Tuesday, February 22, 2011

My Rave Chart

2/4 Generator
Right Angle Cross of Eden

For a Chart of your own, go to JovianArchive.com

I'm going to attempt my own ''Superhero'' keynoting of the profile. I've been watching Genoa at the Jovian Archives, ''Design Perspectives 009.''

Having the power, through response, to discover and succeed where others have failed. (46-29) ? maybe...

I'd love to hear what anyone else might have to say about keynoting...but really I just cannot wait to actually have my chart interpreted. I still haven't had the money to do that yet and I have to wait.


Shannon Rae said...

2 more days and I finally get a reading with Genoa freakin' Bliven!!!! I am so excited, been waiting 6 years for this.

Found out about Human Design in 2005....and now it's 2011...so by 2018 I should be a completely renewed woman, amirite?

livingdaylight said...

I also share the right angle cross of Eden...
I've always wondered what that meant. Hopefully, you could say something about that?

thanks in advance


Linerya said...

less than 1 year and you are going to be "renewed".
i am looking forward to hear from your experience and your point of view now!
are you interested?

blessings and love