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Human Design: Definitions


Each person has a unique Design based upon his or her date, time, and place of birth.
In analyzing a Basic Human Design Chart one of the things looked at is whether the Channels that have Definition connect with each other or not. There are people who have all their Definitions between Channels connected to each other. Depending on how the Defined Channels connect, an individual is considered to have that many Splits in their Design. The concept of Definition Type has been used in Design as a way of describing a Chart. The construct is useful in describing the Design Chart of an individual in terms of their Strategy in managing their energetic process in their daily life.

No Definition

An individual who has No Definition in Type is someone in whom the Design Chart has
no Channels Defined; these individuals are Reflectors.

Single Definition

A Single Definition Type applies to a Chart where there is Definition in a Channel or
more than one Channel and the Channel or Channels that have Definition form one stream of
connected energies. A Single Definition person is at some level self-contained because their
Definition forms a single potential of energy, which reliably flows in them.

Split Definition

A Split Definition occurs when two areas of separate Definition do not connect to each other. Because of this Split in the flow of energy in the Split Definition Chart, that person always seeks a Bridge, i.e., a Gate or Channel that links the separate energetic Definitions

Triple Split Definition

The Triple Split Definition person is someone who has three separate Channels of
Definition in their Design Chart that do not connect to each other in the Defined Channels of energy flow. These individuals need several Bridges to connect these Defined Channels.

Quadruple Split Definition

The Quadruple Split Definition is someone who has four separate Channels of Definition in their Design Chart that do not connect to each other in the Defined Channels of energy flow. Often these individuals have all centers Defined but not all connect to each other.
(For statistics analysis of the frequency of occurrence of different Definition Types see, Statistical Analysis of Definition Type in the Human Design System, Waking Design Chart, by Eleanor Haspel-Portner, Ph.D., on the www.unifiedlifesciences.com web site in the Research section).


Authority shows the area of the Basic Body Graph Chart that carries the reliable energy
for decision-making in the person when they live their Strategy in life. Inner Authority
originates within yourself giving you a sense of right and wrong for you. Outer
Authority carries the ability to tell others what you think is right or wrong for them.

Emotional Solar Plexus Authority

A Defined Solar Plexus always results in Emotional Solar Plexus Authority in the Chart.
Depending upon the Channel Defined to the Solar Plexus the energy of the persons emotional wave varies. The important Strategy for someone with Emotional Solar Plexus Authority is patience in waiting out the Emotional Wave Pattern (the pattern of the wave occurs over time).

Sacral (Generated) Authority

A Defined Sacral Center but an undefined Solar Plexus Center and no motor connection to the Throat Center gives Generated Authority. The Sacral voice in this instance has only a response which reflects an energy toward or away from involvement in activity or process.

Splenic Awareness Authority

Definition in the Splenic Center allows spontaneous operation through the Awareness of
Intuition, instinct, or taste; such Authority coming from the Splenic Center has a very quiet voice which speaks internally only once in the now. Splenic awareness may be Manifesting, Generating, or Projected depending on the Path of Definitions in the Chart.

Ego (Manifestor) Authority

None of the other Definitions can be present in this kind of Authority; the person with the Ego Defined to the Throat Center uses personal will to decide what they want to manifest.

Self-Projected Authority

Only the Self Center to the Throat Center is Defined in this type of Authority. It allows an
individual to look inward to the Self for clarity in decision-making. The mind, even if Defined, never has inner Authority, but the mind can have outer Authority, i.e., be of use to others.


Profile refers to the numbers of the Sun/Earth configuration in an Individuals Chart.
Basic Solar Design with a 3/5 Profile (Suna/Earthz=26 Gate, Line 3;
Suna/Earthz=47 Gate, Line 5)=A Single Definition Manifestors Chart

Because the Personality (birth) Calculation and the Design Calculation are 88 days apart (at an arc of 88° of the Sun), a Profile shows a structural phenomenon of the Human Design System Calculation and represents a confirmation of the structural integrity of the System itself. Twelve possible Profiles seem to describe both an orientation in the life purpose of an individual and how others relate to that individual (cf. Statistics on Frequency of Profile in the Human Design System, Basic Human Design Chart by Eleanor Haspel-Portner, Ph.D., Unified Life Sciences, 2001, 2003. www.unifiedlifesciences.com).

The 12 Profiles and Keyword

The 1/3 Profile
Introspective, foundational and security seeking perspective with a tendency toward trial and error in finding their base.

The 1/4 Profile
A secure foundation in relationships to others and the world comes through others
response to and perception of the individual, i.e., the individual responds to being

The 2/4 Profile
Although this individual likes privacy and solitude, opportunity can engage the
individual with others.

The 2/5 Profile
An individual who protects their reputation and want things to be practical,
the call to be in the transpersonal world must seem a worthwhile commitment.

The 3/5 Profile
These individuals through trial and error find what is worthwhile and stand up for it
to others and in the world.

The 3/6 Profile
Individual experiences of trial and error lead these people to become role models in guiding others.

The 4/6 Profile
Individuals who observe other people and the world to find what is of value to
communicate to others.

The 4/1 Profile
These individuals are fairly fixed in their own way of being. They are good teachers
for others.

The 5/1 Profile
Despite a sense of introspection and insecurity, these people can bring practical
knowledge to others in the world.

The 5/2 Profile
When self-motivated these people come up to the high expectations others have of them.

The 6/2 Profile
These individuals need to stay within themselves during the first part of their life
but they become good role models for others later in their life.

The 6/3 Profile
These individuals become role models because they try many things and find the
things that work in the world. They are role models from their own experiences.

With knowledge of your Basic and Multidimensional Human Design Charts, it is possible for you to change your life. If you only start using your Strategy (cf. The Energy Types and their Strategies), you will see the impact of Human Design on your life. Although the Field of Design has new language and many terms that may, at this time, be confusing to you, if you look at several Charts of people you know well, e.g., family and friends, you can easily see how much the basic information coupled with the visual Body Graph shows. Begin using the knowledge gleaned through your Free Basic Chart as well as your introductory Free Multidimensional
Design Chart reading, to experience the power of this tool for yourself.

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