Thursday, September 15, 2011

Sexual Key To The Tarot: XIX THE SUN

The Sun nature has received the direct light of conscience.  This nature's darkest thoughts create no debilitating fear, it knows from experience that love conquers all.  This is a nature that enters into wholesome sexual relations and is a great lover.  It activates and de-activates it's animal nature at will and does not allow them to cloud its reason.  Here Love not Lust excites the genitals.  Mutual orgasms and reciprocal ecstasy are musts for this nature.
The baby represents the heart of a child; that is, base humanity has become like a child--innocent in the sense of wise, a child in the sense of simplicity.  The horse represents man's potential sexual power.  The wall symbolizes dark thoughts, deeds, and desires which confront man and bar him from the higher realization of the meaning of sex.  Flowers of fruitful orgasms, and leaves of love, blossom nevertheless.  The red banner of passion and sexual need is flown innocently by the child as only a child in it's simplicity can do. The naked child, unashamed of his needs or of his sexual organs, has mounted the horse, which symbolizes his reign over animal nature.  Any man, activating his conscience, becomes as a little child, and thereby reigns over his unchecked passions.  He becomes renewed.  He may then lead forth his animal nature, his Devil-nature, not in captivity, which is repression, but in a state of perfect conformity.

In a spread we'll see sexual happiness, Cyprian contentment, fortunate unions; triumph and success in sexual endeavors; assured orgasms; completion of all copulations; pleasure in simple sex; healthy coition.

This card further shows the transition from the love of this world, to the Love of the World to Come.

Reversed this is still a great card, there may just be delays in gratification.

-excerpted from ''The Sexual Key to the Tarot'' by Theodor Laurence

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