Friday, August 17, 2012

Vertical Oracle Card of the Day: Timeless

The card is Timeless with images of a clock as cycles of the moon.  This interpretation is from Antero Ali's Vertical Oracle:

''The 60-second minute/60 minute hour dictates the metronome beat of the forty-hour 5-day work week; time = money.  Those lives running on ''symbolic'' time benefit from its vast material output.  Alongside this mental plane, the real time of cosmic duration unfolds in biological cycles, lunations, and the interstellar orbits of planets and galaxies.  Its immaterial value benefits those lives in harmony with the cosmos-at-large.  Women know real time in menses.  Look at this card as a reminder of the ''timeless'' real time of your life long before it was trivialized into bits and pieces and dollar signs.''

Today is the new moon in Leo, a decent time to begin things.  Mercury retrograde is finally over, I know this past one was really communication stunting for me.  And yet, there's no rush.  Saturn and Mars are tightly conjoined in Libra right now.  Maybe a great time to stick to a discipline.  A natural cycle is highlighted today.  For me that's meant Slowing Down.  I do have an Open Root.....and I mentioned the Saturn-Mars conjunction, well in my own transit field, I've have Saturn sitting on my Mars since last December and it'll finally be over in September---I can't wait!!!!

While I have no fear of Saturn....I don't like how this transit brings so many arguments into my life---and I can't see where they will come from next!  This year alone my husband left me (for a few days) and he's never really been able to say why....he's just got extremely mad at me because I didn't want him to buy me a bike when we had no money.  So he was going to leave me over it.  WTF?  Then at my side job, there's been multiple explosions with coworkers, toward me, because people love to come in whenever they want--and I can't sit idly by about it--be on time motherfuckers!  Saturn loves time, Mars is ready to battle.
       Then there was extreme tension between my mom and I, and we normally never ever argue (but my grandmother just passed away--so feelings were tense anyway).  I just don't know where or when the next anger explosions will happen at me, or why.  I've just been practicing slowing down, not drinking, not smoking, not fanning any flames.  I've also been using that Saturn discipline on my Mars to take up pole dancing, a notoriously slow style of dancing that requires a lot of strength.  So, there are ways to make lemonade no matter the transit field.  No matter the cycle or duration.

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