Thursday, September 15, 2011

Sexual Key To The Tarot: XVIII THE MOON

The MOON is a warning in a sexual reading.  Here we see reflected light and dimmed knowledge foreshadowing naive indulgences in the perverse.  We also see the depths with the water and the animals, these deeper aspects to sexuality....wolves then the even lower crayfish/crab....hideous sexual tendencies....animal natures vs. creeping things.

This is an image of complex and hidden motives.  Mistaking action for progress, illusory love, scandal, hidden enemies, deceptive partners, errors in choosing a partner are a few of the tendencies here.  We'll see a time where there's fear of love and, like a lamb to the slaughter, can be easily led into horrible sexual relationships.  Aloneness becomes an enemy.

Perversions are an escape, an escape from loneliness, and this is where action is confused for progress. (The perversions being pyromania, paraphilia, pedophilia, sadomasochism)

Reversed we see that we have risen above our darker escapist loneliness fueled destructive fantasies.  Peace overcomes us, sexual visions become reality, calmness of the libido, victory of conscience and self-mastery over base passions.  We see and feel the moon phase of love winning out over fears.

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