Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Snow Day

Happy Human Design New Year!

It's a snow day here on the island off the Eastern Shore and my internet was down, so no work!  And I work from home!  Hell yeah!


I'm sitting in my bedroom reading, when I hear a knock at the door.  I go answer it.

Me opening the door

Guy at the door:  Can I come in?

Me: NO.  Slams door and locks it.


In my head I start in with a description of everything I saw, 20 something white guy, about 5' 7", medium build, short brown hair, black letterman coat with a hoodie on underneath.  And I immediately call my husband.  With every intention of calling the cops after I talk to him.

Last month there were 2 home invasions, like just 3 weeks ago, there was an armed home invasion with the tenants present and then a robbery without the tenants home.

My adrenaline was running and it was really soothing to hear BoB's voice saying he was still in the parking lot.  We rarely get snow, so he took longer than normal getting his truck ready and only circled the block before heading back.

I got to hear BoB confront the guy, who was still outside.

BoB:  Hey, you want to come inside my house?!

Guy:  subdued mumbling

BoB:  Okay.  You need to introduce yourself first.

Apparently, this guy is one of my neighbors whom I've never met.  And when I thought about, I kind of met him last year.  There was a young guy leering at me in the parking lot last summer that just came up to me and told me, "Hey, you should come to my house, I live on the end."  Again, no introduction, just creepiness.  I mean, there are 6 apartment row houses, like, which end stranger I-just-met-in-the-parking-lot?  (I just got in my car and drove off without saying anything to him)

Here he is again, just wanting to be let into my house?  Is it Aspergers?  Is it entitled white male privilege?  Is it watching too much internet porn?  Is it a head injury?  How does one not understand basic human interactions all the way into your 20's?

Turns out, what he told my husband is...he wanted me to give him a ride to work???  A person I've never met.  Seems like bullshit to me.  First off, his apartment is right in front of where my husband parks his car.  So, he watched my husband brush snow off his car and drive away, before deciding he'd come over to my apartment?  When this guy is friends with other people in this apartment complex? "People" by which I mean "males" that he could have easily asked for a ride to work from.

Felt really good to slam the door in his face this morning.  But, I'm uneasy with a neighbor like this.

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