Thursday, December 30, 2010

XXI The World Rx

Page of Swords

IX Hermit

What am I doing today? Stubbornly refusing to go anywhere? It's still BoB's Christmas/New Years vacation and we've been hanging out inside because of the snow and the fact that it's still Mercury Rx (and about to turn direct and into it's shadow period) keeps putting off any plans we start to put together...

Is the Page of Swords an outside source of bad news? Or what? I would loooove it if BoB decided to take off for a day and night without me...then I could go out and have dinner by myself with a good book...and maybe hook up with Meghan and go hang out all dressed up somewhere...but *sigh* that's probably not going to happen...I'm just fantasizing with the Hermit showing up...

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