Tuesday, April 16, 2013

39: The Gate of the Provocateur

My unconscious 39 in my undefined Root is undergoing a long 3 year transit by Neptune in the 55 (Solar Plexus).  As the transit started I actually got a job where I provoke people.....sexually.

"...So these people demand sexual attention. These are people that will tease you in a number of ways. This is the way in which they provoke you. What they are trying to do is to turn you on. They are not trying to turn you on the way the flirt does. They turn you on physically; they are trying to get you physically aroused, sexually aroused. 

Whether they are conscious of that or not. And the way in which they do that, in which they tease you, mostly has to do with what they say. This is all about, in the end, being able to articulate. It is teasing with words. But not just teasing with words. These are people that can provoke you by showing you their body and not allow you access to it....and the 39 tries to provoke that spirit, tries to lock the 55 in.  That's what it needs to do. So it arouses it. 

Now look, that whole process of arousal is to create the necessary stimulation, the necessary vibration. This is all acoustic. The lights down low the music on. This whole stream is about breathing. This whole stream is about hearing. The stimulation has to be there. The arousal has to be there. This is not the marriage bond. It is not about the necessity to transform that arousal into active sexuality. It doesn't have to be. It can be unrequited love. It does not have to be consummated. 

Remember, the moment that you fall in love through a romantic stream the biggest risk you take is actually physically making love. Because if it doesn't work it is over. So this is all about creating the necessary stimulation to maintain the attention. The longer this process goes on, the more arousal will take place. The more romance begins to bloom.... " Ra Uruhu
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