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Human Design: Projector Strategy

Wait For The Invitation  by Chetan Parkyn

You are a natural guide for others in this life, ready to help out and take part in many different forms of activity, ready for almost anything that comes along! You can be very observant of others’ ways of life, easily recognizing that you could jump in to assist....if only it was clear that your presence was going to be appreciated. Getting involved in situations where you are not wanted and don’t fit in can be a very unpleasant experience for you. As a projector, you are here to light the way for others, but only when invited.

Projectors have a less common Design than others in the world’s population, and have a very different lifestyle than the other Types of Designs, the Manifestors, Generators and Manifesting Generator Types who, by design have energy to spare! This does not mean you as a Projector are starved of energy, it just means that you do not have an in-built, constantly renewing source of energy, and you need to be careful how you use the energy that is made available to you.

Please keep an open mind if you are reading this and thinking, “But I have lots of energy.....I’m always up to something, highly active and busy!”
Appreciate that although energy might apparently be available within your Life Chart, it is not sustainable in the same way as a Generator or Manifesting Generator Life Chart, nor can it be turned towards catalyzing activity as easily as can a Manifestor’s Design. One of your life’s lessons involves being very particular how much energy you commit to people and projects in your life and being aware in situations where you might get carried away and burn out. You might try to continuously “keep up” with others, but you are not actually equipped to do so! Your Design is better suited to shorter bursts of activity followed by review, rest, and reevaluation.

We have a Projector friend who was always trying to keep up with the energy types around her. She took a high pressured sales job and eventually collapsed on the sales room floor. For years, she had been revved up on all the energy around her, similar to being constantly amped up on caffeine, and her physical system finally broke down. It took her years to recover her health. As a Projector, it is vitally important for you to learn to manage your energy wisely.

Patience is an essential thing to learn because you can only have a really powerful impact in your life when you have been first recognized, and then invited into activities. Ideally being invited implies that you are being recognized for your talents and qualities and being encouraged to join in as an active participant and potential guide.

Invitations can come in many forms. Sometimes the nicest invitations come with gold embossing and beautiful script, with your name clearly printed: “We request the pleasure of your celebrate.......” “etc.,” because these invitations are very clear, personal and lovely, and you can examine and admire them at your leisure without doing anything about them until the RSVP date. Inherent within formal invitations may be the understanding that you are being recognized for your unique qualities; that is why you are wanted at this event!

However, life calls Projectors in many different ways, and some invitations can be much more subtle. If you find yourself at a party and someone keeps looking at you with a look that lingers just a bit and a juicy smile, you may feel invited into a bit of a romantic exploration! Regardless of whether they be formal or more casual; obvious, or implied, it is important for you to recognize the invitations that truly resonate for you. It may be flattering, but does the invitation resonate with you? Is that person at the party tuned in to something special about you? Well, you certainly have enough of an invitation to go find out!

Projectors are receptive to attune to everything going on around them and are often hungry for any “invitation” to take part in any and all activities. We can’t emphasize enough that although it may be exasperating to wait, you need to wait for invitations that align you with those sources of energy that bring you personal fulfillment.

You might try to convince yourself to do things, or to try and join in with others as though you are automatically included. Your mind can make very convincing arguments as to exactly why you should participate in something, but it is important that you pay attention to find out if there really is an invitation to you. If not, life has simply not called you to participate! If you insist on jumping in, you can get run over by the very bus you are trying to get on. You can get rejected, become bitter and unhappy, or you manage to elbow your way in to participate, but while engaged there, you can miss one of those very special opportunities that life has for you while you are off doing something else.

Now you might say that Projectors, like anyone else need to get things done, and this is true, but you have a very particular way to engage successfully with your endeavors. Once you are energetically aligned, you have the means to guide and direct operations easily and can access all the energy you need. As a Projector, you become aware of those people in your life who are reliable in giving good invitations and those people or situations where getting an acknowledgment, let alone an invitation, is more difficult. Nevertheless, and like it or not, throughout your life, you are always in a situation of waiting; waiting for the right recognition and invitations. And, you may have found that getting just one of these ”right” invitations can open up doorways that sustain you for years at a time! If you think about it and consider the times in your life when things really worked out well for you, you will recognize that those activities started with a good invitation.

You have a kind of urgency to be recognized for your gifts and abilities, and you can quickly develop a sense of gloom or despair when you appear to be passed over or ignored. When you allow yourself to learn patience and the humility to concede that not everything requires your direct participation, then you can relax and be energized and prepared to join into what is really important for you.
“How long does that take?” you might ask, and the answer is, “Be available, be ready!”

As the name suggests, as a “Projector”, you silently, yet constantly project out an energetic image of who you are and what your gifts are. Everyone else, in their own way, picks up on these projected images and either interacts with you in some way or passes by. The beauty of your Design is that it naturally, automatically and continually projects energy that silently calls for the right invitations. It is reliable. Your unique being, talents and abilities will be seen by others and you will naturally be invited to participate. Trust that life will find you.

Once someone engages with you, recognizes and invites you, then you have access to their energy to help steer and guide it. People will very much come to rely on you for this. When you withdraw your attention from whomever you’ve engaged with, they can feel momentarily confused, dramatically ignored or even abandoned, as though a cord has been cut tying you together. It can be quite a shock for them. So, you, as a Projector have an important responsibility to be clear in your commitments and particularly when and how you engage and disengage with people and projects.
Let’s look at the strengths and relative limitations of your Design:


• You lack sustaining energy and must either rest frequently or rely upon others to provide it.

• Your longing to be recognized can be misunderstood by you and become a motivation in itself to insert yourself into possibly unfruitful activities or relationships.

• The society we live in does not embrace waiting for invitations, but rather urges you to act, act, act!

• You can be very clear in how energy can best be used, and enormously resourceful.

• You link people, places and activities together, giving much needed, and hopefully appreciated direction to others.

• You have a flexibility that most energy types lack, allowing you to maintain several interests and activities simultaneously.

When you sense clear recognition and invitation, you are given direct access to guide and ride the energy of all manner of projects and endeavors. In the time before this acknowledgment and invitation takes place, it’s a good thing to patiently watch out for your cue. There’s no need to be trying to second-guess when an invitation is coming, but be alert for all possibilities, and in the meantime, relax and enjoy your life!

written by Chetan Parkyn and Carola Eastwood


Anonymous said...

This is great and very usefull article! Thanks for that and some really useful hints:)

Anonymous said...

thank you so much for this posting. i can feel it giving me the shakes! can you say anything more about what projectors should do while waiting? how much of their 'projects' should they be getting on with in the meantime, and how much do they need to just wait? i ask this from an artists' perspective.

Shannon Rae said...

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Anonymous said...

thank you ! very helpful

Jasmine Jia said...

Feeling so Nailed thank you reading just before a job interview <3

Anonymous said...

One thing that every single write-up on projectors seems to completely pass over is, "What the hell do I do with my time while I wait???"

I would like to say that, depending on your profile, fall into the things that interest you. Fall into your conscious talents. And if you are a 2nd line being like me(2/4) try out as many talents/hobbies/interests that somebody has observed in you and see what sticks and do it to your hearts desire as long as it is fun/rewarding.
I once got some super great advice for a projector from an amazing mentor of mine, "create a persona, create an image that represents all that you are, then go out and quietly/or not so quietly be it"

Go to the coffee shop with an interesting read in hand, enjoy it, as if nothing else matters in the world. And watch as somebody comes up and says "I love that book!" and asks you what your other favorite authors are (here would be a great place to plug that you are also a writer =D)
So that is what you do while you wait, live your life, as you need, according to your authority and your energy. The invitations will come rolling in.