Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Apprehension, Slacking, and A Message

Ace of Cups Rx

10 of Wands Rx

Page of Wands

Afraid to start a new relationship...yeah, I get that. I recently met a coworker online who gave me her number, but I'm too shy and intimidated to call. But what about the 10 of Wands Rx? I mean, obviously, I'm not making much money and my husband is picking up the slack...but I'm not putting all responsibility on him. I DO take care of our home...and even more so lately. Doing everything so he doesn't have to, I'd hate to feel like I am putting all the burden on him for anything beyond financial support. Well, I guess there's some good news coming my way with that Page.


Received my paycheck in the mail today, Page of Wands. I wasn't expecting the check today either, so, yay!

10 of Wands Rx....I did a lot of work after seeing that, didn't want to let my husband down. I don't think I've put any burden of responsibility onto anyone else, that I know of anyway.

Felt good about today, motivated and energetic. Exercised for the first time in a month and I worked on a free reading for a woman on Facebook.

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