Thursday, November 28, 2013


Everything I made this year, trying to scale back on dishes.  In past I've made 17 dishes.  Let's count how many I did this time:

Broccoli Casserole (did organic and fresh broccoli and gluten free natural mushroom soup)

Spinach Balls (this is fancy stuffing, made into balls, and gluten free this year)

Butternut Squash Custard (this is done by heart, peel and boil squash for 20 min, then I add 2 eggs to thicken, some cream, nutmeg, cinnamon, allspice, cloves, ginger, sugar (or not) and bake)

Mashed Potatoes and Vegetarian Gravy (nutritional yeast)

Pumpkin Pie (made two types, one without sugar-but using sweetened condensed milk & one with brown sugar and 1/2 cup milk that turned into more of a custard than a pie)

Pumpkin Custard (this was made using fresh organic pumpkin by puree'ing a week before T-Day, too bad they were sold out the weekend before Thanksgiving, so I couldn't make the pies with them & it was made as a gluten free alternative)

Pumpkin Truffles (add parafin to the vanilla coating, and pour  "fudge" into a shallow dish in the FREEZER for 3 hours)

Frozen Cranberry Squares (This recipe worked as written, I recommend using pineapple chunks not shredded)

Artichoke Heart Spinach Dip (artichoke hearts, frozen spinach, mayo, salt, pepper, and Tabasco *very important even if you don't like spice, add for flavor)

Deviled Eggs (super important that the eggs be bought a week beforehand so they peel well)

Fried Apples (now I say "fried" but I've been baking these since summer, so this time I put in a cast iron pan with water and sugar and cinnamon with the lid on for 10 min, then just waited 'til soft, and I sliced the apples thin, instead of chunks)

Pillsbury Bleu Cheese Pinwheels ( I like these and no one else eats them, I think people are scared of bleu cheese... pussies.  Anyway, crescent rolls and fill with 3 cheese and slice and bake)

Banana Cream Pie (for this I made using heavy cream and hand whipping since BoB thought they were too sweet before....very little sugar was put in this, only what was in the vanilla pudding mix)
Brownies (just for BoB because he's a vegetarian but doesn't like vegetables)

Okay, so 14.  My goal was to get it under 10....but 4 were made just while we were cooking and we didn't bring to the dinner, so we didn't eat the dinner before it was brought.

(to relate to Human Design, MY 6 and 36 Emotional Solar Plexus is both my Personality Sun/Earth and Personality North/South Nodes in the 2nd and 5th lines.  I have hunger sluts)

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