Thursday, November 25, 2010

Some Daily Spreads I just Wanna Throw Out

6 of Wands

2 of Pentacles

XIX The Sun

When I first laid out the spread, all the cards were Reversed. And, you know, fuck that! It's finally Thanksgiving! After all the shopping fiascoes, we finally did it last minute last night, and saved 130$. All that delay worked out in the end. (6 of Wands)

I did my precooking yesterday and have 4 dishes to finish up today. Things like the biscuits and pies, things I want to serve warm. There was quite a bit of metaphorical juggling of cooking different dishes between last night and today, 2 of Pentacles. And now I get to show off my cooking, again, 2 of Pentacles.

It feels like a SUN kind of day already.


Cards lined up exactly with the day! A good time was had by all.

I've just done some research into the 6 of Wands and found that it's a mercurial card.

It is Air on the house of Virgo, the Sixth, house of the servants and work, of exact science and the academy, of health and food, of the art of decoration and the interior of the house, as well as of the retail dealer. The element of thought (Air) on the earthy house of Virgo must naturally bring forth knowledge of every detail and reveal mistakes or shortcomings; it promotes efficiency, and the latter is one of the principal meanings of the card. Here again is a double mercurial expression, so this card must denote special abilities, capacities, technical insight; moreover food questions and medicine, medicaments and nursing; practical arrangement of details, but as Virgo "kills the prophets," this card may contain some or other discrepancy in the philosophical or logical, theoretical or strictly just side of things.

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