Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Sexual Key To The Tarot: XV THE DEVIL

On a day ruled by The Devil card we see an image of a man and a woman who give up their right to wholesome sexuality.  The Devil is an image of the baser side of humanity, symbolizing raw sexual hunger, lust, inordinate desires, perversion, evil thoughts, desires, and deeds.  Here, sex is its own justification.  The darkness suggests secrecy.

The Devil nature, as opposed to the nature of Temperance, always bites off more than he or she can chew.  This nature seeks orgasms compulsively, mistaking quantity for quality, fucking indiscriminately.  Orgasm is god and nothing stands in the way of that fact. (Nothing, not marriage, age, gender, species....)

The Devil card is the card of nymphomaniacs, satyrs, the incestuous, the hypersexuals, those who may have an acceptable way of life but whose thoughts harbor evil seductions and daily think on perverse fantasies.

In a reading this is the image of Triumph by Deceit; sex and seductions gotten through trickery and falsehood.  Sexual triumph will be followed by punishment.

Reversed the image tells of not being so drained by these passions.  These sexual hungers still leave the room required to pay attention to the needs of others.  Making amends and taking the necessary steps to approach sexuality with less compulsion.

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