Thursday, March 15, 2012

What is Human Design?

As you can see above in the Bodygraph, this is a map of the energy centers in your body.  Human Design is like Astrology amplified.  Where with Astrology you can get a list of characteristics about yourself and predictions with transits, Human Design can give you the tools for self-assessment that let you know and feel you are on your correct unique path.  It’s a synthesis of the I Ching, the Chakra energy system and Lunar Astrology from India, Arabian Stellar Astrology, the Kabbalah, Western Astrology, Physics, Astronomy, Biology, and Chemistry.

“The Human Design System is not a belief system. It does not require that you believe in anything. It does not require that you believe in me. It is not stories. It is not philosophy. It is a concrete map to the nature of being. It is a logical way in which we can see ourselves.

With Human Design, just knowing the simple mechanics of your design is enough to make a vast difference in your life. The irony of what it is to be a human being is that we’re caught at the surface of understanding and accepting our nature and the cosmos around us. We are just at the surface. It doesn’t matter how intelligent we are. It doesn’t matter the labels that we attach to that intelligence – whether we call it “enlightened” or whether we call it “genius”. There is a vast underlying ignorance of how our bodies operate.

The Human Design System is a reading of your genetic code. This ability to be able to detail the mechanics of our nature in such depth is obviously profound because it reveals our complete nature in all its subtleties. However, it is not necessary for you to know Human Design in great depth. That is the job of the professional analyst.

What this work aspires to communicate is simply the surface mechanics of your nature. That will give you grounding in your life that is immediately going to bring a difference to your life process.

These essential truths are simple because they are mechanical. The way in which our genes operate is purely mechanical, and the moment we try to interfere with their operation we descend into a life of confusion, chaos, and pain. In the end, our genes will have their way.

We are passengers in these bodies. We are passenger consciousness experiencing life going by. Buddha taught that the body is not yours. It is not. Yet at the same time, we are totally dependent on it. This is the tragedy of a sick body. We are totally dependent on our vehicles. To learn how to operate them properly immediately brings benefits. This is not complex and it will not be in complex language. It is very straightforward and very logical. It is accessible to anyone of any age. It is knowledge for the world.

In my teaching of Human Design and the training of Human Design analysts, students of mine have ranged from fourteen years old to being well into their eighties. There is no limitation and there is no barrier denying anyone from grasping these essential truths about themselves. This is not simply about saying, “Aha, I’m this or I’m that”. This is not just another profiling system. It is about having the opportunity to do something with the knowledge. It is about being able to be able to act on it and experiment with its logic. This brings the remarkable experience of finding and ultimately living one’s true life.”–by Ra Uru Hu, founder of The Human Design System

Remember Only Love

”Forget everything else: remember only love. Love each and every being. Don’t bring in your likes and dislikes. Don’t make love synonymous with your liking. People almost always do that: they call their liking their love. Then it becomes difficult to love that which you don’t like. But love has nothing to do with liking or disliking, it is a totally different phenomenon.”  Osho


It’s simple, the universe exists inside me, it exists inside you – without us, there is no consciousness. I want you to know you are more than just an object in space – We are the space and time for everything to exist in.

All problems arise when I separate myself from everything else (that’s what my mind & senses do). When I eat the fruit of the tree of knowledge of good and evil – when I identify myself with my thoughts (eat the fruit) then I leave the garden of Eden (lose my true nature).  We are more than our thoughts alone.

Our unique true selves are to be treasured and accepted.  Love Yourself!