Wednesday, July 14, 2010

A Different Daily Spread

I just went to the Aeclectic Tarot forums to find a better daily spread; I really need one that fits me correctly. And I found this one by Thorhammer. So, here we go, I'll try it for a few days and see if it helps with understanding my day better.

It's just that I found with the previous spread I was using, the cards were correct, but the meaning of their positions didn't make any kind of sense to me or my day.


1. What will I do well today?

2. What do I need to leave behind in today?

3. What do I need to take forward from today?

I am the type of reader who always reads in inverted cards as they are. However today I get the feeling, since they all came up inverted, and it's a deck I haven't used for a while (Voyager) that I should turn them right side up. Really, it's just a feeling I have....but should I? Eh, fuck it, I'll leave them as they are....

1. Woman of Wands Rx

2. Nine of Wands Rx

3. Woman of Crystals Rx

I will do well today to leave behind infidelity? Well, that's a laugh! I just got married 2 months ago and I'm currently only seeing him, and he me. Maybe it's pointing to something else, like being manipulative sexually. Like I shouldn't whine for sex, or count how many times we're doing it a week....I hope this card is only pointing to that.

I will do well in being tired today. LOL. Being injured and needing to rest and take care of myself. Although, I'm not injured am sore. I've been working out non-stop for two months without making any progress with my body that anyone can see. I've recently trained to the point where I can run a continuous mile and I'm very proud of that, but I woke up too late today to do my proper workout. I'm busy waiting on my groceries to be delivered. And when he gets here, I'll want to eat I'm sure. Or it's telling me I'll be great at self-deception today. Awesome! Looks like a shitty day.

I need to take forward from today some kind of confrontation. These two bitches in this reading alongside the 9 of wands Rx looks pretty dicey. Like I'm headed for some kind of tense situation.

I will have to report back tonight to report what kind of day I've had.


All I did today was RELAX! And it was great!

Normally I exercise for 2 hours in the mornings without taking days off. I believe a habit is a habit and if I only did it 3 times a week I would forget to exercise at all.

This was a rare day, I relaxed, drank beer and ate ice cream. It was awesome. And this morning (Thursday the 15th) I was relaxed enough to run a complete mile. So, it was well worth the R&R.

No women to speak of, I didn't see or talk to anyone but BoB, my husband.

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