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Sexual Key To The Tarot: KING OF CUPS

If this man shows up in your sexual spread, this shows a partner that is completely at your disposal.  He will do what is asked.  Here we see creative wet sexuality, oral sex and an esthetic phallus.

The king's likes are church going women, spiritual women and he may be a business man, law man, or doctor.

Reversed we'll see the moodshifting side of this king.  As nice as he was, this charm can turn into plain deception.  A liar and seducer, a person who will use extortion for sexual favors.  A player who will pretend to be in love just to get what he wants. We'll see scandal, loss of virginity, or impotence.

Sexual Key To The Tarot: QUEEN OF CUPS

In a sexual reading this represents a woman, nice in form and personality, a dreamer who also acts; a woman of rich sexual power; a sub; a romantic woman; a woman who will sexually serve the Querent; a perfect mistress or lover; a woman who encourages coitus and gains pleasure from the orgasms of others; she has wild sexual fantasies but she is practical in bed; also, sensual happiness, success, pleasure.

--excerpted from ''The Sexual Key to the Tarot'' by Theodor Laurence.

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Sexual Key To The Tarot: KNIGHT OF CUPS

Here we see a young, sexually imaginative, man.  This card is the image of the beginning of a new sexual relationship, provocative proposals, excitement, flirtation, new throes of passion.  The idea of proposals is a common theme, sex in the name of business, lascivious propositions, invitations to bed Overall a message of impending joy, should you accept.

Reversed he is a wife seducer, a pedophiliac, a sex swindler, a fraud, and a young man full of duplicity.  He'll offer superficial friendship for sexual gain.  You may just get a proposal you can refuse!

--excerpted from ''The Sexual Key to the Tarot'' by Theodor Laurence

Sexual Key To The Tarot: PAGE OF CUPS

An effeminate young man, kind of a pushover, very warm hearted.  A youth impelled to render sexual service and with whom the Querent will be sexually united; a young lover, also, news of invigorating copulation; reflection, meditation, and application directed to sexuality; new conquests.

Reversed, a deceptive young man; a rebellious youth; the lover of young girls whom all mothers dread. A young defiler of mothers and wives who takes advantage of alcoholically or drug induced intoxication; a player who's only game is to get the person drunk.  False friendship for sexual gain.

--excerpted from ''The Sexual Key To The Tarot''  by Theodor Laurence

Sexual Key To The Tarot: 10 OF CUPS

Carnal contentment; sexual perfection; perfect sexual unions filled with emotion and kind words.  Perfect states of erection, clitoral and penile.  Genital and emotional harmony; successful sexual pursuits; repose of the libido; if with several Major Arcana, a person who will take charge of the Querent's sexual interests; also, the atmosphere, miasma, or circumstances of the sexually inclined Querent.

Reversed there can be hysterical passion, corrupt love; criminal sexuality; sexual extortion; drastic sexual involvement; licentious rage; fanatical phallic-worship.  Sex that is the source of depression and sadness or the source of a huge let down.

-excerpted from ''The Sexual Key to the Tarot''

Sexual Key To The Tarot: 9 OF CUPS

On a day ruled by the 9 of Cups we'll see sexual wishes coming true.  There's sexual goodwill, satisfaction and happiness with eroticism.  Victory of passion over reluctant sex partners.  Look forward to sexual delights and having game.

Reversed we'll see some mistakes in your flow, in your game, in your sexual technique.  False pride, too great a sense of sexual prowess.  You still get what you were after, but not the way you first thought.

--excerpted ''The Sexual Key to the Tarot'' by Theodor Laurence

Sexual Key To The Tarot: 8 OF CUPS

In a sexual reading we'll see sexual shyness; unnatural fear of plentiful orgasms; meekness; modesty causing sexual isolation; enjoyment of masturbation; also, auto-erotic practices favored over intercourse.

Reversed there's orgasmic joy; felicitous sex relations; genital feasting; also, there's a possibility of happiness through sensual company perhaps via troilism or bisexuality; hedonism; Dionysian escapades; copious seminal discharges.

Sexual Key To The Tarot: 7 OF CUPS

Vivid sexual imagination; fantasies of extortionate orgasms and hypersexual partners; fantasies of prolific penises and vaginas; superhuman sexual properties ascribed to mere humans; dreams of sexual mastery; also, sexual knowledge obtained through contemplation of sexual organs, copulation, and their meaning; also, past visions of sexual joy have not brought peace but the future holds deep and beautiful sexual experiences.  There's also the idea of sexual temptation where the consequences outweigh the reward.

Reversed:  Visionary sexuality will not come to pass; excessive masturbation leads to failure in healthy sexual relationships; vital passion spilled through masturbatory overindulgence; wasted orgasm; weak ejaculation; poor climax; also, impotence due to undermining thoughts of evil and violent sexual practices.

Sexual Key To The Tarot: 6 OF CUPS

The past and memories of sexual joy; recollections of copulations gone by; looking back upon virulent erections and violent orgasms; sexual nostalgia; preoccupation with thoughts of younger, sweeter sexual playmates; sexual happiness and sensual enjoyment, but coming from the past; lovers that have vanished; also, this card may represent lewd love letters from the past or mementos of days gone by, such as panties in the case of lingerie trophies.

Reversed:  Copulation presently coming to pass; renewal of passionate endeavor; desire to change sexual partners and to create a new vibrant sex life; new sexual horizons; future ecstasy.  Also, past memories of a former lover destroying the satisfaction one can take in present lover.

-excerpted from Theodor Laurence's ''The Sexual Key to the Tarot''

Sexual Key To The Tarot: 5 OF CUPS

Partial sexual loss.  Some sexual partners no longer available.  Temporary impotence; sexual playmates growing away; also, a card of promising future sexual conquests but not corresponding to expectations; also, bitter sexual relationships; frustrated desires; marriage with troubles.

Reversed we'll see promising sexual alliances formed.  The transmission of passion; sexual affinity; incestuous relations; return to virility.

-excerpted from ''The Sexual Key to the Tarot'' Theodor Laurence

Sexual Key To The Tarot: FOUR OF CUPS

Ahhh, boredom.  Here we'll see sexual weariness, disgust with copulating organs; imaginary sexual vexations; sexual discontent; boredom with orgasms; sex for sex's sake gets boring; disgust with demanding sexual desire; impatience with voracious sexual partners and rapacious genitals; bitter coital experiences; also, desire to find new sexual happiness, refreshing sexual experiences and titillating sex mates.

Reversed we'll get new sexual experiences, exploratory sex, sexual initiation; sexual novelty; new erotic instructions; also excesses and fatigue; bad health due to overindulgence in drinking, partying and sexing!

-excerpted from Theodor Laurence's ''The Sexual Key to the Tarot''

Sexual Key To The Tarot: 3 OF CUPS

Upright this is an image of extreme pleasure of the senses; sexual plenty; orgasmic fulfillment; sensual solace; victory over obstacles to sexual joy and victory over reluctant sexual partners.  Sexual intercourse concluded in powerful orgasm; therapeutic climaxes; effulgent vaginas; adamantine penises; sexual gaiety happiness; over abundance.  Orgies.  A party will end in sex.

Reversed we'll see sexual excess; rut; estrus; hypersexuality; intoxication; depravity; riotous sexual practices; unnatural lusts; insatiableness; sex for the sake or orgasm and self-pleasure; also, corollary impotence, delays, masturbation, loss of virility.

--''The Sexual Key to the Tarot'' Theodor Laurence

Sexual Key To The Tarot: 2 OF CUPS

In your sex reading this is a great card to come up!  Here is the card of copulation, passion, love, sexual union, easy orgasms, vaginal penetration, anal intercourse, mutual masturbation, tribadism, interrelation of the sexes, mutual oral-gential practice, freedom in sex, sexual togetherness, like sexual sympathies, lasting sexual friendship.

Reversed we'll see the separation of genitals, male divorces from female.  A husband or wife unfaithful, the end of sexual union between two lovers; promises of orgasm broken; also, a friend will turn against the Querent; penis and vagina parted; unkept promises of sexual bliss; pretense of sensuousness; a penis of promising physical proportions is deceptive and cannot deliver supposed satisfaction; likewise, a flirtatious vagina is frigid.

--excerpted from ''The Sexual Key to the Tarot'' by Theodor Laurence

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Sexual Key To The Tarot: ACE OF CUPS

In a sexual reading this is the start of ultimate sexuality; fertility of sexual companionship; sensual joy; orgasmic nourishment; also, this card predicts a glorious mating of two lovers and a bountiful harvest of orgasms for both; fruitful coition; ecstasy.  The desire to include to the heart and emotions in a physical affair.

Reversed: Sexual instability; asexuality; sterility; frigidity; unwilling sex partners; refused coition; loss of desire; sexual inertia; suspended sexual animation; penile flaccidity; vaginismus.  The unwillingness to include emotions in sex.

Sexual Key To The Tarot: XXI THE WORLD

This nature dances in the music of Paphian joy.  Here we see all the pleasures the physical world can bring us.  A carefree young woman dances with phallic symbols playfully in her hands.  She is naked and dances in an open oval shape, she is free in her sexuality, she is the ultimate image of Woman.  Fecund, like the world itself, she is ready and receptive and can take it all; all that is erotic and pleasurable.  For a woman, this represents her thoughts and personality; for a man, this represents his ideal woman.
The physical world in all its glory.  The four figures symbolize the four elements and are analagous to the Tarot symbols:
Wand-Fire (Lust, Anger, Passion)
Cup-Water (Urine, Blood, Semen);
Sword-Air (Flattulence, Eructation, Respiration)
Pentacles-Air (Flesh, Force, Malleability)

The green of the enclosure is fecundity, the red is periodical menstration, the woman's genitals are concealed by a purple banner.  This banner means that Woman, in the universal sense, has her vagina sated by phalli purple with use.  This woman, then, is all women, or the Ideal woman.

She is depicted holding two phallic symbols gingerly, almost playfully.  They are the toys of Woman.  the symbolism behind the four heads of the phalli is Woman's insatiety.  She can receive four phalli--one to be masturbated by hand, one to be fellated, another for vaginal penetration, the fourth for anal intercourse.  She can take them one at a time or all four simultaneously.  She can bring all four to frenetic orgasm.  The card denotes Woman's capacity to accept four phalli at once, and then four more, and four more, ad infinitum.  She appears to be dancing, a carefree young woman, and therein she is the personification of Fun, Pleasure, Exictement, Gaiety, Hypersexuality.  The sexual elements around der, symbolized by the four figures, are implemented for her diversions.

In this image, we see femininity, complete pleasure, sexual insatiety, Fescennine success; triumphant sensuality, sexual desires sated, amatory excellence, assured coitus; change of sexual partners, many partners at once, flights from the unerotic, voyage into the World of sensual delight.

Reversed, fears are fed about free sexuality and stubbornness ensues.  There is opportunity open to the querent to be available to the world, but stubbornness holds you back and you pretend to enjoy the rut you are in.

Sexual Key To The Tarot: XX Judgment

On a day ruled by the Judgment card, we hear the trump and call of conscience.  Whatever sexual habits one has, if it is wrong/incorrect or harmful to the self or others, one will hear a call from within.  Not all the caskets open, it's up to us to respond to the call.

If one has a hardness of heart equal to the hardness of your penis (or clit) then there will be disaster ahead.  If the inner call is heard and responded to look to embrace the changing of sexual tastes toward healthy sex and passions rekindled.  There can be new sexual perspective, virility, fresh sexual partners, and the past life is left behind.  One rises from the tomb of old sexual ways.

Here we see regeneration of the sex organs after a period of suffering, satisfying orgasms through sex well done, sexual judgement in one's favor, change of sexual interest or renewed sexual interest.

Reversed we'll hear a call and know there can be change and it may in fact still be on the way, but for whatever reason the shift hasn't occurred.  We still have sex like zombies in our tombs.

-excerpted from ''The Sexual Key to the Tarot'' by Theodor Laurence

Sexual Key To The Tarot: XIX THE SUN

The Sun nature has received the direct light of conscience.  This nature's darkest thoughts create no debilitating fear, it knows from experience that love conquers all.  This is a nature that enters into wholesome sexual relations and is a great lover.  It activates and de-activates it's animal nature at will and does not allow them to cloud its reason.  Here Love not Lust excites the genitals.  Mutual orgasms and reciprocal ecstasy are musts for this nature.
The baby represents the heart of a child; that is, base humanity has become like a child--innocent in the sense of wise, a child in the sense of simplicity.  The horse represents man's potential sexual power.  The wall symbolizes dark thoughts, deeds, and desires which confront man and bar him from the higher realization of the meaning of sex.  Flowers of fruitful orgasms, and leaves of love, blossom nevertheless.  The red banner of passion and sexual need is flown innocently by the child as only a child in it's simplicity can do. The naked child, unashamed of his needs or of his sexual organs, has mounted the horse, which symbolizes his reign over animal nature.  Any man, activating his conscience, becomes as a little child, and thereby reigns over his unchecked passions.  He becomes renewed.  He may then lead forth his animal nature, his Devil-nature, not in captivity, which is repression, but in a state of perfect conformity.

In a spread we'll see sexual happiness, Cyprian contentment, fortunate unions; triumph and success in sexual endeavors; assured orgasms; completion of all copulations; pleasure in simple sex; healthy coition.

This card further shows the transition from the love of this world, to the Love of the World to Come.

Reversed this is still a great card, there may just be delays in gratification.

-excerpted from ''The Sexual Key to the Tarot'' by Theodor Laurence

Sexual Key To The Tarot: XVIII THE MOON

The MOON is a warning in a sexual reading.  Here we see reflected light and dimmed knowledge foreshadowing naive indulgences in the perverse.  We also see the depths with the water and the animals, these deeper aspects to sexuality....wolves then the even lower crayfish/crab....hideous sexual tendencies....animal natures vs. creeping things.

This is an image of complex and hidden motives.  Mistaking action for progress, illusory love, scandal, hidden enemies, deceptive partners, errors in choosing a partner are a few of the tendencies here.  We'll see a time where there's fear of love and, like a lamb to the slaughter, can be easily led into horrible sexual relationships.  Aloneness becomes an enemy.

Perversions are an escape, an escape from loneliness, and this is where action is confused for progress. (The perversions being pyromania, paraphilia, pedophilia, sadomasochism)

Reversed we see that we have risen above our darker escapist loneliness fueled destructive fantasies.  Peace overcomes us, sexual visions become reality, calmness of the libido, victory of conscience and self-mastery over base passions.  We see and feel the moon phase of love winning out over fears.

The Sexual Key to the Tarot: XVII THE STAR

The 7 white stars, of lesser magnitude than the 8th, signify the seven aspects of man's sexuality: infantilism, narcissism, fetishism, perversion, desire, passion, love.  The eighth star symbolizes the radiant stage of man's sexuality, and it incorporates all seven of the lesser aspects in perfect unity and balance and it signifies sexual maturity.

The motto of this card is, ''The fluids of life freely given.''

The Star nature has been everywhere and done everything and has learned well from its experiences.  This nature is the true lover.  If a partner has a fetish he or she is not punished for it.  The mere fact of fetishism is cultivated and the sexual relationship is thereby greatly enhanced.  The Star nature makes their mate feel truly wanted, needed, and loved.  This nature promises sexual bliss.

This is a lover who doesn't get upset over partners' fetishes; cultivates them and the relationship is strengthened.

No sex act is denied.

Fetishism, perversion, narcissism--these and more are utilized expertly and in tactful doses, enriching the sex acts and ultimately the relationshp.

The Star nautue is one of hope and good luck, a light in anyone's life, truly a star in the long night of bed-hopping.

In a reading:  Love of sex, physical love; sexual harmony; erotic inspiration; new perception of physical and sexual things; good health; virility; strength and potency; new lease on life; hope and bright sexual prospects.

Reversed this card is an examination of these themes, but not the full acceptance of them...yet.

-excerpted from ''The Sexual Key to the Tarot'' by Theodor Laurence

Sexual Key To The Tarot: XVI THE TOWER

In a reading about sex if this card shows up we'll see a Tower nature that has been riding high sexually at the expense of others.  Because this nature's sexual habits and propensities are damaging to others, a price must be paid for its enforced and stolen joys.  A harvest of ill-gotten orgasms, no matter how enjoyable at the time, requires the rapacious recipient to pay.

Cessation of sexual activities; loss of sexual prowess and power; sexual abuse abruptly halted; castration; STI's, STD's; shattered dreams of sexual fame (a porn actress has dream of Fame shattered); self-imposed celibacy; disgrace; ruin; adversity; distress misery.

It can also mean: Freedom from the bonds of lust; re-evaluation of one's mores; and the end of sexual slavery; sudden and rejuvenating love.

Unless Love erect the penis (clit); they labor in vain who erect it.  We'll see the Tower card as the ruination of concepts/practices that were harmful, ultimately.

--excerpted from ''The Sexual Key to the Tarot'' by Theodor Laurence

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Sexual Key To The Tarot: XV THE DEVIL

On a day ruled by The Devil card we see an image of a man and a woman who give up their right to wholesome sexuality.  The Devil is an image of the baser side of humanity, symbolizing raw sexual hunger, lust, inordinate desires, perversion, evil thoughts, desires, and deeds.  Here, sex is its own justification.  The darkness suggests secrecy.

The Devil nature, as opposed to the nature of Temperance, always bites off more than he or she can chew.  This nature seeks orgasms compulsively, mistaking quantity for quality, fucking indiscriminately.  Orgasm is god and nothing stands in the way of that fact. (Nothing, not marriage, age, gender, species....)

The Devil card is the card of nymphomaniacs, satyrs, the incestuous, the hypersexuals, those who may have an acceptable way of life but whose thoughts harbor evil seductions and daily think on perverse fantasies.

In a reading this is the image of Triumph by Deceit; sex and seductions gotten through trickery and falsehood.  Sexual triumph will be followed by punishment.

Reversed the image tells of not being so drained by these passions.  These sexual hungers still leave the room required to pay attention to the needs of others.  Making amends and taking the necessary steps to approach sexuality with less compulsion.

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The Sexual Key to the Tarot: XIV TEMPERANCE

Temperance is the image of careful, thoughtful, patient blending.  There's no choice to be made between two things, where one is this image we see two becoming united.

If this card comes up in a reading where the Querent wants to know about their sex life, this card ensures a higher type of sexuality.  The Temperance nature is in harmony with itself, it's eyes aren't bigger than it's stomach.  Overindulgence isn't on the menu.  Desire is equal to Passion is equal to Orgasmic Delight.  Reciprocity is a key word for this image.

The image suggest that because there has been patience in choosing partners, or in choosing the correct timing for sex, the reward is more intense and satisfying orgasms and sensual pleasures.  This is the gourmand of love making.  Both crazy wild orgasms and small soft gentle orgasms will be enjoyed due to correct pacing and timing of the sexual pursuit.

--excerpted from ''The Sexual Key to the Tarot'' by Theodor Laurence

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The Sexual Key to the Tarot: XIII DEATH

The Death card signifies change, transformation, and passage from lower to higher.  The Mystic Rose emblazoned on the banner signifies ever-blossoming vaginas, and the sun, between two phallic symbols, represents ever-rising phalli, so, mystically, the Death card does not predict doom.  It does, however, predict an end to something.

The Death nature is a ''changer.''  The change may be welcomed or unwelcomed.  A welcomed lover or a rapist.  Death signifies the gamut of sexual perversions in that the card denotes the inevitability of change, whether desired or not.  therefore, the Death nature may very well be a sexaully perverted person.  change or transformation, however, does not always occur in a perverted manner.  It may also occur as a matter of growth.

The virgin who knows full well that she shall not be a virgin forever, can, by the upturning of the Death card, prepare herself for the object of her desires, or, should she prefer, she can be forewarned by the Death card and postpone the loss of her virginity.

The Death card is as often good as bad, for whereas it may foretell the cessation of some supposed sexual happiness in one reading, it may foretell the cessation of sexual despair in another.  The frustrated female, despairing for lack of sexual intercourse, may realize renewed hope of deliverance from the bonds of chastity by the presence of the Death card.

In a sexual reading we'll see an End, a Finish, great change in sexual atmosphere; transformation of sexual expression, from lower to higher; the conclusion of part of one's sex life will make way for new vistas of sensual pleasure ; a new sexual venture; death of sexual selfishness; death of masturbation and the birth of sexual activity; new and vigorous sexual organs imminent; faced with a door to new ecstasy; energetic trends of libido.

The free will of man is demonstrated in a further rendering of the Death card.  A person who faithfully and diligently seeks change may find this card in a spread as ''an answer to prayer.'' In such a card's message is: Change your thoughts and you change your life.

--excerpted from ''The Sexual Key to the Tarot'' by Theodor Laurence

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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Sexual Key To The Tarot: XII THE HANGED MAN

The tree itself is a phallic symbol, but rather than ending in a head shape, it ends with a crossbar, denoting cessation of sexual activity.  That the crossbar bears living foliage suggests that though the phallus is inactive, it is not dead.  The hanged man, it should be noted, suggests life in suspension, but life and not death.  This is suspended sexuality, not asexuality or impotence.

The Hanged Man's face is not one of suffering, but of entrancement.  This is the card of all sexual narcissists into which category all mastubators fall.

The Hanged-Man nature, early in life, adopts an idea of what his penis should look like, feel like, function like, respond like , and act like, not-withstanding biological facts to the contrary.  This is the card of self-lovers who feel their genitals are meant for some great and grand purpose, usually other than sexual intercourse.  Thus the nimbus about the head.  This nature would rather have the head of his organd (glans penis, clitoris) ''martyred'' than functioning in an unworthy manner.  This nature usually experiences a post-pubertal collision with the ''factos of life'' and is henceforth disillusioned.  Since these ''facts of life'' do not conform with this nature's idealistic outlook, it would rather suffer celibacy.

Some of the nature turn to chronic masturbation, finding auto-eroticism more to their liking than heterosexual activities with the impassioned and demanding sexual organs of the opposite sex.  Some do nothing at all, suspending their sexuality temporarily and perhaps enjoying only nocturnal emissions.  The Hanged Man nature thinks ''all women (men) are alike.'' He feels that the opposite sex does not understand him, which is true because they are normal, red-blooded humans who desire their fires of passion extinguished regularly.

In a reading this card suggests a dreamer who cannot accept everyday sexual responsibility, and though this card denotes a person indecision, it also represents an individual at the crossroads of ideal and actual sex.  It shows a youth (chronological or psychological) in need of sexual guidance and sex education.  The Hanged Man-nature is one worthy of a female's (male's) patience and understanding, for with the proper guidance this nature can become a veritable dynamo in the sexual bed. 

This card in a spread also means:  Too picky in sexual matters; trials with the opposite sex; sacrifice of sexual pleasure for ideals; emotional sorrow; sexual disappointment. 

This card advises the hanged Man nature forgive the opposite sex their so-called weaknesses; choose a sex partner only after taking into consideration your tendency to expect too much; apply the imagination and not idealism to a prospective partner.  

This card further shows an awakening after suspension and predicts the possibility of a highly pleasurable sexual future.

-excerpted from ''The Sexual Key To The Tarot'' by Theodor Laurence

Monday, August 15, 2011

Sexual Key To The Tarot: XI JUSTICE

First off, whenever you see a sword upright, it's an obvious phallic symbol.  If it comes up reversed, then you know what won't be happening in the future.

The Justice nature cannot be coerced into sexual intercourse but will give freely of her body and passion to the deserving.  She will not respond to a stolen or forced kiss, but will melt in the arms of an ardent suitor, who, in the face of all odds, has adamantly pursued her favor.

This nature believes labor should be rewarded and she will see to it that a man gets what he has diligently worked for.  On the other hand, the Justice nature doesn't believe that a man should enjoy sex simply because sex exists.  When this nature has 2 suitors, because of her sense of equality and justice, both will taste the fruits of their labor.  When her sense of probity blankets 10 men, however, this nature experiences hardships, is often accused of sexual immoderation and promiscuity, which in a higher sense is not true.  She merely gives each man his just desserts.

This nature will not give of her body, passion, love, or sexuality until she feels it is right and just.  She is critical of animal passion and derives no pleasure from aggressive phalli no matter how gross or esthetic, but the phallus which justly deserves her submission will find her more passionate than the lustiest of females.

In a spread we'll see equity of passion; rightness of dispersed affection; probity in selection of sexual mates.  It suggests that sexual activity is directly proportionate to sexual pursuit, that orgasmic ecstasy is not a plaything but an equitable result for amorous labor.

--excerpted from ''The Sexual Key to the Tarot.'' by Theodor Laurence

Monday, August 8, 2011

Sexual Key To The Tarot: X WHEEL OF FORTUNE

The Wheel means that life is in constant flux, constant change, from hard to flaccid, wet to dry, passion and passivity, celibacy and hyper-sexuality.

Here on the card are all four animals symbolizing the four fixed signs.

The elongated snake symbolizing the constancy of penile utility and genital activity; the wolf like figure (Rider Waite) represents the raw animal passions of man as a separate entity from penile usage/sexual intercourse (the snake).

Passion need not necessarily be satiated or appeased.  It signifies that both lust and sexual activity are counterparts and that each follows the other endlessly.  The sphinx is emblematic of stability amidst fluctuation and shows the immutability of the phallus amidst changing mores and ethics.

Sexual knowledge is not always obtained experimentally.  In the figure, all the fixed signs are reading books.  Here we see sex as a learned activity, one that can be studied and read about.

The wings on the creatures are images of the flights of knowledge.

All the four symbols of the fixed signs mean man, in different stages.  You have the lower ones on the card, likely reading Hustler....and the images on the top reading the Karma Sutra or The Ultimate Guide to Sex

The lower corners show reading about sex for the self and the upper two are learning about sex for ''us''

Basically in a reading, this card will that passion comes and goes and that nothing is forever.  A never ending cycle of desire, gratification, desire, gratification, man pursues woman (or whatever combo you prefer) and woman pursues man.

Changeable sexual activities and partners, new and interesting cohabitators, success in sexual pursuit, increase of sexual partners.  Face changes with sexual partners with courage, be alert for sexual opportunities; exercise caution with sexual excess.

Maintain sexual equilibrium.  Patience in passion will be rewarded; new sexual contacts require adaptability.

Sexual Key To The Tarot: IX HERMIT

The Hermit lives in a world of attainment. He is not a seeker. He is not lost. The Hermit has found what men seek. He has arrived. He is home. He is a knower. The light he carries is not used to find his own way. He stands upon a high place above the world. The light is for those who follow, that they may see where they are going. The Hermit's message is: That where I am, ye may also be. The staff, a phallic symbol, in his left hand does not relegate sexuality to oblivion as in the case of the Hierophant, but rather signifies that sexuality, once mastered, need no longer occupy a place of supreme importance.

The Hermit-nature, like the Charioteer, has attained sexual excellence, but not by conquest. Here is a lover of the 9th order who has tasted as much of sexual experience as the ferocious Charioteer, but whereas he is demanding and mercurial in his sexual relations, the Hermit-nature is the gourmet who has given countless females sexual gratification. The Charioteer may bring a female to violent orgasm but the Hermit is capable of producing and maintaining a steady, even flux or orgasmic bliss in a female. The one gains merely sexual gratification, no matter how many women he fornicates, whereas the Hermit, gaining sexual satisfaction in process, also gains knowledge of female desires and insight into their sexual motivations and needs--the secret of his complacency.

The blue in his cap (traditional), which covers his mind symbolically, denotes the sexual knowledge which he possesses and applies effectively. The Hermit-nature need not brandish a conquering sword (the dominating penis), but may proceed through life secure in the knowledge of female needs and desires. He is content with the act that he can readily supply what women want, and more. Though his head is bowed, take note that his shoulders do not sag as though in defeat. The Hermit-nature is more than he appears to be. Beneath his cloak of humility is hidden the body of a 100% man. Masculinity and sexual prowess are at his beck and call, beneath his unassuming exterior. They come to the fore, wherever and whenever they are required. Any female in need of such will be more than satisfied.

The Hermit-nature is trustworthy. The rampart, domineering Charioteer may not kiss and tell, but the fact of sexual conquest will show in his demeanor and often on his face, like the cat that ate the canary. But the Hermit-nature will never reveal anything. His countenance and bearing will conceal the fact of sexual escapades forever. This secretive quality greatly enhances the Hermit-nature's desirability. Secretiveness, coupled with his unassuming behavior, makes the Hermit-nature an ideal bed partner for love hungry housewives. The Hermit-nature is not unattainable, the true mystical meaning of the eminence and the beacon. The card says: What I know and experience, you also may know and experience.

--excerpted from ''The Sexual Key To The Tarot'' by Theodor Laurence

Sexual Key To The Tarot: VIII STRENGTH

The nimbus above the woman's head is symbolic of her endless creativity.  The lion, the fiery passion and burning lust of man.  That the woman is closing the lion's mouth with her bare hands indicates that man is willing to have his passions tamed by Woman. 

Woman's creativity is manifested by her innate demonstration of feminine wiles and coital use of her genitalia to create a life of happiness and sexual bliss.  A woman of this nature is a danger to the Charioteer nature, or to any man enjoying sexual freedom, for she possesses the means to sate his every sexual appetiteIf a man be her choice of a mate, she will and can go to any sexual lengths to tame him. 

This nature knows the man of her choice has already enjoyed various sex acts with various simpler women, so she, broadminded and hypersexual, incorporates all sex acts, perpetrating each with agile precocity, dazzling her lover into submission.  That she can and will satisfy the most voracious penis is symbolized by the purple mountain behind her.  The flower each represent an orgasm; a series of dynamic and pleasurable orgasms linked together by her insatiable lust.

In a reading we see sexual power and energy; coital activity and creativity; courage in the face of competition; complete success in the pursuit of sex.

A man finding this card in his reading will have such a female in his life.  A woman finding it in her reading is being told that she has the sexual strength, coital ability, and feminine wherewithal to overcome the obstacles separating her from the man she desires at the moment.

--excerpted from ''The Sexual Key To The Tarot'' by Theodor Laurence

Monday, August 1, 2011

Sexual Key To The Tarot: VII The Chariot

Here is the Conqueror of Barriers, and in a sexual reading he is a victorious, erect, and princely hero cum porn star.  The Charioteer nature wins the heart and body of any female who excites his sexual interest.  He conquers women (or men) and conquers any barrier between them.  This quality, plus that of being a king by conquest rather than heredity, makes even married women fair game for him.  He makes cuckolds out of kings.  If this nature has his eye on a married person, their spouse cannot stop him from sexually possessing her; no matter where her reservations lie, he conquers them for her.  The female therefore realizes a freedom foreign to her and enjoys complete sexual abandon with him even though she at once knows she cannot possess him for her own.  He, and the orgiastic pleasures, will always be sweet memories to her in her world.  The Charioteer nature has no time for sweet memories and rampages headlong into yet another sexual affair with another female.

In a reading look for progress made with sexual partners; conquest of barriers to orgasm; good news of forthcoming sexuality.  It tells of triumph over enemies, obstacles, and delays.  Victory in sexual pursuits through the hard work of convincing females that sexual intercourse is good for them.  This card in a female's spread means she will meet a man of this nature.

--Theodor Laurence's ''The Sexual Key to the Tarot''  Come hang out with me, Sign up for Free, Sign up through me!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Sexual Key To The Tarot: VI THE LOVERS

Men and women of the Lovers' nature do not believe in or adhere to traditional, hand-me-down, sexual taboos.  These natures love openly without shame.  They will actively share in any sex act without reservation because they do not recognize sin.   This is the sexual expression of paradise--which is a state of mind.

The Lovers'-nature intuitively knows the Secret Laus of Providence, which, in essence, is: ''God Created sexual union, the ultimate results of which are justifiably mystical, symbolic, and presently beyond human understanding.''  In nature, the closest thing to the ideal mystical trance is the point of orgasm.

In a spread we'll see unadulterated love; attraction; beauty; trials overcome; sexual union, sometimes marriage.  Here is the desire for virginal love, that is, strong fluid love with uninhibited sexual expression.  Love conquers all.  Perfect love casteth out all fear.

Reversed we'll see temptation.  May indicate infidelity, look for other cards to corroborate this.  Someone wants the best of everything and causes everyone to feel unstable.  Fighting, disagreement, separation, divorce.

--excerpted from ''The Sexual Key To The Tarot'' by Theodor Laurence

Monday, July 25, 2011

Sexual Key To The Tarot: V HIEROPHANT

The Sexual Key To The Tarot by Theodor Laurence

The Hierophant-nature runs from sex in all it's aspect, treating even thoughts of sex as sin. This nature is superstitious, fearful, and full of doubt. It is ignorant of the purpose of it's own virility or muliebrity (femininity). Penile erections in the male and clitoral excitation in the female keep this nature in a constant state of dread of it's own sexuality. Because of this nature's fear of open and natural sexual relations, masturbatory practices are frequently perpetrated and these are usually followed by haunting and debilitating feelings of guilt.

Devoted servitude to mankind is manifested by this nature, the natural but sublimated sex instinct recanalized. Married men of this nature engage in sexual intercourse only infrequently and then as a matter of conjugal duty. During the actual sex act these natures will strive, not for complete gratifying orgasm, but for minimal pleasure.

A male of this nature is subservient to women, passive in love-making, and prefers women to be on top and dominate, which allows him to 'divorce' himself from his erect penis, leaving the woman to her own "sinful" devices. If the Hierophant-nature emerges from his cocoon of sexual fear unboldly, he first manifests lack of confidence in his own masculinity. He over compensates by cowering, bowing, scraping, coddling, and catering to women. He becomes a compensatory art developed in hopes that demands upon his awkward and reluctant penis will be minimal.

When the Hierophant-nature yields naively to the pull of his flesh, he overdoses it, and takes on the characteristics of a pervert, a sexual misfit, or, in other words, "a dirty old man". The sexual technique of oral-ism which he perpetrates to convince himself of his virility appears depraved and an-aphrodisiac. He therefore attracts females of like characteristics and hence finds himself in a worse state of sexuality than before. Because of his or her proclivities, the Hierophant-nature can be easily abused sexually, and usually is. This is the basis for this nature's assertion that he has been to heaven and hell.

This card in sexual matters suggests a lack of self confidence in one's own masculinity or femininity. In cases where a woman doubts her own femininity and consequently prefers, desires, and enjoys oral-genital practices which afford her gratifying orgasms, the perfect sexual partner is the Hierophant-nature. This card could further mean homosexuality, latent or overt, (usually in the closet). Due to the card's esoteric symbolism denoting a nature's deliberate escape from one's own sexuality, a male of this nature, abhorring the masculine role of his phallus, may turn to sodomy, playing the passive role. In a female of this nature, her abhorrence of fearful penes may turn her to lesbianism, having preference for the softness and gentleness of another woman (especially the mouth).

Sexual Key To The Tarot: IV Emporer

The sceptre as usual is a phallic symbol and here we see a great degree of meaning.  The representation showing an elongated and erect penis, longer than normal, indicating mastery.  The symbol is a phallus a the precise point of vaginal penetration, the crossbar symbolizing the labia majora, and the crowning circle emblemizing the vaginal canal, open for willing penetration.  The red glode represents (1) worldly pursuits and raw animal passion, which qualifies the further symbolization of (2) a sated vagina (as with the globe upon the head of the High Priestess).  That the globe is red in color typifies the fires of passion, the heat of lust, and the blood-red flush of a raging vagina inflamed by the penile friction of the vulva canal.

In a spread this card foretell of sexual power and stability; authority and will in sexual affairs.  He is the ultimate in masculinity, sexual dominance, and source of sensual pleasure for females.  Homosexually, the ultimate in sodomitic endeavors.  He's the ideal of sexually frustrated young women.  This is the card of a masterful lover.  ''Adroitness'' is used to win over females; he's good with his hands I'm getting at.  Married life isn't indicated with this card (or the Empress); we see a nature that is autonomous and in love with sex.

--taken from ''The Sexual Key to the Tarot'' by Theodor Laurence

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Sexual Key To The Tarot: III THE EMPRESS

Here we see the Mother of sexual invention.  Her venusian fertile sexuality, her vibrant body, attractiveness, and hypersensitivity she can use at will against cold-hearted men and women.  She renders them weak and docile with the powers of Venus.

Look at her holding her phallic symbol high in the air, she is fearless of the penis, playful even.  She adores the male organ and will worship it openly without shame.  Her esteem manifests itself in overt sexual acts such as fellatio and, uh, scrotolingus.  The proximity of the sceptre to her face suggests her delight in fellatio, and is further represented by the enlarged and bulbous round head of the symbol. The full and enlarged head of the penis before ejaculation.  That the head is globular secondarily suggests her pursuit of worldly pleasures and the fruitfulness of her sexual pursuit.

She stare straight out from the image, full-faced, and is supportive of how open and frank she is in sexual matters.  She conceals nothing, she is a progression from the secrecy of the High Priestess.    She is not a woman who can be cajoled or coerced into sex, she is the instigator of pleasure.  She chooses her lover with authority over her passions; and once chosen he shall know paradisaical sensual pleasure at her hands.  The Empress nature is the door to sexual pleasure. 

In a reading we see passion that gives it's all!  A rich harvest of sexual pleasure and dynamic orgasms as a reward for the physical labor and sensual toil of courtship, foreplay, and intercourse.

Reversed we'll see all this energy dispersed.  Wasted efforts yielding nothing, and this lack of productivity affects the home life, chaotic situations arise.  Depression leads to a low libido.  Lack of interest.

(This is a series I'll do on the sexual interpretation of the cards inspired by the book ''The Sexual Key To The Tarot'' by Theodor Laurence.  Love to hear any insights from anyone else out there who loves the intimacy tarot can bring into our lives.)

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Sexual Key To The Tarot: II HIGH PRIESTESS

''Very deep and mysterious. A ''dream girl.'' Geographically symbolized, sexual gratification is ''up,'' sexual frustration is ''down.'' The crown that she wears with the horns on either side pointing upward (phallic symbols) indicates her mental awareness of the needs of male phalli. It is this penile awareness which makes her the ''perfect woman,'' she who is cognizant of all the sexual facts of life, ''a girl after one's own heart.'' She exists in all women once they recognize their true sexual role in a man's life.

On her breast is a large solar cross...This emblem symbolizes the sanctification of the ''heart,'' from whence comes her uninhibited sexual expression and free spirit in her sexuality with men of her choice; where ''sin'' does not exist. In love she will utilize her sexual knowledge, ardent passion, and her vagina consecutively or simultaneously with ''all her heart,'' and the man in her life will know complete and gratifying sexual ecstasy.

In her hands, inscribed with the word ''TORA,'' is a scroll partly covered by her robe...That the scroll is partly concealed implies that her sexuality is only partly objectified. The complete woman is not evident simply because she induces sexual pleasure. The scroll (phallus), half hidden, signifies that a man who is true to her, who has won her ''heart,'' will find in her, via the path of her objectified free and open sexuality, deeper and unforeseen delights.

As for the word ''Tora,'' this and and the word ''penis'' each vibrate, numerologically, to 9, the mystical number denoting completeness, fulfillment.

She is seated between two pillars, one dark and one light...the symbolization is threefold. One, like the half hidden scroll, the dark and light pillars (phalli) represent the secret and the obvious respectively, the two aspects of her total sexuality. Two, as symbols of erected, sexually-charged phalli, the two pillars signify her acceptance of man and his penis without discrimination, yet another indication of her free spirit in sexual matters. Three, the bloomed, flowering heads of the pillar-phalli are portents. They symbolize her promise of eruptive and violent orgasms for men with whom she cohabits.

Her dress is flowing and gauzy..these represent continuity of sexual expression.

Her garment is blue...signifying radiant emanation of mind, spirit, and body, each of which or all of which insure sexual fulfillment.

She represents to the Querent the perfect woman all hetero men dream about and long for, the woman who can satisfy their sexual desires far beyond their wildest thoughts. She intuitively knows the value to a man of a loving and sexually expressive female who can gratify him. She is the spirit of motherhood and is associated with the earth from which all things flow. A woman of the High Priestess-nature will please a man in every way she can, barring no sexual activity. She does not recognize sexual perversion, ''sin'' does not exist for her where love is concerned.''--Theodor Laurence

In a reading we'll see secrets, passion beneath the surface, the future of a liaison is unknown, safety from pregnancy and STI's because knowledge of sex triumphs over ignorance.

Reversed the situation is superficial, there is no subtext....if your partner told you something, take it at face value, there is no more beneath the surface.

(This is a series I'll do on the sexual interpretation of the cards inspired by the book ''The Sexual Key To The Tarot'' by Theodor Laurence.  Love to hear any insights from anyone else out there who loves the intimacy tarot can bring into our lives.)

Sexual Key To The Tarot: I MAGICIAN

(This is a series I'll do on the sexual interpretation of the cards inspired by the book ''The Sexual Key To The Tarot'' by Theodor Laurence.  Love to hear any insights from anyone else out there who loves the intimacy tarot can bring into our lives.)

Here is the youthful energy of sex that is self-regenerative, this is what's at the beck and call of the Magician.

''At his fingertips are the symbols of the four tarot suits: the wand indicates the fire signs (Lust, Anger, and Passion); the cup indicates the water signs (Urine, Blood, and Semen); the sword, the air signs (Respiration, Burping, Farting); and the pentacles, the earth signs (Flesh, Force, and Malleability).  The four tarot suits signify the elements of social life; The wands indicate power; the cup intoxicants (often paired with sexual activity); the sword indicates aggression; and the pentacle indicates money.''--Theodor Laurence

It's due to this mastery over the elements figuratively and literally that this nature draws to hi/r all the signs of the zodiac.  This nature also possesses the ''magic of youth'' demonstrating this in both vigor of pursuit and activity.  He may be prone to pedophiliac impulses, seeking to unite  his or her own psychic youth with a child exhibiting comparable physical youth.  No matter the chronological age, the Magician sees the endless flow of sexual energy signified by the nimbus above his head, and the snake eating his own tail around his waist.

When the energy of sex is seen as coming from the physical body, this nature will be involved with self-love....becoming enamored with hi/r own sexuality, masturbatory practices are frequently and secretly done.  And so this nature fluctuates between celibacy and hypersexuality.  Overall there's a disregard for social mores and sexual conformity.  Not only does this nature attract and desire all the signs in the zodiac, but gender doesn't limit the desire either.

In a reading this comes up to show how the querent is involved in controlling their sexual destiny; will power over the opposite sex;skill and diplomacy used in obtaining sex; young partners, confidence and will used in foreplay, magical sexual powers.

Reversed we'll see the pedophile side come out, trickery in getting sex partners.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Sexual Key To The Tarot: 0 The Fool

This is the beginning of a series I'll do on the sexual interpretation of the cards inspired by the book ''The Sexual Key To The Tarot'' by Theodor Laurence.  Love to hear any insights from anyone else out there who loves the intimacy tarot can bring into our lives.

On a day ruled by The Fool nature we see the lusty joyous spirit of youth in search of sexual experience.  This is the first of many steps along a new sexual experience and all the new relationship energy that goes with it.  The is Spirit looking for Experience, feeling that every hole should be filled, spirit would feel this way, and it's reflected in the biological imperative.

We can see The Fool and the big stick he carries around and know this is a day to be in love with sex.  Sex is the solution to every problem right now.  Luck and our guides are watching our innocent dance with a Pollyanna concept of sexuality and it's appropriate and warranted at this time.

This nature has an indefatigable capacity for producing the abundant energy, and fluids, for love.  In a reading we'll see the start of a new sexual journey, sexual independence, erotic adventures, sexual forces in full play, rebellion against sexual taboos, orgasmic extravagance.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Fictionscopes: Fringe Horoscopes

Fringe Horoscopes
You are independent and courageous.  It's because of your upbeat and magnetic personality that others follow your lead.  Willing to fight for the greater good, you can also question what it is exactly you are fighting for and what the price for winning actually means.
Fringe character you are most like: Fauxlivia Dunham

Fictionscopes by Shannon Rae

Fringe Horoscopes

You are dependable and persistent.  This persistence is a quality that can make you a long-term friend and confidante.  Taurus is the one who has immense perseverance, even when others have given up, the Taurus rages on. 

Fringe character you are most like: Agent Charlie Francis

Fictionscopes by Shannon Rae

Fringe Horoscopes

You are energetic, clever, and adaptable.  These are great gifts you bring to those around you.  You have resources available to you that are so in demand, you leave a mark on everyone you meet.
Fringe character you are most like: Sam Weiss

Fictionscopes by Shannon Rae

Fringe Horoscopes

You have a natural intuitive and psychic ability and a creative forward thinking mind, you are able to predict future trends. You attract wealth very well and know where to invest your loyalties and financial well being. You know what side the bread is buttered on.
Fringe character you are most like: Nina Sharp

Fictionscopes by Shannon Rae

Fringe Horoscopes

You have a confident and ambitious streak within.  You are fully capable of being greatly successful on your own but you can be much happier if you have an audience and a following of people who look up to you.
Fringe character you are most like: Walternate

Fictionscopes by Shannon Rae

Fringe Horoscopes

You can be at your best when showing off your analytical, observant, helpful, and reliable side.  Your desire for precision trumps the glories of ego and this can make you the perfect image of a research assistant.  People look to you to solve problems logically and for your patience.
Fringe character you are most like: Junior Agent Astrid Farnsworth

Fictionscopes by Shannon Rae

Fringe Horoscopes

You can bring forth a very definite grace and diplomacy in any situation.  One of your strengths is the ability to hide or bend your own true feelings in order to bring peace with a group and to make others more comfortable.
Fringe character you are most like: Philip Broyles

Fictionscopes by Shannon Rae

Fringe Horoscopes

You are a complex individual, maybe feeling pulled in so many directions and yet hiding it behind a cool exterior.  You have an observant nature that makes others really feel close and intimate with you very easily.  Your psychic and intuitive nature allows you to see beyond the surface of reality and is what adds layers to your unique personality.
Fringe character you are most like: Agent Olivia Dunham

Fictionscopes by Shannon Rae

Fringe Horoscopes

You crave adventure and excitement and welcome change with open arms. Sagittarius is the sign of the philosopher and the explorer, and you will go as far as road will go and explore every corner thoroughly in your ever eternal search for wisdom.
Fringe character you are most like: Peter Bishop

Fictionscopes by Shannon Rae

Fringe Horoscopes

You have an excellent sense of Time.  You manage and organize your time very well and puts you in a positive place for achievement.  Your self-sufficiency can be confused with coldness, but this is only because you feel that if you want something done right, you need to do it your self.
Fringe character you are most like: William Bell

Fictionscopes by Shannon Rae

Fringe Horoscopes

You have the ability to foretell future trends, always ahead of your time, this can lead to being very forward thinking and inventive.  Always witty, clever, and original you can be a great friend and change the course of humanity at large.
Fringe character you are most like: Walter Bishop

Fictionscopes by Shannon Rae

Fringe Horoscopes

There is a real mysterious and elusive quality to any interaction with you.  You are able to take in so much in your environment, it's like you exist in two worlds. There is the realm of spirit and fantasy and this overlaps with your interactions with others on the material plane.
Fringe character you are most like:  The Observer

Fictionscopes by Shannon Rae