Monday, August 13, 2012

Missing In Action

Just wanted to say how sorry I am for not getting back to anyone this year.  2012 has been very tumultuous to say the least.  I'm at the point where I have reached a point of emotional clarity in regards to working the phone at Psychic Power Network.  I've loved working with them and I highly recommend them, for their price, their value, their work philosophy, and their psychics.

I cannot, however, keep working on the phone.  It's 2012 and it's time for something new.  What I sense in my trajectory is a new website and a new medium.  In a few weeks, or a month from now, I may be working with Oranum.  I'll have my own channel, my own free chat via webcam, and, of course, exclusive readings done for you.

In the free chat I'll be there hanging out and describing the fundamentals of Human Design and finding your own authority.  In exclusive chats I'll be doing personal readings for you using tarot, pendulum, astrology, and/or Human Design.

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Shannon Rae said...

So, close and far away. Ended up working on a porn site, hell yeah!