Friday, July 16, 2010

Determining Attraction Spread

I'm trying out a new spread I just learned called The Determining Attraction Spread. When the cards are thrown it will look like this:


1. What quality is So-&-So attracted to (in general, not in you)?
2. How does So-&-So view me physically?
3. How does So-&-So view my personality?
4. What would So-&-So think of being on a date with me?*
5. Advice on how to be most attractive to So-&-So?

*Interpret ''date'' how you will.

Here's what it looked like for myself, doing a test reading on how my newlywed husband feels toward me.

This seems like a great reading for using ''The Sexual Key To The Tarot'' by Theodor Laurence. I adore this book, it is so detailed in it's interpretation of each card, from the minor to the major, and I would love to read anything else by the author.

The first card, XXI The World Rx, seems to indicate he's into women who are sexually playful and very open sexually. However, the reverse status indicates that he would prefer them not to be promiscuous. She is insatiable and erotic yet monogamous, ''stuck'' on one man.

The second card, Ace of Swords, reveals how he views me physically and, according to Laurence's interpretation, he sees me as having a winning clitoris! I am able to overcome hesitant sexuality!

The third card, 6 of Cups, represents his feeling about my personality and this card definitely shows how we have been friends for 15 years. We've known each other since I was in high school and we've stayed friends this whole time. He feels comfortable around me.

The fourth card, VII The Chariot, describes how he'd feel being on a ''date'' with me. The chariot is a fitting description because I know how much he'd like to take me places. His perfect date varies from bicycling 20 miles to long walks to long road trips.

The final card, The Page Of Wands, describes how I can be more attractive to him. I could write him letters describing new projects, or texting him is more likely. If I texted him more often.

Yeah, this is a pretty safe spread. I trust it. Seems pretty appropriate.

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