Wednesday, October 2, 2013

"We have a false prophecy about the nature of love. We assume that we generate love in the world by loving each other. This is a funny thing because this has nothing to do with what this love is all about. It has nothing to do with loving your guru, friend or your dog. It has to be with being one with the creative process, accepting surrender for what it is to be you and seeing in that surrender your own beauty. 
Only when you find surrender in your own beauty do you put love in the aura of the world. There is no other way, no matter how sweet and nice you are and how much love you have within yourself and how much love you want to put out in the world. It is not going to change the aura of our planet. 
What changes the aura of our planet is human beings living their nature. That is the crux of what our work is, so that human beings can just live out their nature without the morality, without the conditioning; to see clearly what it is just to be themselves. That creates love in the world ......... ."

*Ra Uru Hu ......... from 'The Line Companion'

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