Friday, November 19, 2010

November 19th 2010 3 Card Daily Spread

3 of Swords Rx

8 of Wands

3 of Wands Rx

A set of 3's and the 8 of Wands implies that there is another person I am trying to contact for help. It's with a heavy heart I'll be asking and it looks like I won't get the help I want. At least not today. But there will be communication, by the look of the 8 of Wands. Email in particular.


Meh, okay I was a bit off. I thought about what I did do today and realized what this reading was in reference to...

I spent a bit of time on Facebook looking for and ex of mine. He has a pretty common first name, so there were like 500 entries with the same name, despite his last name. Didn't find him.

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