Friday, December 21, 2012

A new b'ak'tun! 8 SWORDS

I pulled a card for today, the eve of the day I've been waiting for, for 15 years.
Kind of an odd message.  This is the 8 of Swords, the message here is one of being constricted, mentally.  Like feeling there's only ONE way to do things.  We're inhibited, limited, imprisoned.

In a sexual reading what we can expect is sexual slavery, confinement, could be nice if you're a sub or into BDSM.  There's domination by a person sexually perverted; abuse of sexual organs (like a cock and ball torture cage).  A sexual crisis.  A conflict of morals and desires.  An std or sti.

Reversed:  Endless nightmare sex; over sensitive clit or penis tip; difficulty with an overactive libido; opposition between lust and morality; terror of unknown phalli; treacherous hungers.  And I don't even know what this is: unforeseen orgasms.

(excerpted from my favorite tarot book: Theodor Laurence's ''The Sexual Key to the Tarot'')


IDK, I have some pretty great sex today myself, although, I couldn't bring myself to log on to  Too excited about my fifteen year wait for 8 am of December 22, 2012!  And mentally I couldn't get the fact that I didn't log on out of my head, but it's my day off from my dayjob....I just wanted to hang out, watch netflix, and make peanut butter balls for Christmas.

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