Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Look Forward to FUN

I was just wanting to know what kinda weekend I was going to have, to cam or not to cam.  Also, my husband is going to the National Rock Skipping Championship....I pulled the card FUN.  I just adore what Antero Ali describes as ''fun.''

''Beginning, Intermediate & Advanced FUN.  Beginning Fun is about getting high and rising above the dismal states of cultural boredom.  Intermediate Fun cultivates a poetic discipline for getting high: Rimbaud's aesthetics of delirium.  Advanced Fun is socially subversive and begins with charismatic transmission: how to render your high contagious; Timothy Leary's evolutionary agents of change.  All three stages of FUN implement post-survival agendas of sensory ecstasy, brain pleasure and accelerated perception.''

I absolutely want to be contagious, I have a lot of creative energy I'd like to transmit, shed, and share with admirers.  On a feedback loop of fun creativity.

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