Friday, February 18, 2011

Lovers Spread

Here is a simple technique for seeing how two people are in a relationship. What you do is shuffle the deck thinking about your relationship and then go through the deck until you find the Lovers card and take the cards before it and after it to make a three card spread. When it gets laid out, you view the Lovers card and on the female side, the card on her side represents how she feels toward the other in the relationship. If you are in a homosexual relationship, just decide beforehand who's who in the representations on the The Lovers card.

BoB was really testy with me last night, yelling at me for what I believe to be no reason at all. Really just confused the hell out of me and subsequently made me angry for being treated so I wanted to see what was going on...and I get this spread, telling me what I already know. On his side is the Knight of Swords Rx....this is the image of someone spoiling for a fight.

On my side is the image of the 6 of Wands, where I feel like I've lost something, like my energy is scattered. With the 6 of Wands there is also a strong feeling of competitiveness. So, I guess that just because he is in a bad mood, a fighting mood, I don't necessarily have to go to auto-pilot and start up as well. My knee jerk reaction is, ''What? What fucker? You want a fight for no reason, bring it on, I've been menstruating for the past 61 days. Let's Do This!''

I suppose this will just naturally resolve itself... We'll see.

And in any case I really like this style of reading, it's a pretty efficient spread.

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good spread