Thursday, July 26, 2012

Dream Rave

Tomorrow I get to have my first Dream Rave reading with Kumud and I am so very excited.

I'm very excited for this because I've always had incredible dream recall my whole life.   For years I kept dream journals and had to invent a method of writing my dreams down because I remember all the dreams I have every night and it even with my abbreviated method it still takes up to and hour and a half to write it all down.
So relieved to discover HD and hear what this perspective offers about what dreams really are doing.  (Hint, they are a propaganda war set to condition our weakest point)

So relieved to not get caught up in the drama of my dream life any more.  

I no longer feel guilty for not journaling!  This is great and I'm really looking forward to seeing what kind of conditioning my dream life has been enabling.  My dreams these days usually concern sex and flying....very god and demon realm happy to begin looking at these images with a newer perspective and dig into my own authority.

Saturday, July 21, 2012


-excerpted from

The wheel is divided into four Quarters. Each Quarter is composed of 16 consecutive Hexagrams and begins with a variation of the Right Angle Cross of the Sphinx and ends with a variation of the Right Angle Cross of the Four Ways.

The Four Quarters are Initiation, Civilization, Duality and Mutation.

Quarter of INITIATION - purpose through mind - the witness returns. expansion of mind through the penetration of form. Deeply involved in the exploration of form, grasping the essence of what it is to be. Deeply focused quarter. Process of what it like to return (13th gate) the witness. Truly seeing what being is. To see.

Quarter of CIVILIZATION - womb to room - counter point of Initiation - transform energy into the form. Energy into action. Not enough just to see must build the form principle. Can not explore the exploration of mind with out the body. It is the physical plane. All the throat gates - no single channel of manifestation. Hard to get things done on one's own. No motor no consistent energy. 53 New beginnings 52 sit still and concentrate - depression of the formats - how depressing it is to build a civilisation. Money and the material plane. Purpose through form. Talking and learning about it.

Quarter of DUALITY - measure for measure - purpose through bonding - must make more - 59-6 biological principles for reproduction - all the fears from the spleen centre are in this quarter. Bonding is not going to be easy. Bonding as a purpose - absolutely must live design because having bonding as a theme all the not self attributes get amplified, bitterness, anger, frustration, disappointment. Need a clear level of consciousness in relationships. Whole channels 59-6, 64-47, 46-29. Mind and body, fertility, split definition. Bonding and every single fear you can think of. Three complete channels, keeping us moving and active with worrying on the mental plane, what is the meaning of everything. Bonding takes time.

 Quarter of MUTATION - purpose through transformation - accepting death - display of uniqueness - quarter begins with the 1st hexagram - the creative. The ultimate mutation is creative uniqueness - to be yourself. We are unique and that is magical and mystical. Mechanical correctness to find purpose. No spleen, root, throat. 10-34 following your convictions. Mutation needs stubbornness, pulse energy, mutation happens in between. Lots of stress and pressure to move and get there and then you start again to initiate something. Mutation always comes out of the old. 60 Limitation, 5 stay with something, 9 concentrated logical pattern directed into the future. Accepting the end of one process to get to another. Transformation - accepting death. The witness returns, through the womb, to build and bond, make more, measure and die.

I just bought the audio for my incarnation cross, Right Angle Cross of Eden from Human Design UK.  I thought I would be hearing about Eden, but it's mostly about the Quarter of Duality, and I'm not that familiar with the Quarters.  The audio I bought is a section of a lecture that I'm missing the visuals Ra's using for the lecture.  Apparently, the RAX of Eden is really concerned with getting laid.  And yeah, that's me, for sure.