Thursday, September 15, 2011

Sexual Key To The Tarot: XXI THE WORLD

This nature dances in the music of Paphian joy.  Here we see all the pleasures the physical world can bring us.  A carefree young woman dances with phallic symbols playfully in her hands.  She is naked and dances in an open oval shape, she is free in her sexuality, she is the ultimate image of Woman.  Fecund, like the world itself, she is ready and receptive and can take it all; all that is erotic and pleasurable.  For a woman, this represents her thoughts and personality; for a man, this represents his ideal woman.
The physical world in all its glory.  The four figures symbolize the four elements and are analagous to the Tarot symbols:
Wand-Fire (Lust, Anger, Passion)
Cup-Water (Urine, Blood, Semen);
Sword-Air (Flattulence, Eructation, Respiration)
Pentacles-Air (Flesh, Force, Malleability)

The green of the enclosure is fecundity, the red is periodical menstration, the woman's genitals are concealed by a purple banner.  This banner means that Woman, in the universal sense, has her vagina sated by phalli purple with use.  This woman, then, is all women, or the Ideal woman.

She is depicted holding two phallic symbols gingerly, almost playfully.  They are the toys of Woman.  the symbolism behind the four heads of the phalli is Woman's insatiety.  She can receive four phalli--one to be masturbated by hand, one to be fellated, another for vaginal penetration, the fourth for anal intercourse.  She can take them one at a time or all four simultaneously.  She can bring all four to frenetic orgasm.  The card denotes Woman's capacity to accept four phalli at once, and then four more, and four more, ad infinitum.  She appears to be dancing, a carefree young woman, and therein she is the personification of Fun, Pleasure, Exictement, Gaiety, Hypersexuality.  The sexual elements around der, symbolized by the four figures, are implemented for her diversions.

In this image, we see femininity, complete pleasure, sexual insatiety, Fescennine success; triumphant sensuality, sexual desires sated, amatory excellence, assured coitus; change of sexual partners, many partners at once, flights from the unerotic, voyage into the World of sensual delight.

Reversed, fears are fed about free sexuality and stubbornness ensues.  There is opportunity open to the querent to be available to the world, but stubbornness holds you back and you pretend to enjoy the rut you are in.

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