Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Unraveling Notes From 2006

I found a book at a thrift store called, "Mirror Worlds or:
The Day Software Puts the Universe In A Shoebox...How It Will Happen and What It Will Mean"

And after reading it for a bit, I had to check when it was written, because, while it is about everything going on right NOW with the upheaval of the media due to the Internet.....the language was sooo different. A man named David Geltner wrote this book in 1991.
He is/was a visionary. I mean, he really knew, back then before AOL, before Prodigy had even become marketable, all these details and ways it would affect society, the world, culture...even down to how elections are going to change.
Mirror World is his rather poetic term for a word not-existing in those days, the Internet or Information Superhighway, or all this lingo we use now for being on the online world. His poetic terminology never caught on...I really really love his perception of this imaginary-but-real space.
Hence my new name.

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The Continuously Plural type of Space, a recursive and freeform Dollhouse consists of a collection of floating rooms. Imagine a structure you can wander through, but also ''deep into.'' And back out of.

You can wander from one room to the next, but rooms may also have rooms not merely adjacent to, but inside them. Enter one of these and dive into one of it's sub-rooms, then enter one it's sub-rooms, etc...Not merely progressing through it, but journeying deeper and deeper into it, not just through it.
This ''impossible'' structure isn't to be caught on a blueprint. It's an imaginary space, but up of structures within structures--but no matter how deeply penetrated, the rooms will remain the same size and scale. No matter how deeply penetrated, a new room can always be created right there; and you can dive further still.
Each Dollhouse, or place, or site, is a different viewpoint. The Dollhouse, it's stage setting, capturing some action of the viewpoint represented.

This room is a room in one of these Dollhouses, and my profile, and yours co-exist, as free floating rooms in the same Dollhouse. Plural, Recursive, and, as always, Continuous.

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