that space for personal reflection, you can live in an ongoing daze of over-stimulation to a point where you become depleted and disheartened.

We have found that people who relate closely to you have a profound experience in your presence that can often move them to tears. The tears arise from a deep sense of being seen clearly, having their true nature reflected so profoundly and lovingly. The person who is not a Reflector comes to appreciate how benign, passive, and unconditionally loving is the Reflector. Coming to know a Reflector better, people experience the Reflector’s great wisdom.

Let’s look at the strengths and relative limitations of your Design:


• Until you learn about your Design, people can easily take advantage of your sensitivity.

• You have a tendency to absorb other peoples’ feelings, drives, wants, fears and thoughts.

• You may have felt “different” all your life, without an easy acceptance of the beauty of your difference from others.

• You have a greater need for alone time, and until you understand this well, may have difficulty extracting yourself form the company of others.


• Over time, you develop a profound wisdom that you naturally share with others.

• Through your openness, you can perceive many things that others miss.

• When you give yourself the gift of spending time alone each day, you are able to filter through your experiences, extracting gems of meaning.

• You have the capacity to offer a pure reflection to others. Through you, others may see themselves clearly for the first time.

Reflectors, by Design, are some of the most brilliant; most loving and wise people on Earth, but you must honor yourself and your own special process. This is a “hands off the wheel” lifetime where what you can trust is your own wisdom.

-Ooh, I don't know about this one anyone a Reflector reading this? Do you have anything to add? Let me know in the comment section below.


Anonymous said...

hey, that was great to read!!! im a reflector, and yes, all is resonating in me. specialy in this times we are in now, can get all whats in the air, and there is a lot!!! my question is, how to get money in this world? im not abel to go 8 houres to work a day...for me is going in a shop for 1 hour enough, im full of storys,words, can i live? nobody understand that, its not beeing lazy,i just be not able... hope this page is still running, and someone will read it, im waiting now for a month :),love to all...

Shannon Rae said...

According to HD the way you would find work that's meaningful for you and you can be supported by is to look toward your Strategy and Authority. Also, look at your profile numbers....for example, if you are a 2/4, then a friend or someone you know will point out the direction you should go in that will be better than doing it all by yourself alone. Etc, etc....

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much! I didn´t know how to find out, what´s " Yes" and what´s "No" after the moon circle. Even I know there is no defined center, I would like to know how to stay present in meditation. To meditate with others is easy, I can feel the stillness and field of energy, but meditating on my own is a challenge: there is only space but no fixed point or center, feel´s like I´m getting lost.
Do you have any ideas how to enjoy meditation more often?

Shannon Rae said...

There is a study group every Thursday at 9 am PST.....@

Shannon Rae said...

We look at charts every week, also there is a group at 12 pm EST every Monday:

Just type in your name and nothing in the password line.

Lana said...

i like this!!! A couple of months ago, one women draw me the chart, and said that I'm a reflector. she said thet only 1% of human beeings are like that. I was wondering, are reflectors also like human angels? 'cause i saw something like that on the net.

Shannon Rae said...

Human angels, lol, idk. There would be so much to work through being a reflector, so many different pressures all the time.

paalomino said...

Hi Shannon, I tried to visit the links you posted, but discovered that I would need to register to participate. How can I do that?

Shannon Rae said...

Oh, I'm sorry, I didn't give enough explanation on using the links. There is no need for registration. At the times listed (Mon. 1pm Est & Thurs. 12pm Est) you just sign in with you name only, no need to put in a password. You can log in a few minutes early and introduce yourself and let people there know you are new. We love having new people there!

I am semi-new. I've been studying off and on for 6 years, and only recently have I begun formal classes. There are several Reflector questions here that are great questions! I'd love to learn more about the decision making process of the Reflector myself.

linda said...

@anonymous, I am a reflector as well and completely understand what you are going trough. I have gone though many jobs and schools because I tend to change mind often of where i want to go in life and and constantly have the dragging thought in mind of What is my purpose followed by a billion other thoughts. It's tough especially when every one questions your decisions and pressures you to have a "stable life". And yes, I get the "being lazy" characteristic all the time from others, I only wish they knew a bit more of the cycles we go through and how hard it is to be one with society or certain about anything. Sounds a bit absurd but at least in my case that's how I see it. We may have the moon cycle strategy but we have no authority to depend on,our profile may help define us a bit more but with constant changing cycles it's difficult to keep a stable certain mentality with our thoughts, decisions etc..

Anonymous said...

Well I am a reflector too.It's true I am very sensitive and open to others but, also, I find it hard to find love.It's always been the major problem of my life, not appreciated enough and losing partner's interest quickly,is it because of my design and can it be fixed?

Jørn said...

A bit late to the party here, but I'm learning about this after many years of incomplete explanations and only recently has this system come to my attention. I have always chalked up my strangeness to being an aquarius, but I can understand much better my inability to find stability in a community that itself is imbalanced and a world that is extremely frenetic and difficult to work through without a strong sense of self (determination).

In my own life, I can say that I have experienced all that you say and all that I have recently been reading about this particular 'type' to a 't'. So much so that I have always based my life on the movements of the moon, having said throughout my life that it is the time that I really follow... whether or not I have had the ability to really be aware of it and its implications, like these recurrent phases of static periods that I can find myself inexplicably active or focused, like one of the defined types.

I have always been extremely sensitive to others around me, in close proximity and I can say that I know what I have gleaned from people, through their presence and their energies in my life, and that I have a difficult time in keeping a balance between experiencing other people's energies/problems/issues and my own, or recognizing that they are not my own; this is perhaps the hardest thing for me to do, but I am starting to learn and I think it may be the most important part that I have learned.

I agree with the first commenter, in that I find it difficult to not have meaningful work and I have gone extended periods of time, not because I am lazy or unwilling, but rather that I have experienced these things before and it is extremely difficult to go back into situations, especially in such a world climate of narcissism and desperation (like the end of the world is nigh or these impending world changes are really impending!) and be able to function amongst the masses.

I have so much to say about this subject, but it's difficult to convey online, as always. Words seldom to much merit to things that are this inspired/inspiring and I will just continue to beat a dead horse. I hope it is sufficient to say that your words are direct and concise and that I am thankful to be reading such things. I hope my words can convey a bit of the experiential validity behind the Human Design.


Anonymous said...

Hey! This was a great read, very informative, thank you! The more I understand the more I believe things will get easier over time :)

Shannon Rae said...

Love yourself. That's a common motto in HD circles and the reason is, as you decondition, the more one can find the bigger picture of the ''why's'' of their personality and life, no matter what, Love Yourself.

Anonymous said...

Human Design is so fascinating. I have come back to it...I am a reflector. I would love to try the 29 days to make decisions cycle, but my life changes so quickly, someimes I don't have that decision time for big job or where to live! I would love to find more advice out there for reflectors...curious as to what type I am reflecting the most and also the relationship dynamics of reflectors with other types... and how much impact their gates even have. And what does it feel like to be around another reflector? As a child I could get lost for hours of the infinite wall of mirrors made when you put them directly facing each other... Infinitely curious over here!! Thank you!

Shannon Rae said...

Dear Anonymous,
I highly recommend starting with a Foundation Reading. I can recommend Kumud with Human Design Wise ( or checking out any of the readers with the International Human Design School ( If the price of the initial reading is an issue, all the readers will work with you if you write to them, mostly I've seen them will offer payment in installments. I know that's what held me up in the beginning, because I thought I had to pay it in one lump sum. But I'm telling you 200-300$ is a great value for the amount of information you'll receive. There are also Facebook groups with people sharing information as well.

Anonymous said...

Nice to read all this from other reflectors.

As other here said, as a reflector life becomes naturally unstabile, to have a consistant work is out of the chart, there's just no way.

And due to that + a longing for some time on my own I've been thinking about go on a journey with a tent and a sleeping bag more or less.

Is there anyone who has done something like this?
If so, please share your experience from it.

Best regards,

Reflector 1/3 in Scandinavia

Anonymous said...

this is all soooo fascinating. i recently found out i'm a reflector and it is like a breath of fresh air to hear an explanation about myself and my life that makes so much sense. Even in a regular chart reading i was told my "energy" was very unusual and my instant comment was, oh, is that why i feel like such a weirdo?" lol, i've spent my life trying to figure out how to fit in and why i felt different and disconnected, always thought it is was from coming up in an abusive kind of family but obviously that is not the only reason. Reading everyones post's i feel a little strange as working has always been my safe haven. I feel like i fit when i'm working tho i may be insecure. I have parameters i fit within when i work and it feels more comfortable. when i'm in a free form situation, like parties I used to just want to run away. it's much better now. i relate to a lot of what i have read especially about love relationships. i will be checking back to see new posts. this is a nice forum. thank you.

Elena said...

Oh, heavens I cried. Thank you so very much for posting

It's merely a day since I first had my chart done - another reflector here, and well as others here have piped in - this resonates. Shakes to the core.

Think many people are somewhat thrown off first hearing of its rarity, though that goes by comparison. We are all as unique as being a 'reflector' statistically proposes. It is simultaneously a relief to hear here, though.

Feeling different, oh we all do at times, but that feeling of having been stranded on this earth falling off a flying saucer I at least can't shake off. Been teary and puffy half an hour now, nose stuffed.
I've often chided myself in the past on occasions for not standing up for my beliefs, almost unconsciously, never liked the idea of the person whom always 'agrees'(which hasn't always been the root, as I see now - it's seeing several sides of the same issue). And waiting a month? There's actually people I've lost touch with for periods at a time as I have been incapable of saying 'yes', or 'no'.I manage days without human contact, no lunacy - friends are thankfully understanding. It is vital in a way I couldn't of have authored anything any better.

I thank especially the part of how other people can potentially perceive us. It's nice to have such feedback. That's quite the flattery to glean,I try live up to it each day. Think we all do, to be the best that we can be.

Stumbled over this just yesterday and have been relentlessly searching ever since. 'Sensitivity' rings again and again, and perhaps further on it'll allow me to set my foot down properly, and not to be taken be advantage of in any way I've(thankfully) as of yet managed to avoid.

Gah, that last one just bleeped out of me, but still,


Anonymous said...

I have just found out i'm a reflector 4/6, and so much fits into place,,, for the 1st time I understand myself and even have something to offer others who tend to analysis me...i have worked for 30 years which has been tricky at times but I have been lucky enough to find people who put up with my disappearing and lunacy in exchange for the advantage of my presence when offered. My sensitivity can be healing for whoever needs it and I'm starting to realise that. Knowing and understanding why, helps me overcome guilty feelings for needing so much alone time and knowing that strange feelings aren't mine gives a unique view point of any situation. I don't know if I actually know another reflector but would be very curious to meet and feel the energy combination.
Thanks for your posts, Bob

Jim Keller said...

Thank you reflectors for all of your comments. They ring true for me as well. I am a 2/4 reflector. always felt I had to fit in...but deep down never wanted to. I so value my alone time...just want to be alone...I like people too....but I love quiet, still people. And...I just want to say what I want to say in my own time and in my own way...Im tired of saying what I think others want me to say. Blessings Jim at

Amy Flynn said...

Hello all,

How cool Jim, another 2/4 Reflector, posted on my birthday! :-D January 12. Chetan's article is very accurate in my experience. Chetan has an excellent grasp on the various aspects of the different Human Design Types. Chetan has done a lot of work with himself in accord with his own design and is a very clear human. He is a

I am a 2/4 (Hermit/Opportunist) Reflector and VERY much a high dimensional creature. So even though I just learned about Human Design about 3 months ago (and have been in personal correspondence with Chetan Parkyn, author of this article) I knew all that was revealed to me. I wrote to Chetan after learning I was a Reflector:

"I am here to be a clear channel, a pure wayshower, a clear space in which others can wake up to themselves and the truth. Now I have a new label - Reflector. And the role of the reflector is just that - to be a clear channel, a space that reflects themselves back to others so that they can wake up to themselves. Perfect. A wonderful confirmation."

Chetan shared back:
"Hooray for clear Reflectors, because even though Reflectors are rare….rarer still are the ones who are clear! The Reflector’s life is one of complete trust in Existence….and a presence of pure love."

As Reflectors we have the amazing privilege of showing people WHO they are ... maybe for the very first time!

Before learning of Human Design, I had figured out a lot of how I worked best. I learned to wait on big decisions. I also intuited that I required a LOT of alone time to "be with me" and balance so I learned to take it. I also learned that I am highly disturbed and thrown 'out of balance' by going into crowded stores with all the low vibrations and stresses of the other people, so I learned to seek 24 hour or late stores so I can shop at odd hours when I can enjoy my shopping and enjoy the peace. I needed to be able to 'recoup' or re-balance after these 'outings' so did not plan them back to back.

I realized that within me are all the answers I seek. Human Design was a confirmation for me of all I learned from me about me - and through reflecting the world. Yes I felt odd all my life, like a I was different. And yes for years I tried to be everyone else and 'fit in'. I learned to embrace that I was unique and stopped making myself wrong for being so and stopped trying to be someone else. And I found profound peace and joy. :-)

Reflectors are peaceful, loving creatures; probably the type with the most inner peace naturally. But in order to experience it, we must step back from a world filled with Types that are tumultuous inside. When we do... we can BE that which we came here to be.. the PURE CLEAR REFLECTION of the Magnificence that is within each Being and serve to allow them to truly know their Self. This is now my life's work ... I am living in harmony with my Design. I also Reflect Source Consciousness as clearly as I reflect human consciousness (I am an active Source Channeler) and as such I present their Source Self to those in human form.

There is a reason why Reflectors represent only 1% of the Earth's human population... so that the other 99% can know them selves. :-D

It is an honor to be a Reflector!

Amy Flynn said...

OOps! I never completed the sentence about Chetan... he is what he calls a "lightweight Projector". He lived with Osho for 11 years and feels he is much clearer than he would be for having done so. His energy to me feels very clear.

Anonymous said...

This really helped! great article!

I am at the stage where i need to focus more on myself, i just graduated college and coming back home to this environment is a lot more challenging than i expected and i find myself becoming quick to anger both at home and in the workplace.

I have realized time for me is vital. I am starting meditation classes tomorrow and have been neglecting my own personal meditation.

Tonight is the full moon so i will consider my moon cycle! THANK YOU AGAIN!

Anonymous said...

how can i recognize the blueprint of my moon cycle? what do i have to be aware of each day to understand what is going to be the same 28 days later?

goody2shoes said...

Hi there everybody!
is anybody out there?
I just found your conversation, being pretty much in search of how to live my life - as a reflector!
I quitted my job 4 weeks ago because I was totally drained with 5 days 9/5 work talking and listening to people in a muddy surroundings... though I am a perfect counsellor (haha!).
AND even after 3 years of trying to understand who or what I am with a lot of travelling, I am not much further. Last year I got a reading telling me about hds and me being a reflector. I feel that this made it even more difficult though it explains a lot.
Hoping to be the wrong one and trying to cope always gave me hope for this "one day" on which I would get it. Now I feel just lost in space.
And yes, anonymus, right now I am trying do identify this mooncycle as well.
I do it by writing a diary since 5 days.
My chart is 3/5 being an anarchist/heretic! People just "love" me...

Thaidee said...

Hey, I just found out today that I am a 5/1 Reflector and it`s like a veil of confusion concerning my life patterns have been lifted. Would love to get in touch with other Reflectors and also get to know more about how to establish and construct a stable life, as until now I have been travelling and wandering around incessantly.

Craig said...

I'm a 2/4 male Reflector in St. Louis. I'm going to continue to read through various 'reflector' information, as it resonates with my experience of reality, more so than anything I've read before. I've never met a person I couldn't relate to, or a situation that was too complex to navigate. I've often felt a bit like an energy chameleon, able to bend and plug into whoever I'm with, whatever the situation, and regardless of the place. I LOVE PEOPLE!! I love energy! I get so much power and serenity from shining love back at the dear humans that come into my life. I want only to serve humanity, and I know that my engineering 9/5 job is limiting my exposure. I'm confused though, and always riding a heavily swinging wave of emotion. And when the full moon is approaching, I'm a complete mess of sadness and intensity. I'm going to start charting the moon and my mood. Wishing peace and love for all beings in the universe. Paz y luz! paz paz paz!

Misha Totmakov said...

I'm a reflector. I easily blend into any environment, become anyone I like. It's like super power. But I never really become anyone. So i move from place to place every time I feel the weight of the world presses too hard on me. I'm 36 now and I believe i recently started to work out how this reflector thing in me works. I hope one day I will put it to a good use for the benefit of people

Pi Zadeh said...

Hi there. I am a reflector, too. Before I was attracted to Human Design, life was seriously harsh on me. I knew I was absorbing everybody's energies like a vacuum machine. I just didn't understand why. I always feel better with children, animals and in the nature. Nature is like my escape spot, because it is not loaded.

It is just recently, I understood that we are actually blessed. Thanks God, I got it finally!

Camelia Finley said...

I am a 3/5 Anarchist/Heretic as well. I have found that I must change jobs every four to six months or else everything goes to hell. (Luckily I work in the film industry where this is possible.) People "like" me and call me a free spirit, but understand that somehow my presence is disruptive. With the Anarchist Reflector energy I feel like my vibration of mirror mixed with the constant flow of a feeling of freedom, drives my colleague s to resent me. It's like even my silence upsets them. I feel like they want desperately to be free of their restraints and feel like I don't have them. This is clearly untrue, as I must work constantly as everyone. My greatest desire is to live, with my husband, and avoid a workplace of any sort. Like many of you have said, it is not laziness, it is this undeniable feeling and need to be alone. When amongst others I Can "see" or perhaps hear what it is that is wrong with them emotionally. Then I allow the voice of advice, like the oracles at Delphi, to speak through me. Here is the crutch, once they have received the pure advice, they no longer feel the necessity nor desire to hang out again. It's like being very intimate with a stranger and then being left there like a statue. I am used to it now, as I am 43, but needless to say only my mother, sister, and husband understand my oddness. My "friends" love me dearly, from afar..

joel small said...

Any 1/4 reflectors out there on planet earth?

I feel I am on the path of learning to regcognise the other, knowing it is not me and potnetially being able to help untie some knots in there life. The goal ultimately is to reflect light back, no?

joel small said...


Jessica Perez said...

I'm a reflector from the states I was living in Brooklyn NY for three and a half years almost lost my mind and I'm now sleeping in my car driving through the country currently I'm on the west coast, it's amazing but scary and I have no idea what I'm going to do for money but I'm taking it one day at a time is love to share any thing I can with let me know if you have any more specific questions

Jessica Perez said...

I feel unstable when I don't have a purpose and work gives me stability but I always find myself in BS jobs that I get bored with and then leave me feeling empty. I want to work I'm a workaholic buy I don't know what to work at. What type of career are you in?

Anonymous said...

Hi Craig! I’m a reflector too! And it’s rear to read you since every other reflector I have read sort of complains about people and their energies. They say being around people too much can get overwhelming. And I feel a lot more like you do. I am aware of how their energy affects me but at the same time I love people. And I love being around them. I have always been very shy but luckily I was always surrounded by warm inviting ppl. I was always dragged into groups and gatherings. I am mesmerized by the moon and nature and the wild and feel a deep connection with plants and animals.

keiko said...

Hello all. I am a 2/5 reflector, a right angle at the cross of the sphinx 1/2-7/13.
Discovering Human Design has been the greatest benefactor in living a life of flow and enjoyment.
This read in particular was very moving. Reading the bit about moving others to tears did the same to me.

If it helps anyone, my experience here has felt like Neo in the Matrix, feeling as though an invisible world spun in time with the visible, completely passing all others' eyes and sitting only in my perception. My ego has struggled for so long to know itself. It's found a quest in tryin gto understand what is me and what is not. I have found my greatest pains in aunintentionally reflecting individiduals with an aggressive ego, victim mentality, and those some might call sociopaths. In particular, I have found those to be very attracted to me. I have also found great comfort in spending time with agreeably-conditioned generators as they tend to make me feel accompanied where many beings can make me feel very alone. Projectors find kinship in me and typically end up seeing me as an elder sibling. MGs, depend on the individual entirely. However, it is in Manifestors that I find a deeply important relationship. I have found myself to have the most positive impact in my reflections on Manifestors. They seem to be nearly unaware of the power within them and the tool of the mirror improves their ability to cut their own hair, if you will.
I have never met another reflector.

And to any other reflectors out there, struggling with thier identity/ego, I offer this:
we are a certain sort of lucky in this life as reflectors. The only thing that is truly you is Soul within you. That pull you have towards certain things, those certain shades you can mimic, those places you can blend into without effort- they are the signature of your soul and they have followed you your entire life, leaving a post mark on every experience. This is you. This is all that is you. Come to see yourself as in a relationship, intimately with this part of yourself and you will cease to be so dreadfully confused about who you are in this world.
If anyone would like to speak more, I've left my blog which has ways to contact me. I open other reflectors and manifestors.
Also, if you're a reflector/manifestor with a saggitarius moon and a taurus sun, PLEASE. contact me.
I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jessica Sabatini said...

I resonate with everything you said. Being a weirdo. People coming for the wisdom, then out again. I have loved working hard, but bounced to different productions and experienced the resentment you mentioned. A couple years ago, i got hurt and haven't been able to work. I'm just living and loving my husband and making self care my first priority. It's powerful to spend all this time grounding and finding my clarity. Ive been discovering what few projects I want to take on. And the world around me has responded to my clarity by handing me the exact information, object, or person that I'm clear I need. But actively mindful of pacing myself.