Monday, February 21, 2011

Human Design: The 9 Centers


Biological correlation: pineal gland

Type of Center: Pressure

Function: Mental Inspiration, creates a pressure on the Ajna to think

Defined: inspiration comes in a fixed way; mental pressure to resolve one's own questions, is here to be mentally inspiring to other people.

Open: Inspiration comes from external conditioning, if correct can be free of mental pressure, are able to see those who are inspiring and who are confusing.

Not Self Strategy of open head: They feel responsible for getting rid of the mental pressure that they take in from others, usually by trying to find answers to questions that are not important.


Biological correlation: Anterior/Posterior Pituitary Glands

Type of Center: Awareness

Function: To categorize, analyze, and investigate life

Defined: Has a fixed way of thinking, enjoys research

Open: No consistent way of thinking, always feels uncertain in thought and compensates by being overly fixed, takes in info like a sponge.

Not Self Strategy of open Ajna : Trying to convince others and themselves that you are certain and intellectually consistent


Biological correlation: thyroid, parathyroid

Type of Center: Gearbox

Function: manifestation and communication with words or action in order to metamorphose and transform.

Defined: fixed style of speaking and/or acting.

Open: under pressure to manifest and communicate, transformation (metamorphosis) does not happen consistently but in spurts, action and expression is conditioned by surroundings; good at seeing who speaks the truth.

Not Self Strategy of open throat: trying to attract attention with words or actions, being a manifestor.

G-CENTER (Self/Liver)

Biological correlation: Liver, Blood

Type of Center: The compass

Function: Love, Direction, and Identity

Defined: Fixed love, direction and identity

Open: Inconsistent love, direction and identity.

Not Self Strategy of open G: Tries to control or fix love, direction and identity instead of letting their strategy guide them through it.

Heart Center (Ego)

Biological correlation: Stomach, heart, gall bladder, thymus gland

Type of Center: Motor

Function: Ego and willpower, the material world, self esteem/worth

Defined: Consistent access to willpower, natural sense of self esteem/worth, fixed way of dealing with the material plane with deals, bargains and promises.

Open: Suffers due to not having consistent willpower- self esteem/worth decreases, finds it difficult to ask the appropriate price for its achievements, is unable to keep promises, has to learn to survive on the material plane, loves to spend money.
The rule of the undefined Ego is, "don't make any promises "

Not Self Strategy of open ego : Are you still trying to prove something to yourself and to others?

Splenic Center

Biological correlation: Lymphatic system, spleen, B-Cells

Type of Center: Awareness

Function: Body consciousness, intuition, instinct, taste, survival, fears about survival that keep us healthy.

Defined: Fixed way of body consciousness to stay healthy, can be spontaneous, can trust gut feeling, gives sense of well-being ("feel-good") to others, fixed way of processing fear, leads to a sense of security. Best treated with allopathic medicine (conventional western medicine).

Open: Open to unspecific fears that can result in not feeling good, can become addicted to the "feel good" that others may bring; the fear is never theirs - it comes from outside. Spontaneity can kill them, must pay attention to health, must give the immune system a chance to learn, can be a wonderful diagnosis tool because it picks up on disease patterns of others, as long as it learns not to hold on to them (makes a great doctor but a terrible nurse). Best treated with alternative (non chemical) medicine.

Not Self Strategy of Defined Spleen : Ignore their instincts in the moment, let their mind or other people's emotions overwhelm their instincts.

Not Self Strategy of Open Spleen : Are you still holding on to things that are not good for you? Can become dependent on relationships or habits to get the feel good splenic connection.


Biological correlation: Kidney, prostate, pancreas, complex neuron network of the solar plexus, nervous system, lungs.

Type of Center: Motor, Awareness

Function: Seeing our fears through nervousness, experiencing the gamut of emotions: moods, desires, sensitivity.

Defined: No truth in the now, spontaneity can kill you, clarity comes over time, waiting out the wave is always the inner authority, the emotional wave is part of your life you can never get rid of it. Depth and perspective as qualities of emotional wisdom.

Open: Avoids conflict, 'don't rock the boat', tries to lead a 'secret life', takes in lots of emotions until it bursts, empathic, avoids all emotional decisions, emotions always are conditioned by its surroundings, doesn't identify with the emotions, can be a loose cannon, lies to itself about its secret life, seeks the high end of the wave and avoids the low.

Defined Not Self Strategy: Ignore their instincts in the moment, let their mind or other people's emotions overwhelm their instincts.

Undefined Not Self Strategy: Are you still doing whatever it takes to avoid truth and confrontation?


Biological correlation: Ovaries, testes.

Type of Center: Motor

Function: Vitality, sexuality, fertility, persistence.

Defined: Can respond with the Sacral voice, consistent access to vitality, reliable access to energy and sexual identity, pure creative potential waiting to put into action through response, life is about finding healthy ways to work of sacral energy, needs to learn to be patient.

Open: Does not need to build anything. Does not fall under the pressure to be as productive as others and simply enjoys life. Works more as a specialist for short periods of time, usually guiding others in how to work.

Not Self Strategy of Defined Sacral : Doesn't wait to respond but indicates and depletes their energy and gets stuck.

Not Self Strategy of Open Sacral : Easily enslaved to overdoing things, never knows when enough is enough, no fixed sexual identity, about experiencing life and "lifestyle;" not about work, cannot sustain a consistent workload, exhausted by other people's energy, gets carried away (sex, sleep, food, work, anything).


Biological correlation: Adrenaline gland

Type of Center: Motor (?), Pressure

Function: Pressure, drive, stress, kundalini

Defined: Is here to have a consistent internal way of processing pressure. Is not here to let others pressure them into anything.

Open: Can allow themselves to be conditioned by other people's pressure but need to be very careful that they follow their strategy to get the correct pressure.

Not Self Strategy of Defined Root : Is hard on others who can't deal with stress, puts others under unnecessary stress.

Not Self Strategy of Open Root : Lets stress rule their life, either by being addicted to the adrenaline rush or by constantly shying away from it and working hard to get rid of it (usually in a state of stress!).

This is something a previous boyfriend posted to his blog on myspace in 2006, and I am not sure who it is originally by.  Sorry for not being able to give credit.  It *might* be by Chetan Parkyn?

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