Thursday, November 18, 2010

November 18th 2010 Daily Spread

The spread:

Woman of Crystals Rx

Man of Crystals Rx

6 of Crystals Rx

All of the same suit, Cyrstals, which translates as Swords, which has to do with the Mind. Over thinking, over analyzing, etc. Since the Man and Woman are of the same suit, it implies a couple. Myself and Bob are over thinking things today, making the Woman touchy and defensive, and the Man disorganized. (Due to the reversals)

I haven't seen BoB today, yet. He's at work, and I'm at home waiting for a new call. And now I'm nervous and over thinking this spread.

The outcome is the 6 of Crystals Reversed. In the Voyager deck the card is titled ''Confusion.'' With this reversal I would think it would be a kind of confusion resolved with logic and clarity. The blue crystal in the card jumps out at me, but undetermined in it's meaning.

I will have to come back tonight to report what the day has been like.


I was so concerned about having an argument with my husband that I just kept my head about me. Turned the reversed cards upright. My husband, as represented by the Man of Crystals Rx, did have a confusing day at work. Machines weren't doing what they should. The 6 of Crystals Rx showed Clarity and that is what came through.

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