Wednesday, March 20, 2013

First Day of Spring/Judgment

We've moved into the first day of Aries 2013, can you feel the shift?  I changed my url to reflect my new name, Shannon Rae Cliche, and I lost my followers.  Sorry about that guys, didn't know that would be a consequence. 
This was my card of the day and it really does reflect the first day of spring.  We see new life around us now.  A shift from the personal to the transpersonal; heavenly forces entering the earthly domain.  In this image, from the Aquarian deck, we see flowers at the trumpeters feet, fragant & lovely, the start of spring.

This is the start of not only new awareness, but also atonement, redemption, freedom, and vitality.  The spirit arising from what was decaying. 

I'm trying to breath new life into this blog, come back after the break I had for a year.  I'm also at the beginning of a new career.  A radical juxtaposition of sexuality and tarot.  900 phone sex - 900 line psychic hybrid.  : )

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