Wednesday, January 12, 2011

2 Swords, 3 Cups, XI Justice

1. 2 of Swords

2. 3 of Cups

3. XI Justice

My first thought is,''Wow! The 3 of Cups!'' I rarely get that card these days. Looks like fun. My plan today is to work and make some money, but normally I get too freaked out with stage fright to turn on the phone, but I will have it on today, from 12-4pm...I hope I don't suddenly get sleepy or hungry then...feel stuck like the 2 of Swords suggest. Cosmic balance looks like it's on my side with Justice...probably a get laid does show up when I get to have sex, so that's cool. Overall, that 3 of Cups makes me feel good, I do see a party happening...awesome!

To follow up, I did not have sex last night; hmmm, then wtf did the Justice card have to do with anything last night? We hung out with Gregg last night, so the 3 of cups was very literal in being 3 people hanging out...and I didn't log in to the phone service yesterday...



clydebink said...

Do the cards have certain context by placement in this spread?

Continuous But Plural said...

No, they do not. Earlier in this blog (July, June, & November of 2010) I experimented with card positional meaning for the 3-card daily spread and I found they didn't work for me. I did try to find different daily spreads with positional meanings and experiment...but I found it too vague. They didn't accurately portray the day I was going to have and so I eventually abandoned them in favor of just 3 cards drawn and kind of reading them like sentences about my day. I find this works extremely well for me.