Monday, December 6, 2010

The Light, The Boundary, and The Freedom

XIX The Sun

V The Hierophant

8 of Swords Rx

This looks positive, better than yesterday's dark, yet irrelevant, reading. The Sun shows today will be a good day, things will go well, I will be successful. The Hierophant shows I will follow the rules and possibly come up against boundaries, but if I stay in established parameters, this will be fine. And the 8 of Swords show me breaking out of my isolation.

Today started when an old friend called me out of the blue, so that's cool. Trying to plan ahead for seeing people at Christmas sounds pretty good. And my other plan is to finally go over to my mom's and get some Christmas decorations. Currently, I just came back from the gym, and my back is in significant pain.

It must have started two weeks ago...I had a crick in my upper back. Just couldn't crack it, so I had BoB massage me. But it was the type of pain that couldn't be massaged out. Started taking tylenol hoping it would go away, but when a week went by, I realized it wouldn't and I need to make an appointment with a chiropractor...still need to do that, the pain isn't letting up and today it's so much worse. I figured exercise would help, but no...

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