Tuesday, December 7, 2010

6 of Swords

5 of Wands

XVIII The Moon Rx

Hmmmm...the 5 of Wands doesn't bode well. My big plans today were to finally decorate the house, which I have never done, for Christmas. Went to my mom's and she gave me boxes and boxes of decorations, way too much. I wanted to change the house before BoB comes home. The 6 of Swords seems to be fair in showing this presto-chango idea I have.

The Moon Rx....deceit? Or does this just go with the theme or redecorating? Changing appearances?

Any suggestions on what today brings?


Yeah, BoB wanted to fight for no reason when he came home. He hated the smell in the house (I cooked bacon for the first time ever) and he hated the redecorating. He accused me of being drunk all day because he found a cork in the trash. I guess he goes through the trash???? He spies on me in subtle ways...I was redecorating and in doing so, I cleaned in places I wouldn't ordinarily...he accused me of hiding money from him. I mean, he was all over the map...

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