Saturday, December 4, 2010

Juggle, Wait, and Trouble

2 of Pentacles

7 of Pentacles

King of Swords Rx

Ooh, don't like the looks of the King of Swords Rx. I never leave the house so I don't know what kind of serious trouble I could even get in...he represents and authority, like the cops, who don't seem to be on my side...huh. Let me go and look at the last time he came up. November 29th and June 10th are the last recorded times he came up, and nothing. I'll need to look deeper into what he's representing for me.

The other two cards look great, like I'm setting up a good foundation for getting paid..Patience, perseverance, and talent...I just need patience, the 7 of Pentacles.


One of my first thoughts last Monday, when I got the King of Swords Rx, was SEX. You know, because Rx his sword is upright. Very phallic. But on Monday, I didn't get to have sex :( Today I did though! My husband and I were watching some Star Trek Voyager (season 5 episode 2 ''Drone'') and we ended up doing some weird jokey Borg roleplay.

He assimilated me. That could be kind of King of Swords Rx...right?

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